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Memories of Berny
I have always been a cat person, but my daughter, Erin, wanted a puppy. She researched to find the perfect dog for our family. VERY minimal shedding, medium sized, rarely barked, smart, and fun. She did a matrix on names and we had to rank them. LOL She originally wanted one that she had named Teddy, but then another puppy came up to her and she fell in love instantly and named him Berny. His AKC registration name is Bernard Townsend Maurer. Sounds so formal, right? But he was an informal dog. A goofball and fun. He did as most Wheatens do...shoot the door, get out the gate left open by the lawn service, etc. Good thing we had Home Again and he was chipped. And Berny WAS the perfect dog for our family. I originally said I would not take care of him, he had to stay on the waterproof red blanket in the living room, yada yada yada. But I took care of him and he was my little shadow. He always had to know where I was. Kind of like a toddler. I would be in the bathroom and he would come looking for me. He would see me and kind of nod his head and walk away. LOL Every single night, at bedtime, I would say to him. "You're a good boy, a VERY good boy. I love you. Have sweet dreams." Those were the last words he heard from me just before he had to be put to sleep. In the wintertime, I would cover him up with a snowman blankie once he got in his doggie bed. I would tuck him in. He loved it. I am not leaving this earth any time soon, but I will be happy to see Berny and my family once I do.

7/7/2018-Uploading a picture--which isn't a very good quality picture--but it is one of Berny in a Halloween costume and he does NOT look happy. The picture makes me laugh, though. I never put him in another costume again.

11/17/18 - It has been awhile since I've visited, but Berny is on my mind all of the time. I still sometimes hear the bells ring when he needs to go outside. Or, I hear him jump down from the couch. I am still very careful when I open the garage door so Berny doesn't get out, and I expect to see him waiting for me and wagging his tail like crazy! I miss you, Bubby.

4/17/19 - Berny, you are on my mind and in my heart always.

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