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Memories of Beau
Today we buried my sweet, loving, happy Beau at the age of 13. Weaver's Beauragard - aka "Beau" or "Bubby" entered into my life in 1999 as a hyper, happy yellow lab puppy with the softest "velvet head". My dad made friends with Beau parents through the fence while taking out the trash. The people who owned the parents had bought a brother and sister thinking they would not mate. Needless to say, they did and wound up with a litter and Beau just won my heart. Despite passing puppy class and ultimately his Canine Good Citizen Test, Beau was just too happy and hyper to use as a therapy dog. He thought that he was a lap dog, especially during a thunderstorm, even though he weighed about 120 lbs!! He and his best friend Schatzi were 6 months apart and pretty much inseperable. When Beau was 5, he began have cluster seizures and ultimately diagnosed with epilepsy, but that did not slow him down. Nor did developing arthritis in his back legs. He was always ready for a walk, car ride, chasing the laser dot or just a good scratch - all over!!

I will miss looking into those big brown eyes of yours, full of happiness and trust. I will miss you hitting me with your paw to get my attention. I will miss you bringing us your toys and that funny head bob that would make us miss the toy everytime. I will miss the smile on your face and getting "beat to death" with your whip like tail.

You are now in heaven with Moriah, Pixel and my mother. You will no longer have to take medicine twice a day to prevent seizures. You can get up easily and run around effortlessly. You will bring joy to all those you encounter. We will be with you again one day and once again play "Keep away" and "Dot".

Rest in Peace. We love and miss you dearly.
Mom and Dad (Cynthia and Michael)

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