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Memories of Bella
Hey, Bella Girl,

From the first second I saw you and the first time I held you, I knew you were ours. The way you looked at me at first glance, we were able to read each others' eyes. So beautiful you were and are. All you ever wanted was to be loved, fed and watered. Nothing more.

I remember saying to you that daddy and I will love you forever, and take the utmost care of you for as long as God allows us to. We have fulfilled those promises.

We will see you to the Rainbow Bridge, you who are so black and gray, most beautiful and friendly girl.

We grew you strong, kept you warm in the winters and cool in the summers, took care of you as our child.

Now we still have the photos and memories of when you used to roll on your back in the grass, hide in the wisteria bushes, dig a hole in the dirt in which to plop your body to cool yourself off and sit in the chairs the guests should have had! Who cared about the guests!

You must know, missy sissy prissy (you remember your nickname), how much joy you have given to your two dads. You must also take with you to the Rainbow Bridge the love we gave you. The day we met our souls were sewn together and will never be apart.

We will frame the ink drawing Camp Bow Wow did of you. You've seen it. It's stellar.

Life for us will never be the same, but I believe our souls will remain sewn together as you help me cross the Rainbow Bridge. Since you've already crossed it, you'll have to come and fetch me since I won't know my way.

Rest baby girl, because we will have another journey together soon.

Know we have loved you for 13 years and will love you forever, never forgetting all the joy and pain you endured just to be with us, always trusting our love for you. Live on, Bella. No humans could have loved you the way we did.

I thank you for all the smiles you gave to so many and for always being gentle, kind and sweet.

Love, hugs & kisses

Your papas,

Kevin and Dave


Tomorrow, July 4, 2016 will be your brother's birthday, missy. He, Bennett, will turn 13 just like you did in February. We all wish you could have stuck around long enough to wrestle with him, chase him and otherwise just be an annoying big sis to him! Unfortunately it didn't happen this way.

He misses you terribly but papa and I make sure he gets plenty of love and at least 5 walks per day. He's not spoiled, though. Yeah right! He still gets a slice of freshly cooked low sodium bacon and fresh cheese along with his dry food and chicken broth for his nightly meal. You may remember he still gets two small meals throughout the day that consist of a slice of reduced fat sliced cheese and two dollups of peanut butter on my index finger. Remember how you used to butt in on the peanut butter deal and come running to me for your own dollup after you finished your big breakfast?

He sniffs your urn on occasion but can't quite figure out what's going on. Oh, if only we could speak dog.

If he can understand English when we say, "ya wanna go outside, are you ready for a walk, mister B, or are you ready for some cheese and peanut butter?" Then, Miss Bella, I would ask you - why can't we understand bark? I think his body language makes up for most of this and tells the tale (tail) though.

You have been gone since May 27th, 2016, missy sissy prissy. We're confident you're looking down from the Rainbow Bridge wishing Bennett a happy birthday. I know you're hoping he's not too sad. We also believe you're laughing at him because you're now running through fragrant meadows, playing with new friends and causing a raucous wherever you go. Just like when you were here with us!!

Here's sending you our love and prayers, Bellissima. Here's also wishing Bennett a most happy birthday. We have faith you're sending him all your love and best wishes.

We love you, baby girl,

Your papas.


You don't know who Joe DiMaggio was, Bella. He was a very famous and extremely talented baseball player. He and Marilyn Monroe, whom you don't know either, were very much a loving pair. Mr. DiMaggio used to send her roses everyday after she passed on. Since we don't have the bucks to have a floral arrangement sent here to your urn everyday, I've decided that I will attempt to send you each and every day one of the boatloads of photos of the floral arrangements papa Kevin put together over the years. He's quite talented, you know. This way you will always remain first and foremost in our hearts and minds. I would also hope you share these beautiful photos with your friends in the fragrant meadows across the Rainbow Bridge. Papa and I send you love, albeit with many tears, everyday, and we will miss you forever and a day. Know we think on you all the time and I pray to God that time will end this wicked and vicious pain. Much love today and always, Miss Bella.

Your papas.

As promised, Bella, here are another two pics of the arrangement papa put together for you. They're one in the same, but one was taken with flash, the other not. I'm not familiar with the lighting in your resting place, so I thought I would send both just to be on the safe side. The kale is inedible so don't get any idea's about a snack!! Here's sending you love on this, yet another day gone by. We love you so much, Bella girl. Thanks for keeping watch over us like we did when you were in this realm. With outstretched arms & big sloppy kisses, your papas.

It's only too bad, missy, that the latest photo papa added shows your immodesty. Girlfriend, you should have kept all that covered up but when you slept - YOU SLEPT!! It's also too bad it shows the ravages of your 13 cancerous mast cell tumor surgeries, just to keep you alive. However, you, like papa and I, survived at the time. However,this Friday,July 22nd, means you will have been gone from us for 8 weeks. That was the day you sprouted your angel wings and flew off to the Rainbow Bridge. On a side note, when papa and I walk Bennett, we oft times feel you pulling at your lead. We hope you're greeting new friends since I see more and more fur baby parents sending their "kids" off to the Bridge. Here's sending you love, peace and joy for all eternity:) Hugs and kisses, Bella.

I forgot to add an excerpt of my favorite Psalm. It's Psalm 139:9. "If I should take up the wings of the morning and fly to the farthest most part of the sea, there I shall touch the hand of God. His right hand uplifts me." I hope you find comfort in this.

Good evening, Miss Bella. Are you having fun with your playmates? Have you welcomed your new friends who have come to the bridge? Are you behaving? The weather here is extremely hot with no breeze. I took Bennett for a walk several hours ago and even he wanted to return and go inside where it's cool. Your friend of 10+ years, Larrie, came for lunch today. She saw your photo on the desk, along with your urn on the coffee table. She thinks they're both splendid. Did you hear us talking about you? Of course the three of us only said great and funny things about you. Here's wishing you a temperate climate in the meadows of the Rainbow Bridge, and are taking lots of water to help keep you cool. Know your papas love you today and will always love you, missy:)

Good night, Bella. Here's wishing you soft & pleasant dreams. You must always know our love for you has no bounds whatsoever. I'm awfully tired tonight, lest I would write more. Here's loving you, kiddo. More tomorrow, okay? 💔😥

Tomorrow, Bella, you will have been gone 8 weeks. It hasn't seemed to get any easier. We miss you every day. Papa and I caress your urn every day. You are so loved, missy. Your papas.

Since I've only written you once in French and you understand French well, I thought I would blow the cobwebs off my brain since I haven't used my French in a long time. I'm sending you a love letter in both English (above) and in French (below). If you happen to meet a furry friend who speaks the language, at least you two will be able to communicate with each other. I don't promise anything, missy, since I'm sure the note below is filled with many errors.

Demain, Bella, vous aura été passé 8 semaines. Il n'a pas semblé être plus facile. Tu nous manques tous les jours. Papa et je caresse votre urne tous les jours. Vous êtes tellement aimé, missy. Vos papas.

It's only 5 minutes until the 8 weeks of your passing. Sleep well, our princess. May you be embraced in God's bosom both at the bridge & in Heaven. We worship you & always send you hugs. Much love to you from your papas.


Well, the 8th week of your passing has almost come and gone. This doesn't mean we didn't think on you all day long. Most of the day, though, papa and I were numb. We had to keep busy though - I went to the farmer's market, I did some grocery shopping and the list goes on. I also kept busy writing notes and sending cards to our shut-ins at church. I told only one person, who has become a friend, of your passing and this is why it's taken me longer than usual to get my act together. Much love to you, princess. Know you'll never be forgotten. Love, papa Kevin and me.

Good night, my precious angel. May God's light show you the way for a heavenly visit. I don't know the rules for when you are able to make your ascension into Heaven from the Rainbow Bridge, but please keep me posted. Hugs & kisses, Missy Sissy Prissy. Sleep well.

At 10:45 tomorrow morning it will have been 2 months since we saw you to the Rainbow Bridge, Missy. My heart, soul & mind can say no more. Suffice it to say we love and miss you tremendously. Here's sending you puppy dog kisses. 😥💔💋

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