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Memories of BEEZER
When we adopted you, you were in a shelter with your gray brother Ringo. You tugged at our heart strings so we brought you home to be a part of our family that January in 1997. You were there when Mommy was studying in college, when Mommy and Daddy got their first apartment (and you danced your "forbidden" dance!) and when we bought our first house. Then we thought it would be a good idea to get you a friend, so we adopted Felix! Sorry about that, we know you didn't like him much for a few years, but we just wanted you to be happy when we went to work. You were there when we got married, through all the good times and bad. Bad to you might have been when we adopted Hexy and Brody. Sorry about that too, we guess you didn't like them too much either. We only tried one more time to find a friend you would like when we adopted Dominick, but that didn't work out either! We think eventually, you grew to love all of them in your own little way.
Then, in June this year, Mommy and Daddy received the worst news imaginable. After we had your teeth cleaned, you became very ill. When we took you to the emergency vet, they told us you had CRF or Chronic Renal Failure and that we should probably put you down that night on June 4. We didn't think you were ready to give up, so mommy and daddy didn't give up on you. Over the next 4 days, your BUN went from 282 to 46 and you were able to come home with us again!! Not before Mommy and Daddy cancelled their anniversary vacation though - we didn't mind, the greatest anniversary present we could have ever received was having you home with us again.
We know it was a hard road... a lot of vet visits, a lot of sub q treatments, but in the end, you just got too tired. Mommy and Daddy didn't want you to fight anymore, you were the best kitty in the world and we didn't want you to hurt anymore. Daddy said he would rather have us be in pain than have you in pain.
We know you heard us while we held you in those last moments and we know you know you were loved. We even saw a smile on your face after you passed.
Mommy and Daddy will miss you every day and the emptiness and void left by your passing is at times, overwhelming to us. But all of the wonderful memories of the last nine years make the pain of missing you worth it to us.

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