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Memories of Bella
Hello Beautiful Girl: How do I begin?
We are lost without You!

The first time you entered your forever
home you crossed the living room, marched
up the stairs and kissed Mark who was still
grieving over the loss of Sherman your big
brother. We believe Sherman sent you to us.
In fact we remember one time as you, Mark and
We were visiting a pretty local flower
bridge, a rainbow formed over the bridge.
That convinced us Sherman sent you to us.

That kiss was the beginning of a profound
caring bond between you and Mark. We
remember you won the kissing contest at a
Fidelco demonstration. You were recruited
by the authorities when they saw you
kissing Mark! You earned the

When you first came home you
slept on Sherman's bed until
you got a bed of your own.
Every night you brought a toy
up to your bed.

We wanted to get you a special
collar! We searched and searched
until we found a website where
the people made you a leather
collar with beautiful metal flowers on it. You looked
so beautiful with it on!

Next came obedience school at
the K9 institute in Newington,
Connecticut. You were one of
three who passed! We were so
thrilled when you came when
Mark called you and you ran
to him. You graduated from the class and you received a diploma. We had it
framed and we hung it in a place of

We took you to a professional
photographer who took a great photo.
That is the photo on the
memorial stone in this website. You
look like a dog thinking "I think this
family is going to work out for me!"

Hello Beautiful Girl: We miss you so
much! We remember all the beautiful
walks were took. You used to play
JUMPY,JUMP on your rope leash every
time. You did so many cute things.
You used to play keep away with your
toys when I was making supper. You
loved your elk bone and chewed it when
I was doing my exercises. You loved
your dog food. You ate raw beef patties
and it seemed like you could tell
time. You always came around at the
same time for your food like clockwork.
You used to jump up really high just
before I put your dish down. The next
time we visit I will remind you of
all the walks we took.Bella: IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER!

Hello Beautiful Girl: Do you remember
when we went to Stratten Brook and you
went in the natural pool there? You
were always fishing. People stopped on
the bridge and asked if you caught
anything. One of your favorite places
was McLean Game Refuge. We went deep
into the woods and sat on the porch
of the cabin. It is now October and you
have been gone to be with Sherman for
almost six months. Sometimes Mark and
I get up early and go the track. We see
stars in the sky. We noticed the moon with one star a short distance from the moon.
It is you. In October we would go to the
Reservoir and see all the leaves in all
their bright colors. We must not forget
Elizabeth Park where you would lay down
quietly and watch the birds and smell
the flowers. We think of you every day
and cry because we miss you so much.
We are grateful for the times we had
together and Mark has started running
and working out. He has transformed
his body and can run very fast. He
thinks of you and dedicates his running
to you. I am going to change your
season to fall and give you marigolds
just like Sherman. I will talk to you

Hello Beautiful Girl! Today is Thanksgiving
Day 2023. We miss you so much. Our hearts
remain broken! You were our whole life.
Mark has been entering races and he runs
so fast. We just keep going with a heavy
heart. I have saved all your precious
things but have yet to put them in the
pretty rose boxes I have.Today Mark is
going to run and I hope not too much.
Today will be very quiet.

Hello beautiful girl! March, 2024 Today I walked down
Helen's Way. I remember the walks we took
along the way and the times we sat by the
bandshell and soccer fields. We took long
walks through the fields and came close to
the Flower Bridge and back. Tears came to my
eyes because I miss you so much. We all miss
you. No other dog can take your place. I think
you know how much we love you still. When we
were walking along the track we saw a star that
was there every day. It was you! I placed you
in a beautiful box with hearts on and saved
some of your favorite toys. I will talk to you

Hello Beautiful Girl: It is almost a year since
you went to the Rainbow Bridge. It has been a
very difficult time without you. We try to keep
busy but our hearts are broken. Some people
do not understand our grief and it hurts. We
miss you so much! BELLA: IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER!

Hello Beautiful Girl: Yesterday and today were
one of the saddest two days of our lives! We miss
you so much especially your kisses and your
caring ways to always made us feel good.
I wish you were here right now. When we go to
the track very early in the morning before dawn and
look up to the sky there is a star up there that
shines brightly and it is in the same place
every time! It is you Bella looking over us.
Mark is still lifting weights and now he is
racing for charity. He is very fast. He misses
your kisses too and most people do not understand
our grief. I miss our game of keep away with
your toys at suppertime but you are always in

Please also visit Sherman.

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