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Memories of Bear
Our beautiful companion, our best friend and our precious boy. That was our boy Bear. He was always a special gift to us. Bear gave us so much love and joy in our lives. How incredibly smart and thoughtful he always was to us and everyone he met.
Bear gave me love and at many times hope to move forward in dealing with the huge barriers life has given me. Bear was always there to comfort and console us.
The amazing journeys and trips we did together were always a joy. The beautiful walks Bear would take me on and always he guided us back home safe and sound.
The incredible love and joy Bear gave Rosa and I. Even when we were in pain Bear was always there to comfort us and bless us with his warm loving kisses. He always knew when I was in pain, he always kissed away the cold sweat from my forehead. Bear always knew when I was in pain and always wanted to comfort me with his blessed kisses. The same was true for Rosa as well. When she hurt her back and carefully laid down in bed, Bear was always by her side snuggling up to her to comfort her and kissed away the pain sweat from her brow. Yes Bear was always our very special boy, our son, our special best friend, our precious gift from heaven and God.
The amazing truck rides we had especially in your younger years. You always were by my side my very special co- pilot guiding me along. How you also loved to sit beside me on the console perched up like a ground hog. How you loved for me to hold you up so you could see outside. How you loved to look around taking in all the sights our travels took us. Our trips together with Rosa and I were always precious and beautiful. Last summer we did a beautiful summer cruise with Rosa's best friend Violet. She captured our special day in pictures celebrating your 15th birthday. How special that day was to all of us. Your smiles in the pictures tells us the love you have for Rosa and I always.
There is so much more to tell and share. Bear you always were the smartest friend and loving companion for Rosa and I and all your friends. Whinny your girlfriend is already missing your daily visits where everyday you greeted each other with an affectionate sniff and kiss rubbing your noses together. Your other girlfriend Yoda was the same. They both greeted us as soon as they saw Bear and I walking toward their yards with affectionate barks of love and joy.
Everyday was a new journey of love and affection from Bear. God Bless You Always Bear. May God Bless Your Beautiful Soul, and Your Beautiful Spirit. May God grant our precious boy with ever lasting life and let him live once again in Heaven's Rainbow Bridge. Till we meet again someday in Heaven's Rainbow Bridge Bear. Rosa and I will always love you and we pray God let's your spirit stand with us forever. Love Hugs and Kisses Bear. We miss you so very very much. God Bless You Bear. And may Mother Mary and Jesus comfort you as well. Love you my boy. ❤❤❤🐶🐶🐶🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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