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Memories of Bella
I am still grieving. Bella was so special - she really did have character.

My sweet Bella -- my Queen of Hearts, my Miss Germany, my Senior Citizen, my Bounce Back Baby...

Bella was the most awesome dog I have ever had. She was so strong and pride.

I could write a book about all our adventures so this is the short version of our journey.
(Actually I did write a book about Bella and Brucy...but it is in German)

I rescued Bella and her buddy Brucy (both 10 years old) out of a puppy mill in Hungary in 2013. They both were used as breeding machines their entire live and in a horrible condition. Brucy unfortunately had to go to Rainbow Bridge in 2014. Bella was grieving for many months and I did too.

We traveled the world -- crossed the Atlantic three times and moved across the United States twice. And Bella did better than I did.

Besides allergies and some hot spots Bella was never sick. After she had ear drum infections in both ears everybody thought Bella will not make it. Bella bounced back within two months. She had severe arthritis and hip dysplasia but with all the meds and cold laser therapy she did great. Bella and I went on long walks in the parks and I took her to the forest (back in Germany) when it was to hot. She loved car rides and went crazy when I told her (in German) that we are taking the car. At some point Bella could not get into the SUV anymore -- not even with the dog ramp. So I sold the SUV and got a pretty nice ride for her: a Mini Van. Bella could easily get into the van with the ramp and had enough space. Super comfy! Our neighbor suggested to have a decal made for the MiniVan: "USS Bella"!

Bella was everybody's darling. No matter where we went: she was the queen of hearts. And Bella had her neighborhood love affairs. In Germany it was Lacy -- a young Labrador and in Euless it was an older black Labrador named Mac. He passed away shortly before Bella and I moved to South Florida. Mac was only 11 years old. I guess Bella decided to go for blond now...In South Florida she started "dating" Harrison: blond, 130 lbs and 13 years old. Watching the two of them was so much fun. They snuggled and kissed, had breakfast and dinner together, went for walks together. Harrison passed away out of the blue end of March 2020.

In September 2019 Bella was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease. She started not being able anymore to hold her balance and falling. But was still nosy, stubborn and cheeky. Every day I told Bella that I'll be there for her forever and do whatever it takes. Bella's condition got worse with time and I told her "I promise you we are going back home to Euless/TX". Back to our beautiful parks -- away from high humidity and dangerous hurricanes. We went on our road trip home in March 2020. And again: Bella did so great during the 20 hour drive. And Bella was the happiest dog you can imagine when she got of her MiniVan in Euless/TX. She hopped around and I could see her bright smile. We had so much fun walking our parks and diving in the creek.

Bella was hanging in there until May. She could not get up anymore on her own, started falling into her water bowl, running onto walls, walked circles outside and was super restless all night. I was up countless times every single night to help her to get up so she can get to her water bowl and help her when she banged onto the wall again. Even medication for her restlessness didn't help. My sweet bounce back baby didn't bounce back this time. I had to hold her when she had to pee or poop, had to feed her and bring her the water bowl. She couldn't manage anything anymore on her own. After taking her to vet several times and knowing there was nothing that could be done for Bella I was aware her time is coming. Bella didn't want to go outside anymore, she didn't want to get up and slept almost all day. One day she gave that specific look I know so good from all my other dogs. Bella told me that she is ready to go to the Rainbow Bridge. I went hiding in the bathroom and cried so bad but I knew keeping her with me would be human selfishness. I scheduled her final trip to Rainbow Bridge. We had one more week. I gave her more of her favorite chew bones and even more apples -- she loved apples so much and even did self service as soon as I opened the fridge.

Bella always had to carry her purse filled with senior dog kibbles when we went for walks! Carried it home and got the kibbles out it. They flew around all over the place. It was so funny to watch. Oh, and she protected her purse - gave an Armadillo a weird look like saying "You are accepted being in my park BUT do not even think of getting close to my purse!" and Bella walked away with her purse.

It seemed like time was running and the day came. I got her a Baconator (double!) from Wendy's, kissed her and rubbed her belly all day. Trying not to cry. On June 28, 2020 at 4:28pm Bella peacefully went to Rainbow Bridge.

It took me a week to empty her water bowl. I still have her bowls, chew bones, her purse and meds on the kitchen counter. Her collars, harness, leash and poop bags are still hanging. And all her beds are still there where there were.

Bella is now free of pain. Jumping around on the green gras with all her friends and all the other fur babies. Watching me and waiting for me to come so we can cross the bridge together. Her ashes are here with me next to her buddy Brucy and my other dog Mr Jimmy. I talk to them every single day.

Bella -- you will always be in my heart and with me. I miss you so much! I pray every day that you have an apple tree 😊

Please visit Brucy at https://www.rainbowsbridge.com/residents/BRUCY001/Resident.htm and Herr Jimmy at https://www.rainbowsbridge.com/residents/HERRJ001/Resident.htm
Thank you!

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