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Memories of bella
I can still remember the day my daughter went out and brought you home from the wooded area you had been living in. I used to see you when I was going to work, I thought you belonged to someone you were that friendly. I wish I'd of known earlier you was a stray. Would of had a few extra years with you. 4 years and 5 months was not long enough my baby girl. You was one in a million you converted 2 of my daughter's friends who didn't like cats to people who now love cats.
We nearly lost you when we had you speyed, someone had speyed you in the past but it had been done wrong so fixing their mistake was a big job. Didn't think you'd survive but you did. You got diagnosed with several illnesses. But all I remember is how you could make me laugh everyday. You were a fighter my gorgeous girl. You were the only one who could wake me in the middle of the night. It was usually just for a love and it didn't matter how tired I was I would willingly love you and kiss you. I loved to feel your cold little nose on my face. No more my Bella no more hearing your welcome when I come home from work. The tears are falling freely now my Bella Boo can hardly see to type. I will never forget you there is a piece of my heart gone you took it with you Bella. You could fight no more and Mummy understands. I really hope your with my Beauty(dog) she will love you because I did. I hope with all my heart one day we will all be together. I'm struggling without you Bella. You made me get up everyday. Just remember Mummy loves you to the moon and back xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

28th September it's been 7 weeks now my beautiful girl, and though
life is getting in the way I still miss our morning talks and our night time cuddles the house is so quiet without you. Your ashes are in their box on my bed next to me of a night can't bring myself to put them away yet. I don't cry as much if I keep myself busy but once I stop and remember the tears fall. I miss you so much my Bella. Will see you and Beauty one day soon xxx

16th October. Hi my gorgeous girl, its been a while. I miss you Bella Im not very well today and I realised there wont be any Bella cuddles to make me feel better.That made me cry. Not doing well without you. If I keep myself busy in work and home I dont think about you so it doesnt hurt but then I feel guilty for not thinking about you. You were my life baby girl and its nothing without you.
It still hurts so much Bella boo. I cant wait till me meet again. Xxxx

23rd November. Hi beautiful girl. Mummy misses you, really wishes you was here for cuddles and headbutts. Going through a lot at the moment. Im glad your out of pain you fought for so long. It wasnt long enough for me but no amount of time would of been long enough, letting you go was one of the hardest things I've ever done. Oh Bella what am I going to do without you. Still waiting for the day when we all meet up. Me you and Beauty. Love you to the moon and back always xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

31st December Well its New Years Eve beautiful and I cant believe Im ending this year without you. A new year ahead without you. Oh Bella I miss you so much. I cant think about that last day it kills me to think about letting you go. I know you fought a long battle. You had all sorts wrong with you probably due to the bad start you had being dumped and fending for yourself. I wish I had taken you in earlier maybe the damage would not of been so bad and I could of had longer with you. You must of known how much I loved you, you wouldn't let me go to bed without you even if I tried to sneak upstairs, by the time I was ready for bed you would be there lying on it waiting for me. My beautiful girl you were one in a million and it hurts so much without you. I hope its true that one day I will be with you and Beauty again. I love you Bella always to the moon and back forever Broken hearted Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

25th October 2016

Its been a long time since Ive been on here my beautiful girl. It hurts so much when I visit. Its not that Ive forgotten you my Bella Boo, you took a piece of my heart with you that will never mend, I just have to try and keep going and not think too much. My illness causes depression and if I think about you I go to a dark sad place and dont want to go on anymore. I wonder what you would of thought of our new addition Isla my little granddaughter she has helped to ease the pain but I still wonder what you would of thought of her if you had met her. I think you would of loved her and mothered her in you way you were such a loving cat. My gorgeous girl I will leave off as Im starting to cry. I wont leave it as long to come back love you to the moon and back broken hearted Mum xxxxxxx

7th August 2017

Well its the 2 year anniversary today, Wednesday will be 2 years to the date. Im still missing you sweet girl. The birth of Isla has helped she would of loved you and she is such a good girl around animals, she is being brought up to love and respect all animals. I even think you would of loved her. As always when I come on here to write I start to cry thats why I dont come on as much. I have to go on without you, it is hard sometimes. Just know you are still loved and missed gorgeous girl. One day we will hopefully meet up. I hope you
have found Beauty and you two are together with Smudge and Fluff. Leaving off sweetheart on this sad day. But will remember you always with love in my heart. Still has a hole that you left baby girl. Love always Mum xxxx

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