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Memories of Belle Mallon
Three years ago In January I had a dream that I was carrying a grey and white cat down the stairs . Never thought two months latter I wound be on break at work check Persians rescue and there you were. Looking so sweet and cute. And you were right near me. So plans were made for you to come home with me. The day was March 20, 2015. You hide that while first night and every night and day for two weeks. When I went to bed from the first day you slept with me. I'll always remember how you loved to watch the birds rather out the window or in TV or your kindle. And how you loved your cat nip. I will miss you so much sleeping and cuddling up to me.
I'm grateful and blessed that I got to be your mommy for almost three years . If loved could of saved you , you would of never left. Chase and watch the birds and enjoy all the cat nip you want on Rainbow Bridge my baby Belle Adoption date March 20. 2015 Went to
Rainbow Bridge March 18, 2018. Be peaceful and happy with Dominic and Princess. Until we meet again my little baby Belle.


Happy Birthday rescue day on Rainbow Bridge Belle. We were supposed to be celebrating three years ago you and I found each order. But God had other plans for you. It breaks my heart that you'll never play with you new toys or eat your treats. I'm grateful that you got to enjoy your scratching cube if just for a little while. What breaks my heart the most and tears it up inside is that I will never get to see and hold you again. You RIP my little angel. You were my angel on earth. Now you have your wings .

3:20/18 First day of spring. And you are not here to enjoy it. Miss you baby.
Today would of been your third Gotcha day. Oh how I wish you were still here

4/1/18 Your first Easter on Rainbow Bridge. I miss you so . I pray that you are at peace and happy that there is plenty of sunshine and birds and wonderful things to look at. I dreamt of you last night . Oh how I wish it was real. You were alive and back home on earth. How much I wish it would be true. I know you have gone to heaven. Hopefully one day we will be back together in spirit. Until then I love and miss you my baby girl Belle

10.31.18 Happy Halloween my baby Belle.

11/22/18 Your first Thanksgiving on Rainbow Bridge and my first without you. I can't even begin to tell you how much I miss you. Your sweet face. Cute meow, and especially your cuddles and sleeping on me. Please send a sign to your new brother here to sleep with his mommy at night. Hope you are eating lots of Heaven Turkey. Be at peace my Angel.

12:25:18 Merry Christmas my Angel

Princess how do I even begin to say how much I loved you and how very missed you are. From the moment I saw your picture and read your sad story I knew you had to be my new baby. Your brother Dominic had left for Rainbow Bridge, I was so sad. Finding you was the blessing I needed. I hope you two are taking good care of each other. You were my baby girl from day one. I will never forget all the love you brought me. I thank you for bringing me Belle. I have told her all about you and Dominic. You will always be my baby. Until we meet again . Sleep peaceful in eternal rest on Rainbow Bridge my baby.


Mommy misses you so very much my sweet baby girl.

2:14.19 Mising you on your first Valentine's Day on Rainbow Bridge.

2/18:19 11 months ago today you left for the Bridge .I miss you every day. Love you my sweet Belle.

12:8:16 Pictures with Santa are this weekend. I can't help but remember how you loved Santa and he loved and waited for you every year. We only missed a few years. You were always so good. I wish your sister Belle was not so afraid, and would let me take her. Then I remember that was our thing and memory. Miss you my sweet baby.

12/11/16 23 months ago today you were called to the bridge. Your little body couldn't take no more and you had to go where you would be in no more pain and the light of God will shine on you forever. Love you baby

12/25:17 Merry Christmas on Rainbow Bridge Princess. Mommy misses you.

12/25/16 Merry Christmas my sweet Little Princess I wish you were here with my for Christmas and I could give you presents and love for real. Since you had to go I will leave you one on your memory page.

Happy New Year on Rainbow Bridge my sweet little Princess

1/11/16 Two years ago today you were taken to Rainbow Bridge. Not a day goes by that I don't miss you. Your flowers are placed by your ashes and a picture is posted on your page. How I wish I could hold you one more time. But I guess I'll have to just hold my memories of you close. Love you my little Princess.

2:14:17 Happy Re-Birthday and Happy Valentines's Day on Rainbow Bridge My Sweet Princess. 13 years ago today I brought you home and I will never forget it. Then two years ago you left me for the bridge. I will never forget that day either. Even though you are no longer here, you are forever in my heart. Hug your brother Dominic for me. Your sister her Belle sends kitty kisses
Your flowers have been placed by your ashes and sending them in thought to you.

3/20/17 Happy first day of spring baby girl.
4/16/17 Happy Easter 🐰 Love and miss you

1/11/18 Three years ago today Your body was to weak and you knew it was time to go to Rainbow Bridge. My heart broke that day in a million pieces and has not healed since. I love and miss you so much. Your sister Belle who you sent me has made my heart happy. I love her so much. But I miss my baby Princess. And I know one day we'll be together again.

2/14/2018 Happy Rebirth day on Rainbow Bridge baby. On 2/14/2004 I brought you home. I remember how you needed me as much as I needed you. Will always remember that first day and every other one . Love and miss you so much.

4:3:20/18 missing you on the first day of Spring baby girl

4/1/18 Happy Easter on Rainbow Bridge my little Princess. I miss my little girl.

10.31.18 Happy Halloween 🎃 my little Princess.

11/22/18 Happy Thanksgiving my angel Princess on Rainbow Bridge. My baby my Angel. Miss you so much. Your cuddles your meow your sweet face. Hope you are enjoying lots of Turkey today on Rainbow Bridge.

12/25/18 Merry Christmas my little angel!!!

1:1/19 A New Year has begun and you are not with me. May you continue to rest peaceful till the day we meet again. 💔❤️

My sweet baby Belle, one year ago you were called to Rainbow Bridge. I wasn't with you when you left, and I will always wonder if you were in pain or if you had cried out or looked for me. Know baby if I could of been there with you I would of. I thought I was doing what was best, hoping and praying that you would get better and the hospital was the best place for you to be. I just pray that you are at peace and know how much I love you. Yes love you cause my love for you will never die. You're memorial flowers will be by your ashes later

3/20/18 Today would of been Belle's 4th Gotcha Day. Instead it is her 2nd on Rainbow Bridge . If I would of known I would of lost her two days before her 3rd Gotcha Day, I wouldn't of changed a thing. The short time I had with her was so special. So sweet Belle Happy first day of Spring, and May you have a peaceful heavenly rest on remembrance of your Gotcha Day.

11.28.19 Sending Thanksgiving turkey hugs to my sweet Belle on Rainbow Bridge. I pray you are happy until we meet again. And enjoying lots of turkey. Mommy loves and misses you.

12-25-19 Merry Christmas my sweet Belle. Mommy misses you today and always. I pray that you're at peace . Sending you lots of Christmas hugs and kisses and new toys and treats to kitty heaven. Mommy loves you Always.

Two years ago today I called the Vet hospital from work to see how you were doing, and was told that you had passed. Hearing those words shattered my heart. My baby kitty taken away from me so soon. It wasn't even three years. I remember holding your body and praying that I could somehow bring you back. Also thanking God that you were no longer suffering. My dear baby Belle I'm sending flowers up to you on Rainbow Bridge.I miss and love you so much. I pray that you are at peace, and that one day we will meet again.

3/20/20 Sending a Happy 5th Gotcha Day Rebirth Day to Belle on Rainbow Bridge. You were taken away from me two days before you're 4thone. Sending my little kitty love and cuddles today and everyday. Miss my babies.

4/12/2020 Happy Easter Baby mommy loves and misses you

9/22/2020 Love you baby

11/26/2020 Happy Thanksgiving my little sweet baby Belle. Mommy loves and misses you.

12/25/2020 Merry Christmas 🎄 my baby.

1/1/2021 Happy New Year my Angel

1/14/2021 Happy Valentines Day my sweet Belle Mommy Loves

and misses you. Sending lots of love and hugs to you on Rainbow Bridge 💗💕❤️💞

Three years ago today you were called to Rainbow Bridge. I'll never forget how my heart broke when I called the Vet and heard the news . I prayed so hard that you would pull through. You were and always will be my little baby girl. I pray that you are at peace on Rainbo

w Bridge and one day we will see see other again. Miss and love you my little Belle Flower.And

Happy Gotcha day on Rainbow Bridge to my beautiful Belle. Came into my heart and world March 20,2015 Left this world March 18,2018 Never leaving my heart

3/20/2021 Spring on Rainbow Bridge mommy loves and misses you so much.

4/4/2021 Happy Easter on Rainbow Bridge my sweet Belle.

12/25/2021 Merry Christmas baby mommy misses you so much

2/14/22 Happy Valentine's Day baby

3/18/2022 Four years ago today you went to the Bridge and my heart was shattered. I love and miss you so much baby .

3/20/2022 Seven years ago today I saw your sweet face and brought you home. Though you were with me two days shy of three years . You'll be in my heart forever. Happy Gotcha day and Spring on Rainbow Bridge.

4/17/22 Happy Easter baby. Love & miss You.

8/28/22 Miss and love you my sweet baby Belle on Rainbow Bridge Memorial Day!

12/25/22 Merry Christmas
On Rainbow Bridge
Mommy loves and misses you so much!

3/18 Five years ago today you went to Rainbow Bridge. It was way too soon. You have been on the Bridge longer than I had you in my life. Two days short of three years is not enough time. No amount of time would have been enough time. I miss you my Belle. My baby, my heart kitty. Mommy will always love you.

3/20/23 Happy Spring. Happy memorial of your Gotcha Rebirth day March 18 2015. Although you were with me less than three years. I will always cherish you and love and miss you.

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