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my baby bear will always be remebered for is tricks he has always done. he liked his baths. liked going for walks. he loved the last few years of his life that he lived up north because he had the freedom of not needing to be leashed up he just loved that so did i :) it made us both happy. bear seemed to get along with other animals pretty well. he also loved going for car rides after awhile like kids we had to start spelling words around bear so he wouldnt get to over excited or mad at us. he was definitely a different dog but cool he fit in "purrfect" in this family.
Hello again I cant believe that my baby bear dog has been gone for a week now. He is not suffering anymore yet I know he is up there playing with all his buddies Murphy,Foxy,Sasha,Chipper,Chillie,Jake,Brutus,Bud and Jasmine. though I am sure he misses his girlfriend sandy she misses him. every morning and all day my son he is 2yrs. old he sees pics of bear and says Hi to the pics yet when i ask him if he knows were bears is he points to the sky and says sky.

6-14-2012 Hey bear i think about you everyday. today is your birthday 10yrs old today. I remember every year i had a birthday for you with a moist dog food and 1 candle and you liked it you smiled and got excited all the time. remember also i had a treat for you as dessert i even got you a gift. I miss that but i hope you are having a good birthday with are your buddies and new furry friends i know you are. Love Your mama (sarah)

6-17-2012 Hey bear its been a month now since you got your angel wings and made your way to the rainbow bridge. I Love and Miss You very Much. I think about you all the time happy thoughts of course and Talk about you all the time also good things as well.

6-24-2012 Hey bear its been a while since i have been back to say anything but I Love You and I Miss You very much. I have been visiting my mom for a couple of weeks we talk about you alot while I am here. we all talked about what we remembered. Mark said he remembers you liked using the doggy door on there tent when they were staying by our place. I remember to many things but one thing is when my mom was cooking hot dog wraps and droped one you almost got it but didn't. Mom talks about remembering throwing you instead of the ball when you were just a little guy. Love Your Mama (sarah)

7-21-2012 Hey bear hope you are having fun with all your friends up their at rainbow bridge. I miss you very much I think about you everyday cant stop talking about you. oh yeah my mom showed me a video she had from hilbert she took with you in it. its with me you skippy and aidan you are doing your tricks and jumping through the hula hoop i tried to get skippy to do it but he wouldn't of course so i just tossed him threw it funny right I watch that video alot and look at pictures alot of you :) Love Your Mama (sarah)

8-12-2012 Hey bear I have been thinking about you alot I miss you very much I made a picture collage of you and I have it hanging in the living room I look at it every day god do I miss you and Love You always and forever. I also have a shrine on my dresser all about you so when i go to bed and wake up I say good nite and good morning that makes me happy :) Love Your Mama (sarah)

8-13-2012 Hey bear just letting you know that if you remember aaron my brother well his cat stupid past away last nite so now you have a old buddy to hang out with up that on the rainbowbridge along with all the other good old family pets and new buddies up there as well hope you are having fun :) miss you and love you lots Love Your Mama (sarah)

8-23-2012 Hey bear been a while since you been gone I know I say that alot but I love you and miss you way to much just lately for some strange reason I could of sworen that you were here I felt that feeling like it was a strange one I felt it a few times in the past since you have been gone. every time I talk to you peter wants to talk to you and give you a hug and a kiss he misses you I ask him if he knows where you are and he points to the sky and says sky :) Love Your Mama (sarah)

9-20-12 Hey Bear Hope you have been having fun. I have been thinking about you every day g od do I miss you alot I look at your pictures everyday. I have this mini video clip on my computer of you that peter likes to watch lately alot :) Like mom said at least your not suffering no more and making lots more new friends and seeing all the old family pets. that makes me happy just to know you are not suffering no more. yet I miss you every day. I will always love you forever no matter what you will always have a place in my heart. Love Your Mama (sarah)

11-13-12 hey Bear Hope your doing ok, Its been ok here we moved out of the trailer house into what used to be the shop its nice. I know you know that we are expecting another baby I found out its going to be a boy I thought the name Trevor John would be nice. Yet I hope you know I still Love and Miss you all the same and always will no matter what. I talk about you alot lately when people talk about there pets or talk about something that springs a memory about you. it was snowing here the week off and on just not enough to stay on the ground it was neat to see peter was excited to see that it was snowing. I am going to miss you this christmas but I know things will be ok with you as well as me just that I will miss you. one funny thing every time I to wal-mart I look at the little pet costumes and jackets and think of you. I still have all the ones from before. GOD DO I MISS YOU ALOT EVERY DAY I was told there would be easy days and hard days even though I can talk about you now without crying like at 1st thats ok now yet its still hard because your not here. I miss being able to ask you to do your tricks but thanks to my mom I have a video to watch that was made form when we lived in hilbert though I have a couple short videos of you doing tricks just not like this one I like it alot it even has skippy in it peter likes to watch it as well. Love Your Mama (sarah)

11-20-12 Hey Bear Hope everything is going well today its been nice weather here the last few days. This is going to be the first christmas without you here it hasnt been easy on any of the holidays without you here. even when i make something to eat i still think of you yet sheba is here to clean the plates to though i am still sad that you cant be here to have your share but i know you have plenty where you are now. I will always Love and Miss You forever and ever :) Love your Mama (sarah)

11-21-12 Hey Bear Just stoping by to say I Love You and Miss You Always and Forever :) Love Your Mama (sarah)

12-31-12 Hey Bear Hope things are going ok for you and your furry friends hope you have a good new years :) Love Your Mama (sarah)

1-23-13 Hey Bear Just sitting here looking at your page and some pictures I have of you on the wall by me and missing you dearly I will always love you and miss you forever nothing can replace you the way you made me feel we were always there for each other. I still know that when I need you that in a way you are there for me. I will always love you. Love and miss Your Mama (sarah)

2-14-13 Hey Bear wanted to stop in to say Happy Valetines Day to you and your buddies Love and miss you to bunches :) Love Your Mama (sarah)

4-9-13 Hey Bear sorry I havent been here for a while been very busy but as you know I love you and always will also we have a new member to the family and his name is trevor I am sure you would like him peter is growing up fast. God do I miss you I look at your pictures all the time I smile when I do because you were such a good looking dog I have a memorial spot for you in the house with toys and other things like candles and pictures to remember you it helps. peter says he miss's you. when trevor gets older peter and I will be able to tell him about you :) and show him all the pictures and this site as well you mean the world to me. Love and miss your mama (sarah)

5-17-13 Hey Bear been thinking about you all day its been a year since you made your way to the rainbow bridge I am happy knowing that you are not suffering no more. Peter has been saying he misses you alot lately and so do I :) Love Your Mama (sarah)

5-27-13 Hey Bear been thinking about you alot miss you very much talk about you to everyone I sleep in my chair in the living room with the pictures of you next to me on the wall I look at them and smile all the time peter does as well and he says he misses you every day I even have a little shrine for you in my kitchen so when I am in there doing things I can see your pictures and think of you I put some of your toys with thoses pictures to I think it looks nice. Love and Miss your mama (sarah)

6-14-13 Hey Bear stoped by to tell you Happy Birthday Hope you Have a fun day with all your friends and the family pets as well. Love and Miss You Always :) Love Your Mama (sarah)

7-4-13 Hey Bear just stoping in to say Happy 4th of July I hope you will have a fun day today :) Love and Miss You Always Your Mama (sarah)

7-19-13 hey Bear I am visiting mom and mark I have peter and trevor along with me its been hot here. I brought your necklace with me that I made with your picture in it god do I miss you very much I try and be strong when I think about you so I dont cry most of the time I am strong just a few times I cry thats when I am alone though. I know I like dogs but I love you the most but Sheba cant replace you at all just want you to know that you will always be the one that fills my heart along with peter and trevor though I do care for sheba dont get me wrong :) Love and Miss You Always Your Mama (sarah)

9-14-13 Hey Bear I am now living with mom and mark I have peter and Trevor with me. It wasn't working out up north for me peter and trevor so now we are down by mom and mark we are much happier here. I have been thinking about you alot when I was packing all the things I made sure to pack your things right along with all our stuff so I wouldn't forget you and your stuff that made me happy to have you with me as well as peter and trevor of course :)Love and Miss You Always Your Mama (sarah)

9-30-13 Hey Bear Just stopping by to say hi haven't been here in a while I miss you a lot. I am still staying with my mom and mark. Along with my to boys Peter and Trevor we all have been happy and very busy. Its been nice here lately. Hope things are going good for you. I still talk about you a lot. I love and Miss you to Bunches Love Always Your Mama (Sarah)

11-18-13 Hey Bear Just me saying Hi hope things are going good for you peter has been asking about you everyday more then once a day he really misses you he says he wants to see you every time he sees a rainbow he likes them then later on he talks about you because you are up at the rainbow bridge. I miss you there have been a few days that I wish you were around for me to give you a hug for comfort I really need it lately but things are getting better trevor is really rolling around fast i dont think he will crawl he will just roll were he wants to go LOL. for some reason it has been hard the last month without you even tough you have been gone for awhile it is still hard I love you LOTS Miss You forever Mama (sarah)

12-26-13 Hey Bear wanted to stop by and wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year along with all the other family buddies that are with you Love and Miss you Lots forever your Mama (sarah)

2-11-14 Hey Bear sorry I havent been here to your page so say Hi I have been busy with alot of things like moving and soon to getting peter in school and trevor is crawling and tring to walk trevor will be 1yr. on 3-22 hope you are doing well I have been talking about you alot with cali and kasondra they are asking alot an out you I Love You LOTS and Miss you always forever Mama (sarah)

4-6-14 Hey Bear Just me I have been thinking about you alot lately I love and miss you alot. I am back living with mom and mark I have peter and trevor with me as well. trevor turned 1yr old on march 22nd and peter will be 4yr old on april 22nd my boys are getting old on me. hope your having fun with all your buddies :) Love and Miss You Lots always and Forever Mama (Sarah)

5-26-14 Hey Bear How have you been I have been thinking of you today cant believe its been 2 yrs since you made your way to the rainbow bridge I Miss you every day I have some pictures of you on my wall here in my bedroom I sit and look at them every day and smile at every picture Love and Miss You Lots Always and Forever Your Mama (Sarah)

6-19-14 Hey Bear I got some good news today I got a phone call that a apartment is opened up in green bay so I can finally have place to live with my two boys by myself of course you will be there with us as well I can never forget you Love and Miss you Lots forever Your Mama (Sarah).
1-9-15 Hey Bear I finally got back on here i miss you alot peter has been talking about you alot wWishedh you were here i looked at your pictute books the other day love and miss you lots your mama (Sarah)

1-10-15 Hey Bear just here letting you know I love and miss you to bunches and I always will wish you
Were here the boys are up north visiting their dad for the weekend they will be back tomorrow yah fun Trevor is growing up so fast as well as peter I cant believe it Trevor's walking already yah Peters a good helper thank god :) love always your Mama Sarah

6-15-15 Hey Bear sorry I haven't been here for a while the boys and I are doing good Peter finished pre-K and will be going to kindergarten next year my boys
Are getting so big sorry I didn't get to say happy birthday to you but next year will be your golden birthday Love Always
Your Mama Sarah :)

6-19-15 Hey Bear I want to let you know You have one more furry friend up there with you please look after him for my aunt Carol and uncle Don it was there dog his name is Mickey he just passed away today. Hope things are going good for you I I miss you a lot and always think about you to every day. Love Always your mama Sarah

7-24-15 Hey just checking in to see how you are doing me and my boys moved to Wausau it's so much nicer here then green bay of course you are here with us to Dale is going to build you a special spot so I can set you up with your things and he is going to fix your picture frame as well I can't wait until it's all done to see it. Oh and Dale does have a little dog her name is Oreo she is black just like you :) man I love and miss you I think about you every day :) I will never forget you. Love Always Your Mama Sarah

8-4-15 Hey Bear how are you doing today up there on the rainbowbridge with all of your fuzzy friends well my dads dog Polar had to be put to sleep and if you could for my dad watch over polar he was my dads buddy. I will never forget you. Love Always Your Mama Sarah

10-17-15 Hey Bear just checking in with you. It is getting cold here. Hope all is going well with you and your furry friends I miss you a lot and think about you everyday. I have been so busy with the boys since I have been in Wausau it's all good I love it here just that I miss you there is nothing that will take that place in my heart that I will always have for you. Love always your Mama Sarah

1-8-16 Hey Bear how are you doing? I miss you so much. I'm sorry I have not been able to be on here to visit and see how you are doing. And to let you know that Dale made the shelf for you to be on and your picture is right above it it looks nice. Love always your Mama Sarah

5-17-16 Hey I can't believe it has been four years ago you went to the rainbow bridge you are not in pain anymore that's all that matters to me hope you are having fun with all your buddies. It's getting to finally be nice weather here well I have to make this short so I love and miss you your Mama Sarah

6-14-16 Hey Bear Happy Birthday hope you are having a great day with all your buddies. Love and miss you your Mama Sarah

7-28-16 Hey Bear want to say hi hope you are doing well and having fun and staying cool because the weather here cant make up its mind if it wants to be hot,cool,or rain. Peter and Trevor have been up visiting there dad for the summer they will be back on aug. 26th then dale myself and the boys are going to visit my mom and mark probly stop and visit grandma and Charlie and my brother aaron and becky and aidain and lana as well cant wait to see them all fun to visit. but I wish I could visit you some days I know that day will come some day we will meet again. Love and Miss you Your Mama Sarah

12-25-16 Hey Bear Merry Christmas hope all is well with you the boys are by there dads but i am doing good miss you to bunches love you forever. i look at oreo and talk to her about you thinking because she is a dog and she might understand how i feel about you because not everybody wants to hear how i miss you so much but she dont mind she is a loving dog like you god do i miss you on days like this but i know you are in a better place and not suffering. oreo is dales dog. we love and miss you . your Mama Sarah

1-1-17 Hey Bear Happy New Year miss you so much wish you could be here to celebrate with me but hope you are having fun with all your furry friends and thats ok love you to bunches your Mama Sarah

5-17-17 Hey Bear its been 5yrs since you made it to the rainbow bridge I miss you a lot. love mama Sarah

6-14-17 Hey Bear Happy Birthday hope you are having fun with all your furry friends up there on the rainbow bridge celebrating your birthday :) Love and miss you a lot your mama Sarah.

12-25-17 Merry Christmas Bear hope you had a great day up there with all you furry friends. I miss you so much I talk about you everyday.Hope you have a great new year love and miss you your mama Sarah.

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