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Memories of Bella
Bella your my everything, I see you playing ball and running around and watching the birds, You love to be in the meadow, eating grass, sorry i have to come back too sad.....I love you Bella, I send kisses to you as you are playing with your sisters and brothers, Star, Daisy,Buster,Kahlua, Cindy ,Abbott, Happy, Peppie, And Coolee singing to you all day. and all the bugees. I cry everyday for you and your sisters, Rose and Lily miss you and I know Hope see's you around the house,It has been a few months and it feels like yesterday when you were in the hospital! I am trying to be strong, when I walk the path you and I took with lily..and the meadow is still, I sometimes see you sitting and listening to all the sounds , it just hurts when I do that, I love you Mama, little bell bell, god is watching over you , Jayden and Jennifer miss you so!I love you my little girl..I call out for you every day , I keep smelling your harness and I still can see you in it,I love the puppies and lily , my heart is empty without you.I am hoping to catch a glimpse of you in the corner on the floor!

Mama dog, I love you, and miss you so much,I spoke to Rene only to be reminded of your water therapy and how cute you look as you walk on the treadmill!

4/22 I love you my little girl, I got to see some photos of you , after you walked with kelly, she loves you! I miss you soooo much and please visit mommy in her dreams, I can't wait to see you again!! I love you

7/8/2018 I love you and miss you so much, I took lily to our special place and I know you were with us! Mama dog!I know lily smelled all your plants and could still smell you!

8/19/2018 I love you my little girl, and miss you so much, I got to visit you in my dreams and you look beautiful and healthy and soooo happy in god's world, you be a good girl and have fun mommy will see you , so you wait for me, and just keep busy and enjoy the surroundings, I know you watch over Hope and Rose and lily, they love to see you and look forward to you coming home and relaxing on the floor and your bed!, mommy loves you so much, mama baby! you are a forever princess and my baby , forever! let me see you again in my dreams you take me to you , I love you my pumpkin!I miss your kisses to mommy and smell your pillow before bed!

12/1/2018 I Love you so much and miss you so much more, my baby, please come to mommy in my dreams , I know you are watching over us especially hope , when she was talking with you , it was so adorable, that the 2 of you have such a special love, I love you and know when I am walking rose or lily you are with us, and please help Hope walk with me, she is afraid of the freeway noise, please let her enjoy walking like you do! I sing to you every day my little girl and I am always thinking about how you are keeping yourself busy playing and in the sun with the hummingbird and all your new friends, be blessed my little girl, my heart cries for you every moment......

5/12/2019 I I love you mama dog and miss you so much, play with other babies and listen to the birds.. be a good girl , mommy is with you ..........

9/23/2019 Happy Birthday my Angel........

I love you so much, and miss you trillions...to the end of time.....I know your playing with Harry, and running, I know your keeping busy with guiding the puppies, Hope is learning from you and Rose is still wild!
Please visit mommy and come in my dreams please visit the puppies!

Love you my baby mama I miss you so much I wish you were here the puppies need you baby I miss you there's so much going on right now it's a sign to move and I Hope and Rose don't stop barking they need t Please visit mommy tonight mommy misses you I haven't seen you pass by in so long you're in gods world now baby and all your friends and love ones are about you mommy loves you so much I think about you every second I miss you I'm gonna go out around the bushes where you are I called for you and I'll see you there please follow mommy where I moved to please know that we are attached is a thread that's bonding us and it will never never neverBreak I love you my little one mama....Time is standing still and it takes me right back to you when you left me and went to bed I love you my angel! I love ❤️ you so much my mama dog miss you every day love you and I can't wait for you to visit the puppies again we're all waiting for you please come home and visit as much as you want baby cause you're here all the top I love you so so much it feels like yesterday I'll always with you and I love you mama dog and talk you know that always come home and be with mommy and be near mommy it'll be near you! 🐾❤️❤️‍🩹my love light always tied around you my lil angel!

I love you so much my lil angel mama dog....miss you every moment.... please watch over the puppies.....


Mama dog I love you very much, today as always I thought I saw you to the left me. I miss you so much mama please visit me not a day that doesn't go by that I don't think about you every moment
I love you on your birthday I thought about you as always I know that you're playing poly where you're located and love surrounding you. Love you my little pumpkin puppy.


Mama love you soooo much miss you every second!!

Rose and Hope love you , please visit again we see you and the pups know when you visit ❤️❤️❤️my baby Bella 💗💗💗miss rubbing your belly my angel🕊️🕊️🕊️

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