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Memories of Bella
Bella was adopted June 7, 2011 at 4 years old. Her biggest scare was a night out in the wilderness, literally ran out of the house the day we adopted her. Found her the next day unharmed. She would escape only one other time. And from that day on, her momma kept watch. She did not want to lose her baby. Then came countless walks at parks, state parks, even walks on the beach (even though we went three times). It took Bella a little while to warm up to everyone. But it took Daisy even longer. Bella helped Daisy glow up in the 10 years she knew her. For one thing, Daisy hated other dogs even since a dog almost ended her. It seemed that with Bella, Daisy started to gain trust back in dogs once she got to know them.

Bella was always so photogenic. She even has her own shared Instagram account, which is has over 2,800 followers. Not that follower number matter. So, I made sure to photograph all her good sides with good angles. Whether in photo, live, square, or portrait. It had to look "pretty". When first starting the account, I really had to have them pose. It took a LOT of trial and error. Shihtzus are very well-known to have things done their way. Eventually, they knew how to pose. But a new problem surfaced, looking at the camera. I would try making noises with my month, objects nearby, etc. Eventually, I learned to just go with what I got. Especially since Daisy is close to losing her sight and hearing. Oh. And I should tell you about the time Bella had a professional photo shoot. Twice. For my senior pictures and another at a doggy daycare.

Bella hated car rides. She would always try to sleep, but she would sleep sitting up with her eyes closed. She hated baths, nail trims, vet visits, grooming, and she ABSOLUTELY HATED her feet touched. But nevertheless, mom tackled every challenge with trial and error. Until she decided to just take the dogs to the grooming salon and have the groomers trim them.

Bella loved walks. Every time you would say the word "walk". She would come charging into the kitchen and stand on her hind legs after I would open the leash drawer. For some reason, Bella was always happy with going to a neighborhood with townhomes. She would always drag us to the location every time we walked in the direction. If we didn't go there, she would be sad. Funny cause we found her in that neighborhood the first time she ran away. Bella loved watching her mommy run at XC meets. It was always the highlight of every weekend.

Bella loved visiting Grandma and Grandpa. And they loved it when the grand dogs visited them. Whether it was thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, you name it. Bella loved that they lived in the country cause they didn't have a fenced yard, and they can wander as far as they wanted. But they never could go out of sight past the shed.

We had so many wonderful memories, Bella and friends. I wish she would have lived until 16 years. But 14 1/2 years is just as wonderful. I miss you all the time Bella. It has been 16 days, and my heart is hurting. 💔 I will miss you for the rest of my life, my sweet Bella Bella. My dear Bels, thank you for being my best friend. Showing me how important adopting a pet from the shelter is. Until I see you again, my heart will miss you and your beautiful soul. I pray for the day we will be together again.

You will forever and always be my little girl 😇.

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