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Memories of BELLA
You came into our hearts as a little furry bundle of joy that fit into the palms of our hands. You very quickly took over possession of our hearts. We had so much fun with you in the very short time that you were here.

I remember the first night we brought you home, you laid across my lap while Daddy drove us home and you did quite well not making a sound until we were just about home and had stopped at Sonic to get something to eat, then you whined, such a sad sound. You settled in finally that night and Daddy put a radio with you so you wouldn't be lonely along with Monkey who is with you now.

I think it was the first or second night I came home from work to notice you had gotten off your leash, my hands were full when I noticed this so I thought well I'll go in the house and drop this stuff off and go find her to look up and see you sitting on the step - what a good girl, I was so very very proud.

You used to wait for Daddy to get home and always seemed to know when he was supposed to be home, you were so very smart. Daddy would give you treats if you didn't run into the car port or into the driveway. We wanted you to learn early that those places were not safe for you.

I'd walk around the house with you so you'd get to know your boundaries, we have this hill that we'd run up together, that is until you decided you wanted to keep changing sides and just about tripping me, silly girl.

Your first bath, ummm well .... you did pretty good, stayed in the tub, you really didn't like it very much but you did good and was very happy to be out and loved it when I dried you off, and of course yep I had to take pictures.

We would play with you after work and before bed time with your little bitty tennis balls and your rope and your football. You would even go exploring and you found several balls, some were even bigger than you. You had one that you found that was from Chucky Cheese and you ended up tearing a hole in it and you'd stick your head in it, it was funny. I could never get a picture of you with it on your head, it was like you knew what I was doing. Like I said, you were very smart.

We got you a little pool, you were about impressed with that as you were your first bath. Although Daddy did say he'd see you in it sometimes by yourself and I knew you had gotten into it by yourself because you'd be wet, sneaky little girl.

We'd give you these little treats that you really didn't like the chicken ones when we were doing training and I told you one day when you dropped it that you couldn't have another one until that one was gone ..... so you went and buried it and came back, ok smarty you got me. Daddy almost couldn't stop laughing, it really was funny.

You loved to go for car rides and when you finally learned how to get into a vehicle, we found out we were in trouble and anyone else that came to visit us because as soon as they opened their door you were in.

You didn't like thunder and although you were smart, you never got out of the rain, I would have to go up and tie you by your doggy house so you'd go in and get out of the severe weather.

We found out that you really didn't like loud noises including the lawn mower (which you did get used to) and the trimmer which scared you so bad the first time Daddy started it up that you took off running, really scared us cuz we didn't think you'd come back but I ended up getting you to stop by the corner of the house. Then you got to the point that when Daddy started that or the power washer you'd bark and bark and bark at it until he was done.

After my first surgery you and Daddy spent time together playing ball and the frisbee, it was funny to watch. You started teasing Daddy with it pretending to bring it to him then running off when he went to take it, you'd lay on the ground with it and then when he'd step to get it you'd pick it up and run off. Daddy taught you that. I taught you to give hugs. If I had my hair up in a pony tail you would take the elastic out of my hair or try, silly girl.

When the kitties were born across the road you would sit there and watch them, you really wanted to go over and play with them and some times you'd get across the road but you never went over to them, they kind of made you nervous but you still really wanted to play with them.

You loved anyone that came to visit and everybody loved you and they all really miss you.

You were taken from us way to soon, I feel like I've let you down and I'm sorry. I had so many plans I wanted to do with you and still so many people to meet. You were so full of energy and love

Daddy and Mommy love and miss you so much. You will be in our hearts furever. Through tears and smiles you will be remembered.

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