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Memories of Bi Bi
Thanks god for planned us to meet up BB 12 yrs ago in the beginning of April 1994. He had became part of our family when the moment he stepped into our life. He had made a huge difference for us.

He is such a brave,intelligent,loyal and cute little baby. No matter I am happy or sad, he's always besides me and supports me. He always putted me in the first prioity. He followed me around and tried his best to protect me all the time. I am sorry that I am not a perfect owner, I still have some careless moments. Please forgive me if I did anything wrong. I regreted alot of things that I have/not done for my little baby. I am very SORRY!

I remembered, when BB was 3 yrs old, he was lost for 5 days around Victoria Day. It was the most terrible and unforgetable time in my life. He brings us tons of joy and add alot of warmth into our family.It is very hard to live without him. I searched around for him like crazy. At the end, I was happy that the fate had brought us back together around my b-day and let him spent the rest of his time with us. It was like a dream when the moment we saw him again, my mom and I was crying, the person who took my dog was in tears and even my dog was crying together. That moment was so unforgettable! That day, I finally experience what it meant by tears can come from happiness!

I always wonder, is it a fate that god takes him away from me 9 years after in Victoria Day again? Beside having him walked into my life, probably this 9 yrs was the greatest gift in my life. We experienced alot more together & I learned alot from him. I know the last week of his life after his hospitalization was also a gift for us b4 my b-day. Our time together was great, we did all we can do for him before he goes. The only sad thing is that he leaves us with suffer(difficulty breathing, and crying for at least half an hour).He must be really painful. I know he is trying hard to live & don't want to left me behind. My heart is ALSO very painful & helpless. The worst thing in my life which I wish will never happen finally came. May22,2006 (12:00-2:00am)is an unforgettable time for me. This is the last time BB was in my arms, to see him, to touch him and to hear his voice on Earth. I wish this is only a nightmare but it actually happened. I still remembered clearly the last look from his eye and the way he said goodbye to me in the emergency clinic. My mind was blank and broken when I saw his last breath on earth & the vet told me he is gone.This 12 yrs seems too short for us.Maybe I will never feel what is enough.

God. PLEASE.this is my last wish for all my b-days..I know i am very greedy of asking a gift..I hope rainbow bridge does really exist & pls give him a good care over there without letting him to suffer anymore. This little boy had been suffering alot already. He is a very good and innoncence boy, he should deserve alot more better.He really means alot to me. I want him to be living happily forever. Last, I wish fate will bring him back to me again like 9 yrs ago in May. I still have alot of things that I want to do it with him. Pls give us another chance to cherrish him one more time when we can meet him up in the rainbow bridge. THANKS!

Dear my handsome BB,
Thanks for giving us 12yrs of beautiful time. You r the greatest gift in our life. I hope that u also enjoy this 12 yrs with us. I know 12 years r always too short for us. We still got alot to do. Asking me to make that decision for you is the most cruel thing I ever did for my entire life.I hope you can forgive me of ending your life like this. The only relief I can get from this is, you don't have to suffer from those painful heart disease and windpipe prob anymore. It was the most heart painful moment when I saw you suffered. You shoudn't deserve to be treaten that way.I wish I can suffer it for you. Everyday u like to lick your paw and wash your face so I know u like to be clean.I am glad that you was clean when you left. Even though your leave makes us separate now. I know we missed each other. I am sure one day, we will meet again in the rainbow bridge. Please have fun and enjoy your healthy life there and don't worry about me.

"We may not be together
in the way we used to be,
We are still connected by
a cord no eye can see."

"They say memories are golden
well maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories,
I only wanted you.
In life I loved you dearly,
In death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place
no one could ever fill. "

"If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane,
I'd walk the path to heaven
and bring you back again.
Our family chain is broken,
and nothing seems the same.
But as God calls us one by one,
the chain will link again."

Sorry to make you wait for me again.I love you and I will always miss you. Please take care until we can meet again!See you later my baby!

With Love Always,
Pauline, Clarence, Peter, Helen and Jacky.

May 25, 2006
Hi BiBi (H*U*G),my sweetheart,how are you? are you playing happily in the heaven now?is everything fine with you?As you know, today is my b-day, and u usually give me lots of kisses and having a b-day cake with us for 12yrs already. Today is my saddest b-day I ever have. I missed everything about you. Without you, I feel empty. You left me 3 days already,the pain is still strongly in my heart.I cried everyday and cannot focus on anything. The weather is not as good after you left, seems like they are crying with me.I am sure this pain will never heal because you had placed an important position in my life. Everyday, when I go home, I can feel that you are waiting for me by the window. When I open the door, you will run to me and happily greet me then kiss me lots of time.
You look like my shadow and quietly stayed beside me wherever I go. When I am watching TV, you will come to me and asked me to give u a massage, I missed your scratch to asked me to give you more. I loved to see you closing half of your eyes, and seems like you are enjoying. When we eat, you will stayed under the table and asked each one of us to share some foods with you. When I sleep, you will lay down near my pillow or sleep anywhere that is close to me. Even when I go to shower, you will sit down there waiting for me. You are always very patient. I know u don't want to, but u never give me hard time when I brush your teeth,groom u or feed u medication. U are so good to me.You look like a human to me, you tell me when you want to go out, when you are hungry and when you want me to sleep. You always run so fast on the stair to open the road for me.I know you enjoy walking in the snow and sunshine, and chasing the sprinkler. I can see you and hear you everywhere. Now you are not here, the only thing that is left for me are memories. They are sweet but contains pain. You never seperate from us for this long.Thanks for ALL your unconditional love!We all missed and loved you VERY MUCH!You are ALWAYS the best boy boy in the world!

Hi BB,I brought you home today. I hope you came back with me. We took your foods and donated to the SPCA to help out some other dogs. This is the last thing we can do it for you. You left us almost a week already. I hope you R.I.P. and don't worry about us.Yesterday, we found a dog food hiding beside the fireplace. I don't want to throw it away, I just leave it there becuase it belongs to u. You always like to hide your food and hope nobody can find it. I hope you can come back, I will let you hide your food anywhere you want.Daddy is going back to HK tmrw, without you, our house become more quiet. I missed you!

June 4, 2006
Hi my lovely Bi Bi,how are you?I hope u're enjoying your painless life now.These 2 weeks were long and tough after you've gone to the rainbow bridge. Our house is no longer the same without you. I missed your kisses and having you beside me all the time. I still can't stop my tears whenever i think about you. I just want to let you know, you are always in my mind and nothing can be replace you because you are so special!I love you BiBi!Kisses from all of us!

June 12, 2006
Hi BB, I can't believe that I haven't seen you/heard your voice for 3 weeks already. Seems like you are still here with me all the time. Now, the only chance I can see you is through my dream. I hope I can see you more, pls visit me when u have time.I missed you more as the time goes by. Whenever I see the beautiful sunshine in the park or other dogs playing in the beach, I feel so bad that you are not here to go out together. The scene will be alot better if you are running and barking out there. When I see the rain and dark at night, I feel so sad and lonely. I missed u sleeping beside me, I want to hear u snore.Everyday is a challenge for me to live on without you, because you are my shadow. I basically see you everywhere. I want to take care you, hold you in my arms and kissing each other tons of times everyday as usual. I missed every part of you!aii..LIFE..even I don't want to..I should have to accept that you are really gone. I hope you are enjoying your new life in the other side of the beautiful world now.I don't want u to worry about me and I know you want me to be happy.I promise, I will try my best to enjoy the rest of my life until we can meet again! I always smile whenever I imagine your cutie face running fast toward me. I hope that day will come true again when I can meet you up in the rainbow bridge.Kisses good night!

June 18, 2006
Dear my baby, I haven't seen you for 28days already. Are you being a good boy in the heaven?Did you make lots of new frds?I still can't believe that you had already gone for almost a month.I wish time can go back and go slower, or if you are still here, then I can spend more time with you and do whatever you like. As you know, even I don't write in here everyday, but I do visit you and missing you everyday. You still lived on in my heart every second and no word can be enough to express my feeling toward you. I still can't control my tears whenever I think about you. I still remember the feeling of your fur and your sweet little kiss. I can still see you bouncing around every corner. The feeling is still strong.
Just to let you know, I am doing a bit better and not crying as often now. I try to go back to my regular life(working, school,shopping,and watch tv etc as usual),not because I forget you. I am just learning to be strong so you may enjoy your life on the rainbow bridge and not worrying about me. You know, I will never forget every part of you, u r my best frd and my lovely baby forever!Kiss kiss~

June 24, 2006
Hi BB!Is almost another week again, time just went by so fast and my life is having a hole.The hole just grows bigger and bigger, it is very painful.Without you, seems like I am missing alot.Everyday when I open the door, I wish you are still there turning around in lots of circle and happily greet me with your excitment smile. Now when I open the door, I was so disappointed of the fact that you are not here to do that anymore. I don't really want to go home now because you are not there anymore.I really miss you ALOT!Visiting you everyday become my habit. I hope you have notice that, you are always in my mind. BB I love you!

July 1, 2006
Hi my BB boy!Today is Canada Day, I wish you are here, then I can take you out and watch the firework together. Even thou you bark on the firework every yr, I still think you enjoy going out and see lots of people.When I am there, you are not scare of anything. I still think about you everyday. Especially when the weather is so nice, I wish you are here, because you like to go out to have a walk or to enjoy the water view or at least taking a little car ride. Probably you are in a more beautiful place now, I hope you are happy and keeping your smile everyday as you use to be with me.My Baby, Please take care until we can meet again!

July 8, 2006
Hello my BB boy,is me again! As always, I am still missing you and thinking of you everyday. Thanks for visiting my dream yesterday and giving me a chance to hold you in my arm and talk to you. I haven't do those for a long time, I missed you alot! Sorry I still can't control my tear whenever I think about you.
You always popped out in my mind many times in a day.
I thought about you when we went to the night market today, I remembered that time, many people pointed at you and said you are so cute. Even though you bark alot, some people got scare of you, they thought you are aggressive. I alwys explained to them that you just like to bark but you don't bite people. I know you, you just want to protect me, you are not aggressive at all, I still think you are the cutest noisy baby in the world. B4 I always said, if you don't bark one day, you must be sick or something is wrong. Now I really can't hear it anymore. I am not use to the life now without listening to your voice. I like to hear you talk, you are such a talkactive baby!I hope you are having fun with your new friends now. Sorry to keep you waiting for me, it might takes 40 or more yrs.. I hope I can see you again and hope when that day come which I become older, you will not forget about me!Kiss baby, good night~

July 14, 2006
Hi BB, I guess both of us are very lonely(in heart) after we've seperate because we used to be together all the time b4. I often feel that, even I am physically living here but my spirit already gone with you. I can't smile as happily as I used to be anymore.Life is so different now.Luckily Clarence was with me all the time and he gave me good care. You two treat me the best in this world and make my life fill!Today, I watch your video again.I can't control my tear, but I am so happy to see you and hear you. Seems like u are still alive.You are such an adorable furry ball.I know you must be tired after 12 yrs of mission(stay beside us, teach us and bring us happiness), that's why god take you away from us so you are able to rest without suffer anymore. I think u will have more fun and receive more care in the other side of the world. I know we are far apart now, u are always our guardian angle and u must be watching after us from the sky now. I miss u!

July 22, 2006
Hi BB (H*U*G), is 2 months already. I missed u alot! I think the pain will live with me 4ever, losing u is the biggest torture in my life. I often stare at the sky for a long time to see if u are there. I wish it is only a nightmare, when I wake up, u will be there again! I want to hold u tight and not letting u go.. I don't mind to give up everything just to exchange u back!Sorry I've break my promise, I still cry easily everyday when i think about u. Please let me cry, I feel gulity to laugh when u are not here. Actually, I want to write here to u everyday, I have endless word to say to u and alot of things that I want to do with u. But too bad, there is word limit here, so from now on, pls forgive me, I will write to u when there is special occassion to save up some space, as long as u know u are alwys in my mind!I love you!

Aug 14, 2006
Hi BB! As you know, b4 u leave this world, we already sold our place. Few days ago,we moved into the new house that you watched it constructed and wondered around b4. It was so sad that you was not here but of coz your ash is alwys with me so actually we still alwys move together. I can still imagine that you are still here in every corner and enjoying fooling around in the balcony! Dad came back from hk on the 12th, everytime u will chase him and giving him lots of kisses..that moment are alwys sweet. You are such a polite baby, everytime a person step into da house,u will happily greet each one of us with lots of kisses! BB, are you watching at us now?I miss u alot!

Nov 19, 2006
Hi BB,How r u doing? I alwys wonder, where r u & what r u doing now?time flied, I think about u & staring at your picture everyday for half a yr, I hope that I can still see you when I go home and open the door. I can't sleep without thinking about you before closing my eye each night. I wish u r still here sharing the pillow beside me. I miss you alot. Now, they all went back to HK for vacation, I m very lonely. I remember, around this time last yr, I was by myself too but that time I was not lonely coz you was there to spend the Christmas and NewYear with me. Now is so quiet...without u my world had changed!

Jan 22, 2007
Hi BB, Happy Birthday,sorry can i say happy? if you are still here, you are turning 13 yrs old today. I wish you are here, I want to buy you your favarite food "chicken" for u to eat. I miss u alot. I haven't seen u 8months already.There is never a day that I don't think about you. I still remember each day you was with me. I am sure we will put our love inside our heart. I hope you are enjoying your good life with good health in the other side of the beautiful world & watching over us. Pls visit my dream from time to time. That is the only way that can put us together again. I love you!"HUG"Kiss~

Feb 19,07
Today is Chinese New Yr my baby. Every yr u will run around with the red pocket money hanging around your neck. U r such a cute little baby. Last yr I still hear you bark, holding u (so warmth)& walk around the house when others come to our place for visit.U even brought them around to give them a tour. Everything just seems yesterday. I wish u r still here, I miss u!

May 22, 2007
Hi BB, haven't seen u 1 yr now. I still remember every part of u and how we was together happily and then how we seperated so sadly. This 365 days seems like u r still beside me. Is alwys painful to think that u r not existin in this world anymore. Today, I keep thinking back last year of today's date. I remember this time of last year, u greeted me by the door even u don't feel well, and I was holding u tight and kiss u tons of times. Getting a warm greet from u by the door everyday is always a great gift to me. U make me happy and brighten up my day. I wish I can see you in my dream everyday. I hope I will meet u up and hold u tight in the rainbow bridge one day and never seperate again. I miss you, Rest well. Pls take care!

May 22, 2009
My dear BB, missing u 3 yrs now. Last month we got 2 new puppies. Is a big decision for me to have new member home after u was gone. I wish u are still here, play, train, & take care them with me. pls be our gaurdian angel. we alwys love you & never will forget u. Hope we will all meet up at the beautiful rainbow bridge one day and you will take us around and play!Pls visit my dream when u want to see me, I wanna see you too! H.U.G.!

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