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Memories of Belinda
I am so very, very sad to announce the premature death of my beloved little girl, Belinda. She died this morning (Oct 25) at about 8:30 under the warm and gentle caring that Darice so kindly provided her with during Belinda's last 20 hours or so of life. Belinda was diagnosed by her vet as having a "mild" case of pneumonia yesterday, but she had a dangerously high fever when I brought her to the vet's office. Although her pneumonia was categorized as being "mild," it was made clear to me that her life was in jeopardy. Dr. Poliakof was able to get Belinda's body temp down to a more tolerable range, but Belinda struggled with much respiratory congestion during the night. She has now joined her partner of about 3 years, Rocky, who also died prematurely only last May at an age of only about 5 years. Belinda was also about 4.5-5 years old at her death.

I adopted Belinda when she was about 1 year old from the DuPage Animal Control and Welfare. I was attracted to her high spirits and beautiful agouti fur. Her eyes were so attractive. I was told that she was found on the streets of Wheaton near Wheaton College. Some speculated that a student who kept Belinda in her dorm room may have released her, since it is against the College's polcy for students to have pets in their rooms. So, Belinda had to survive alone in that scary world for awhile. No wonder why she was so skitterish. She wanted much affection, and she aggressively sought that affection from Rocky, who, unfortunately, was not especially sociable. Eventually, the two got along reasonably well, but Belinda gave a lot more affection to Rocky then she got from him. Rocky's death left a void in Belinda's life. Fortunately, thanks to Jan Rebman and the Chicago Chapter of the House Rabbit Society, we were able to adopt Austin, another pet abandoned by its owner. It took awhile, but Austin and Belinda were able to form a reasonable bond, although it wasn't a strong one. Once again, Belinda gave more affection than she got from Austin.

Belinda, like all my rabbits, enjoyed her morning yogurt covered rabbit treats with much passion. Then, she would wait patiently, sprawled out on the carpet near my desk, waiting for me to finish my work at the pc, so that she could get her morning back and head massage. She just loved that. Sometimes, though, when I would go to pet her, she would run under her cottage, as if I were some kind of predator. More often than not, though, she would bow her head down as I approached her, knowing, of course, and welcoming the massage that I gave her so often. Belinda will be sorely missed and remembered fondly by me for as long as I live. Her most recent companion, Austin, already misses her and seems a little down by her absence. May God bless you and watchover you forever, my beloved Belinda. I hope you find all the love and affection that you so dearly deserve at the Rainbow Bridge. I love you very much!!

October 24, 2013. It was one year ago today, Belinda, when I rushed you to the vet because you were not acting normally. I was told that you had pneumonia, but I couldn't afford to have you hospitalized, as Dr. P recommended. Even though people at the House Rabbit Society, apparently, knew of your predicament, no one there offered any financial assistance. I still feel sick about the fact that I was short of funds at a critical hour of need in your life. I wish I could redo things, but I can't. I miss you very much. You were a beautiful rabbit. I remember when I first got you, you would start running around in very small circles at very fast speeds. I couldn't understand how a rabbit your size could move so fast. I discovered that when I started petting you, you seemed to calm down. Then I knew you were looking to me for attention and reassurance. It seems to me that your real problems began when I brought Lucy into the family. You had not yet gotten used to Austin, and now you had to share what small space you had with another female rabbit. You didn't like her from the beginning, and I had to keep the two of you separate. I think the stress of having Lucy around may have contributed much to the weakening of your immune system. As it turned out, Lucy died only two months after you from a freak accident. As much as I loved Lucy, I wished I had never agreed to take her from Kate. If I had not taken her in, both of you may still have been alive today. Belinda, I still love my little girl very much, and I always will! I will always treasure the 3+ years that we had together. May God bless and watch over you. I hope that you and Rocky are enjoying your reconnection at the Rainbow Bridge.

October 25, 2014. Two years have passed. I still miss my beautiful Belinda. You were a treasure, and I will remember you each day of the rest of my life. May God bless you and watch over you forever.

December 22, 2014. I think of you each day, Belinda. For as long as I live, I will carry fond memories of my hyperactive girl. You are a treasure and you were a gift from God!

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