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Memories of Bentley
December 21, 2006, our 12 yr. old sweet Golden boy, Bentley was sent to the Bridge and our hearts are simply breaking in two.

Everything happened so fast. A week ago Friday, Bennie began vomiting and all throughout the weekend it continued several times. He ate and acted normal otherwise. On Monday, the vomiting got more intense and I took him to our holistic vet. It was thought he was just suffering with a mild gastrointestinal problem . . . but just in case it was something more serious, blood work was done and he was given a natural remedy to help settle his stomach.

Just before dinner Monday night, he began projectile vomiting and it continued throughout the night. First thing Tuesday morning, I took him to the emergency clinic where they immediately hooked him up to an IV and began re-hydrating him and administering drugs in hopes of stopping the vomiting. X-rays were taken and no tumors or obstructions were found. Although there was a definite shaded area around the stomach wall An ultrasound confirmed this and a fine needle aspirate was done in order to make a diagnosis of what was going on. Wednesday night the cytology report confirmed Bennie had stomach cancer.

The plan was to operate Thursday morning to see if there was anyway they could remove the cancer where he could then begin eating again and keeping it down. Tragically nearly 90 percent of his stomach was infected with cancer and it had already made its way into the small intestine and bile duct. There was no way they could have removed the cancer without removing the stomach, leaving no hope for a normal life - meaning he would not be able to eat without the constant vomiting. . . so we decided not to wake him from surgery and let him go.

Our sweet "Bennie Boo" was a rescued boy who joined our family almost 2 yrs. ago. We learned he was dumped outside in the middle of winter at the age of 10 by the family who had him since he was 6 wks. old. They decided he could no longer live indoors because their teenage daughter got pregnant and they no longer wanted his hair in the house!

I felt so lucky every day that Bennie shared his last few years with us. My constant shadow, this boy was filled with such love and devotion and I feel so blessed to have known him. It is so hard to think I will never see him lay his beautiful head on my lap and look up at me with those trusting, gorgeous brown eyes. The pain in my heart is such that I sometimes feel like I can't breathe. I already miss him more than words can say. My sweet, darling Bennie Boo, may you sleep well until we are together again.

I wish you all could have known him, you would have certainly loved him too.

Thank you Bennie for being you and for sharing your love with us. We will never forget you, I promise.

Love, Mom & Dad

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