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Memories of Betsy Eileen
I know that you are happy and healthy and young again in Heaven, chasing Pigz Earz with St. Francis. The night I released you back to God, I held you in my arms for the longest time and kissed your still wet handball nose. You were so good to me, even at the end. You let me know clearly that this was the right thing to do. Sometimes, when I am feeling sorry for myself, I get confused and go back over those last few days. I am so sorry that those last days were so uncomfortable for you. I love you Betsy and think of you every single day. All of the children remember you and speak of you often, even little TJ ! Tess especially misses you. She has set up a little memorial for you in our backyard with a statue of St. Francis of Assissi and flowers. She has tended it carefully these past almost 2 years. Your dishes and Pigz Earz and toys are here. I will never part with them. This time of year brings back so many memories...9/11 when we were trapped in Manhattan & I had to bring you into the office !!! LOL !! Remember the shocked security guard when he saw an Old English Sheepdog walking through the hallway ! How everyone made a fuss over you ! You loved it ! But you especially brought comfort to those poor people who had been running from the WTC collapse. And then just 2 months later when the plane crashed near the bagel shop we had just been to ! And everyone I worked with saw you on CNN and knew that we were safe !
Your birthday is coming up and how I wish you were here with me.
Tess & I will have your cake as we did last year. We still have your bandanna tied to your seat in the CRV and I still have the bumper sticker that says "My Old English Sheepdog Is Smarter Than Your Honor Student". I met a couple last week that remember you from your Shaggy Dog Inn ads. They said that was the best ad campaign ever as the "Sheepdog was SOOO BEAUTIFUL !!". But there is not a soul on earth who knows just how beautiful you were to me !
I love you my Betsy Girl and I am being good. I can hardly wait to be with you again !

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