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Memories of Bella Luna Taylor
The sweetest German Shepherd I ever loved,everyday of her life she snuggled with us all night and loved us everyday of her life,never told off, never needed to,sweet loving nature,a VERY gentle soul,where we are,she is,loved unconditionally from the day she came home,we promised her she would never be alone.Ever.She only ever knew unconditional love.From her first night as a baby,to her last night as our pride and joy,she trusted us and slept between us EVERY Night of her life,dearly loved and the heartbreak of her passing,so unbearable.
No matter any words I use,I cannot express the beauty,love,happiness and fulfillment to our lives,as we sincerely hope we did to hers.
Her taking from us was so sudden and unexpected,perfect health to gaining her Wings in 3 short days and just 7 1/2 years old.
Love your Furbabies as we dearly love ours,NEVER take the time you have with them or their unconditional love for granted,Love them dearly every day,talk to them,love on them and let them know and feel you love them back unconditionally every moment of everyday,it means the world to them as we are their world.
Bella Luna,you have always been the apple of your dads eye,I loved you from the first day I met you and mom was in love with you when she met you too.
Your Uncle Navar,cousins Isabeaux,Mr Moustache,Yami,Ninja,Masaki,Lucy Sally,Heidi,Gemma,Lassie,Rebel will all likely be there waiting to welcome you until me and mom come to get you,I know you are such a sweet,loving caring furbay,so if you make friends with any unloved furbabies who have no one coming for them,let them know your mom&dad will gladly show them love to.
You HAVE YOUR WINGS Bella Luna,and mom&dad are so very proud of you and thank and love you so much for comforting us in your last moments,while we comforted and cried for you,but know you took big pieces of our hearts to remind you how much you are dearly loved,always were always are always will be.
God we miss you sweetheart and always will.
We PROMISE you we will ALWAYS love and protect you sister Sophie Hana,o honey,she misses you so very much,just like we do,life will never be the same not feeling you nuzzle your head with us.
We LOVE AND MISS YOU O SO VERY MUCH our sweet beautiful baby.Your love and gentleness always means everything.
Run free baby,enjoy playing until we come to get.you We Love YOU.
Mom,Dad,Sophie Hana.❤️❤️❤️😢🙏🐾🐾🙏😢❤️❤️❤️🐶❤️❤️❤️
We miss you so much Bella Luna,a week today you earned your wings baby,I am so happy you come to snuggle while your dad is asleep,I can't lie sweetheart, dad wakes up feeling empty,but after he strokes your portrait and your earn and touches your last ever paw print you gave us,we feel a little better for a few moments.But not for long because we miss you so much.
Sweetheart,we didn't KNOW today was your last day with us a week ago,had we have truly known,we would have brought your sister Sophie Hana with us so she could have understood you were ready to stop the pain and go to RainbowBridge,mommy was sooooo very strong,asking all the questions when dad was a mess.I am so sorry for upsetting you honey,that was never my intention I was worried about you,sad at knowing we would lose you.
Sophie Hana is very sad,she is grieving you just as we are,she looks for you,won't sit in your spots because she doesn't realize you are waiting for us all at RainBow Bridge.O honey,we will work hard with her,it's in our hearts,but we need help from you baby,can you visit her when she is sad so you can help us,help her understand.
I came home from work yesterday,and you weren't there to greet me with your love and hugs,that really hurt.Even when you were sick on your very last night on this earth,you stood on your back legs so you could give me the same hugs you had done for all these years.
Oh our baby,we MISS YOU SO MUCH Bella Luna.Our beautiful Moon.We love you baby,and not a day passes that we don't miss you Pumpkin.
We LOVE you baby and you have left a huge void.We will love Sophie Hana for you baby,she really misses you.Bless your wonderful soul and we will be together again in the fullness of time.You are ALWAYS in our hearts and thoughts.
Mom&Dad&Sophie Hanna.❤️❤️❤️😭🙏🐾🐾🙏❤️❤️❤️🐶❤️💔❤️
Hi our sweet little girl,we miss you being here so very much Bella Luna,Sophie Hana is adjusting to life without you,it's very hard for her honey as you showed her everything and always there,but we are working hard with her for you.We look at your beautiful portraits everyday,it makes us happy to remember how happy you are.That's always been very important to us,that you and your sister are always happy.That's why you have never been alone.
We had a portrait done of you and your great uncle Navar,I know he's there with you and along with MANY other much loved furbabies who made you welcome at RainBow Bridge,just make sure that you run and play a lot,make sure you eat and drink too,in your few quiet moments,think of us and KNOW we are always thinking of and missing you so much,but we will all be together again one day,a family once again,just bigger because all our furbabies will be there,you know,all the furbabies who were the first to greet you when you first got to RainBow Bridge.
Mom&Dad,Sophie Hana ❤️❤️❤️😭🙏🐾🐾❤️❤️❤️🐶❤️💔❤️
Hi my beautiful girl,we hope you made lots of friends at RainBow Bridge,we miss you every day baby,miss you beautiful eyes,your gentle,sweet snuggling,your happy little self...........it's just not the same honey,Sophie Hana is slowly getting used to you not coming home where you truly belong,we are working really hard with her like we promised,but she won't sit in any of your favorite spots,I guess it's her way of letting you know she misses you and wants you home with us too.
Bella Luna,you made such a HUGE impact on our lives,from your very first day,until your last day with us,for now,you made every day so happy for everyone,sure wish you were enjoying treats here with your sister.
Mom doesn't say much,but her sad smile lets me know she misses you so very much too.
Not a day goes by we wish things had been so very different ,we-feel robbed of another lot of years with your precious presence .
Hundreds of people sent kinds messages about you Princess,hundreds!So many people showed they care about you,that your life here really matters and we are very grateful for that.You MATTER sweetheart,you always have and always will,you so very intelligent,really quick to understand,to show affection and love,and so gentle.We Miss you baby.THAT will never change.
Enjoy running with your new friends and other fur family members who were there waiting for you,we will come for you all in the fullness of time,you know that.Sleep,eat and play as much as you want and can honey,as when you were here with us you are NEVER alone.Bless You our Sweet Bella Luna,your mom truly named you PERFECTLY.We love and miss you Princess.
Mom&Dad,Sophie Hana ❤️❤️❤️😭🙏🐾🐾❤️❤️❤️🐶❤️💔❤️
Hi my beautiful little girl,we hope you have played a lot today and made many more friends while you wait for us,Sophie Hana misses you everyday,it's tough for her with your scent everywhere,but she is staying close to us,especially your mom,honey,it hits your mom hard some days and your sister understands and stays close to mom,we all miss you all the time,I miss you seeing me off and then snuggling back down with your mom and sister,I miss you when I come home,that wonderful greeting,even on your last precious day with us,so happy to see me,and me you.I miss chillin' with you,I miss you getting rowdy when you want something,I just miss you everyday.WE Miss you everyday and we know you miss us too.
Miss,isn't that such a strange word,4 letters that are expected to express such a massive feeling of sadness and loss,it just seems so inadequate.
We went to Toby's unveiling today,I engraved two rocks for mom to leave at the gravesite.A lot of people were there,mom dropped me off home to keep Sophie Hana company and went on to one of their houses for awhile.
We are of an age now where friends and family are stepping off the path of life,time is a really cruel mistress,but time is only relative here.
My beautiful Bella Luna,so loved,so missed,we love you Princess,enjoy your time at RainBow Bridge,you're always in our hearts.
Mom&Dad,Sophie Hana ❤️❤️❤️😭🙏🐾🐾❤️❤️❤️🐶❤️💔❤️
Hi Baby!I am so sorry I didn't enter anything yesterday,it was just too painful,I thought about you all day yesterday,I am working on mom's birthday gift from you,all hand made,a skill I didn't use for many years,but you always brought out the best in me because of your sweet gentle nature.
Sophie Hana is getting better as time moves on,she misses you a lot honey,but comes and stays very close to us when she feels down,I guess it's because your scent is always here,but we comfort her as we promised you we would,it really does suck your not here with us Princess,such a young pretty girl,not even any grey on your muzzle.We Miss waking up and your not there,we miss you not chillin' with us and I so miss your seeing me off in the morning and that wonderful welcome home everyday.You took a huge part of me when you earned your wings Bella Luna,I kno w it's not forever but you made such an impact sweetheart I just want to remember you everyday as you are so precious!!!
I wish so hard that you were here with us,it's so unfair you and we were cheated of many more years with you.I KNOW you are safe honey and I know it's a matter of time before you see us again,but missing you is something I never realized would hurt so much,you left such a mark in our lives.
We look at your portraits everyday,videos of you that mom had taken since you were a tiny little girl,each video so precious and so happy,but now sad,because the only way I get to see you,I can't touch you,talk to you and tell you how much you are deeply loved.
Seeing video of you and your sister playing in the snow makes me smile so much,remembering you playing and just not wanting to come inside.Happy Times !!! None of which are replaceable,because you can't be replaced,you are such a unique gift to us Princess.
I gotta go for now baby,we love you forever and ever Bella Luna.Your dad,mom and sister love and miss you so very much.
Always truly loved and in our hearts Princess.
Mom,Dad,Sophie Hana ❤️❤️❤️😭🙏🐾🐾❤️❤️❤️🐶❤️💔❤️
Hi Bella Luna,I finished your portrait frame and mounted your portrait in it,mom absolutely loves it,we get to see you EVERYTIME we walk or sit in the living room,seeing your beautiful face is bittersweet,sweet because I get to see you,bitter because I still miss you incredibly,you really have made an impact in my life honey.
It's hard each day,thought I would get used to having to wait to see you again,but I haven't ,I miss you all the time,that's because you have always been such a wonderful girl ever since you were a baby.It's just not right that a lying vet took money to look after you and didn't do the tests they were paid to,if they had you would still be with us for many more years.I guess that's one of the reasons I am so bitter honey,I don't mean to,but I can't get past that I feel I really let you down. I know you are happy where you are and the bodies we live in are just Avatars,but mom,me Sophie Hana miss you BEING here enjoying life.Sophie Hana is doing better,but she still misses you sweetheart,it will never be the same at home without you here with us.There is a huge part of us missing.
I was watching videos of you and your sister playing,enjoying ice cream,enjoying soup bones,I had to stop watching honey because it made me so sad because I remember each of these times.
Please don't be sad for us where you are sweetheart we know you have made many friends and are very safe and very happy playing and waiting for us,we know you are with us in our hearts,why wouldn't you be,you took big chunks of our hearts when you had to leave us baby.
Keep playing and be happy my Bella Luna,I am so looking forward to the fullness of time when I see you running to me with all our other loved furbabies where I can hug you again,stroke you and just being happy in each others company again.
We just miss you honey,we really do,you are SUCH a special girl.Always have always will be.
We love you Bella Luna,you ARE perfect.
Mom,Dad,Sophie Hana❤️❤️❤️😭🙏🐾🐾❤️❤️❤️🐶❤️💔❤️
Hi my Beautiful Baby,it's a cold day here,just how I feel inside without you here,Mom and Sophie Hana are still asleep,today is when we lost you and I just have difficulty sleeping on this particular day,maybe because it was your last day here with us and I still miss everything about you.You are such a special girl,so very intelligent and so quick to learn anything and although you couldn't talk,you always communicated easily.I wish so much you would have told dad your weren't feeling well,but the fantastic girl you are,you wanted to hide it from me by always being a bright,happy playful girl.It hurts my heart Bella Luna,you know dad and mom would have moved Heaven and Earth to measure you would have been ok.
Your sister is getting older so I built a box for her to get up and down from the bed,she likes it and it should have been for you too,we should have had many more years with you honey,you never even had any grey on your muzzle.I was looking forward to the years I would have helped you with those old paws getting up and down,same paws that helped you run so fast as a little girl,same paws that had to always be touching dad,same paws that helped you jump up and welcome dad every time he came in,even if I only went to the work shed.I miss that very much.I miss hearing you and mom having in-depth discussions on your days events wondering who could bark the loudest!!!That always made me smile,everything about you made me smile,your just so unique.Others May never understand that but I hope they do,then they would get why it's such a travesty your not here with us.
I miss you Bella Luna,and I can't help it,I love mom and Sophie Hana,and will always love and miss you,you were a special girl from when you were so tiny,such a loving little girl,sweet and gentle and just happy with the world,your home and the people who love you.It's always been a real pleasure to have you in our life,I didn't realize I had to wait nearly a lifetime to welcome into my heart.Your impact is and will always remain deep in my heart.
I hope you are having a blast at Rainbow Bridge with all your friends and family,enjoy it my sweet Bella Luna,I will be running towards you one day honey,so I can feel your kisses,big hugs,tail wagging and softness of your coat,then we get to hang out for Eternity and welcome other very loved ones we have been waiting for.
I love you Bella Luna,you are always my Princess,I will look after mom and Sophie Hana,Sophie Hana misses you so much baby.You know that.
We love you Bella Luna Taylor,alway have,always will.
Mom,Dad,Sophie Hana❤️❤️❤️😭🙏🐾🐾❤️❤️❤️🐶❤️💔❤️
HI BABY!!!Dad is so very sorry he didn't write at the usual time,but it's been hard for me Bella Luna,I miss my special girl so much I have just been throwing myself into work because I don't know else what to do.I/we miss you so much honey,it's just so difficult for us without you,Mom is having a tough time,and although she doesn't say a lot,she looks at all your pictures and videos that are so precious to us both,then her tears quietly come,she tries not to let me see because she knows how much you mean to me,but it hurts my heart seeing mom so upset.
Sophie Hana still struggles sweetheart,she still won't sit in your bed and doesn't really go into your twos room much,just when she catches your scent,she will go in to look for you,her tail wags,but when she sees your not there,she drops her head and her tail,and looks so down,she sits by where your collar sits,pride of place above the fireplace you were so interested in watching me build,she will puppy sit and sniff your collar,then will lay down staring up at it.She really misses you Bella Luna,we all do,so very much,we comfort your sister all the time Poppet,but it doesn't replace you being here and loved.
I feel so guilty still,and always will,that we couldn't save you honey,it kills me inside that no amount of money would help,like your Uncle Navar...........if love could have saved you,you would always be here with us,where you belong.BELONG.I am still so very angry at the vet who said they did your tests,charge for them for something they didn't do that would have stopped this from happening.You know daddy doesn't give a rats ass about money,but he cares VERY much that you and we paid the price for a human's dishonesty,but most of all you.It's a big part of why I can't come to terms with you not being here honey,enjoying your years with us,dad fussing over you as your paws and face age,loving and caring for you as you always have us.We Miss you so very much honey,especially me,dad.Be the good,loving,sweet,gentle girl you always have been,play and have lots of fun and dad will see you again one day.
We love you Bella Luna Taylor,always have,always will.
Mom,Dad,Sophie Hana ❤️❤️❤️😭🙏🐾🐾❤️❤️❤️🐶❤️💔❤️
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