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Memories of Benji
I decided that after a year it is time to write about my beloved Benji.

Benji had a wonderful life and my husband and I took care of him like he was our baby. He came to my life first, almost at the same time as my future husband, and this was a great change for me. Both my husband and my dog were like a gift from God and we were very happy together all of these years.

Benji was a real character with this great personality that made him who he was. I miss his big black eyes and the way he used to look at me. It is hard to describe it, but Benji was a unique dog and companion.

Benji made good friends during his life, his Vet Luz Helena was like a second mom for him and she saved his life many times.
He had a long and full of love life. We miss him every day.

Benji loved guests and he was the first at the door to give everybody a warm welcome.

He loved to play and he had a box full of his toy since he was a puppy, and he used to bring his toys to play with. He loved to go out for a walk or to travel in the passenger seat in the car. He loved table food even though it was not good for him.

Benji was a survivor and a fighter because of his health, he had many serious illnesses but he always recovered and became full of life and happiness again

There are so many wonderful memories of Benji's life. I love him, and I miss him and I am sure I will see him again

When Benji passed away I had a dream about him and it helped me to deal with the pain. My dream was that I had Benji in my lap and he was very sick and he passed away in my arms, suddenly I saw him to departure of his sick and old body and run to a hill with green grass and full of flowers and Benji was young and healthy, and he gave me one of his looks with his big eyes and said good bye to me. It was so real and gave me some peace.

Benji a year has passed and I still miss you so much. Love, Mom.

June 5/2018

Benji, I still miss you. I am fine. I have not been able to get a new pet yet. Someday We will do it. Love you always 😘❤️🐾👣

May 14 2019

My Benji , you are always in my mind and heart. I still do not want a new doggie. I have the love of some friend's doggies that I love and I take care of them when their parents have to travel. Ginger, Carmen's baby , she is a lady and a good dog, like you . Cooper and Jax , Yaned's babies, they are young and happy , I walk with her and them everyday. So they give me love and remind me when you were with me. I am blessed I have Ginger Cooper and Jax in my life. Your Dad wants a Corgi but I am not sure yet. Thinking of you 🥰

May 25 2020

My dear Benji, you will be always in my thoughts and the memories of the wonderful companion you were. We are fine and happy living in retirement. I still do not want another doggie.
Please say hello to Kiki, she is also in our memories and we love her too.😘

Feb 24/2021

My Benji, I just watched a video of you playing and running ,❤️🐾👣 I hope there is a heaven and I will see you again, I hope you were waiting for my parents when they went to heaven, I am sure they were so happy to see you, and they are giving you so much love and attention, they always loved you, Benji, this is just a note to express my love for you.😘 🥰 I still do not want another doggie. I feel silly writing here but ... I miss you.

May 25/2022

My Benji, just thinking of you! I still do not want another doggie! You are the only one!
I like to remember when you were alive and I like to talk about you with a neighbor who has a dog called Buddy, he is 15 years old and he likes me a lot, he likes to see me and I enjoy his attention.
Ginger is coming tomorrow , she is getting older too, I love her and it makes me very happy when she comes to visit.
Hope there is a heaven and I will see you again.
I miss you ! ❤️🌹🥰

May 22/2023
My dear Benji, I still don't want another puppy, this year will be 10 years since you left this world
I hope I will see you again in heaven.
Ginger passed away this year, It was so sad, we went to see her before she died, we had the opportunity to say good bye, she was such a lady dog, Allan y I loved her so much and we are very sad.
I am sure you will see her because she is also in heaven now. Carmen y John miss her Ginger so much, the house is empty without her.
Ginger was 13 year old and she had a wonderful life with the love and care of Carmen and John.
Please tell Ginger hello from us and tell her that we miss her!
Benji, you will be always my sweet dog and you will be in my heart always and forever.
Miss you , Mom (I feel a little silly writing here but is the only way.

Oct 6/2023

My Benji, This year is 10 years without your company, your Dad and I always remember you and how wonderful you were and how much enjoy having you and Kiki in our life and how much we love both of you, it sounds weird but I still don't want another doggie or kitten.
Time passes and the sadness of your lost is less painful but the love is the same.
Is one year since Ginger went to heaven and her Dad and Mom came to visit last week , tell her that they miss her so much.
Cooper and Jax's left the neighborhood last year so we don't see them any more, I miss them too.
Please tell hello to my Mom and Dad and give them all of your attention and love to them. they always love you too.
Enjoy heaven because thing here in earth are not that great world wide.
Love you and I feel silly writing here. Anyway love you and enjoy the fall. Give our love to Kiki too. 🥰❤️

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