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Memories of Bella
Bella was one of 4 kittens my mother rescued when I was 17 as the original owner (who she bought hay for her horses from) was going to drown all four in a bath tub because he didn't want them.
So Bella came home to us with an equally white furry brother, Cuddles, a fluffy black brother Buck (who sadly passed into rainbow bridge last year) and a tortoise shell sister Possum (who passed into rainbow bridge when she was 2 years old due to a blood clot in her leg) Lovely bundles of fur who lived with us for years and when I moved out of home Bella and Indy of course came with me and they adjusted to their new surroundings well. We had a brief time when we also looked after Buck and Bella enjoyed having her brother around for that year, and eventually he lived with my grandmother until his dying day. Bella had a full loving life and was princess of the roost while Indy was my shining Prince. Both are sorely missed but I'm glad they had each other to grow up and old with and now have each other at rainbow bridge.

November 12th 2011
Dear Bella,
I hope that Indy greeted you with loads of lovely kisses and that you are now happily playing together chasing butterflies and sunshine (and you with a fluffy full white tail after losing it in 2010!) I must admit I've reacted differently to your passing than to Indy's a little under 2 months ago. With you I have gone into a quiet hole I guess, it's quite a shock to lose two pets so close together. But I must admit I think you were happy to be let go, one final purr and a head rub on my arm and you slipped away peacefully. Gee those vets are so good to us Bell. Linda stayed with me a good ten minutes while I cried over your body although she understands how hard it is to go through otherwise she wouldn't be in this profession! I did expect to see her only with medication in mind as I knew you weren't well. Not eating and hiding under the bed for hours 2 weeks was long enough for me to watch you go through that. A tumour or heart disease ravenged you as you had fluid outside your lungs and if left to your own devices you would've suffocated. Anyway Bell I hope you understand it was the best thing for you as I am coming to grips with too. I walked out thinking I didn't have anything of yours to remember you by, but I have found an old collar with your tags and a bell on it. So along with Indy's its tied around the gear stick of the car I love the fact I have the two of you in the car now even though you didn't like travelling much. I picked up your ashes on Thursday and they sit adjacent to Indy's in a very similar earthly tribute. It looks good Bell, you would be proud. I again made Linda and the staff a thank-you card (filled with your photo's much like Indy's) for looking after you in that short period of time, lovely to acknowledge their hard work. Ruby knows that you and Indy are both gone but she is doing ok...I will look at one day adopting an abandoned kitten for her to grow up with as it would be nice for her to grow up with someone as you and Indy did. I love you Bell Bell you rest easy in that sunshine, enjoy the rainbow overhead and give lots of love and kisses to Indy for me..I will stop by again soon...Mum xxo

January 1st 2012
Dear Bell-Bell Happy new year baby girl. As I blow a good morning kiss to Indy every morning i hope you feel yours too..I miss you both everyday. I have decided not to get a kitten right now to keep Ruby company as she seems quite content on her own. How are you finding the sunshine over the hills and the rainbows in the distance Bell? I hope you are content, happy and have made lots of new friends. Keep yourself and Indy safe Bella..Love hugs and endless kisses to you and Indy xxx Mum and Ruby xxoo

March 4th 2012
There's a mouse in the house Bella! This is where i miss having you around even more because you would be straight on that mouse for me! I love mice (as you do Bell think of all the pets we had!) but a wild one needs to move its house to the outside world! I'm hoping Rubes will help to move it on (or more than likely play with it till the poor love dies of shock) either way the future isn't that bright for the poor field mouse hiding in the house somewhere. This is where I have to say that it would be lovely to have another cat around the house in your memory. With much love and rainbow kisses to you and Indy..i miss you Bell Bell Mum and Ruby xxxoo

April 2nd 2012
We miss you Bell bell as much as we do Indy..we love you lots..Happy Easter baby girl..lots of love and rainbow kisses to you and Indy...Mum and Ruby xxoo

June 2nd 2012
Hiya Bell Bell You know that mouse has only just moved on 2 months later. I thought he had moved of his own accord but he's been eating through Ruby's dry food bag and hiding behind the fridge. I did see him move out last weekend slip through the back door (as i left it open) though now i have all his mates over for a party in the walls! Wish you were here! Miss you Bell xxx

September 1st 2012
Hi Bell, First day of spring here i hope this note finds you sunbaking next to Indy beneath the rainbow and the new spring sun. I miss not having you around and think of you and Indy everyday. Ruby and I love you very much and send lots of rainbow kisses your way xxo

November 3rd 2012
Dear Bell Bell,
On this the 1st anniversary of your passing over to rainbow bridge I just want you to know that i miss you lots and and hope you and pup-pup are doing well. It doesn't seem that long ago that you were here...mum and rubes love you lots and we are sending rainbow hugs and cuddles to you and Indy xxxxx

December 1st 2012
First day of summer Bell Bell, i imagine you basking in the warm summer nights on the shed roof! Miss you lots hope you and Indy are enjoying the chrism's of the summer rainbows over your heads. Keep cool Bella girl Ruby and i love you xxxx

January 8 2013

A new year Bell Bell, Ruby and i miss you and indy so much! Sending you both lots of love and rainbow hugs! xxxxxx

March 9th 2013

Hi Bell Bell we are eight days into autumn now... enjoy the wind down of summer and the last of the balmy evenings. Ruby and I love you very much and miss you loads xxx

September 8th 2013

Its very close to Indy's 2 anniversary at the rainbow bridge Bell and yours too not long after! How i miss you both! Ruby is scared of all cats now Bell barking at them and wanting to chase them. She is happy being a solo dog almost 3 in december how times flies! I hope you and Indy are enjoying the start of another spring season together. Know that Rubes and i love you both very much and are sending you rainbow hugs and love always , i love you Bell Bell xx

December 3rd 2013

Hiya Bell Bell

Its very remiss of me not to write anything on your 2nd year anniversary as i had Indy's. I am so sorry my love but you were never far from my thoughts on November 3rd, one month exactly to the day two years ago! Anyway sweetheart much as before Rubes and I love you very much and hope the start of the summer Christmas season is being kind to you and Indy. Sending lots of love and rainbow kisses xxxx

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