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Memories of Bear
Herewith are deposited the remains of one who possessed beauty without vanity, strength without insolence, courage without ferocity, and all the virtues of human beings without their vices. This praise, which would be unmeaning flattery if inscribed over human ashes, is but a just tribute; which makes one grateful to now have the privilege, of the happy memories left behind, by this pet Bear.

Run now and be with Pouncer who passed over September 2002. Run and play with your brother now so you can both be whole and healthy again.

I will always remember you as my best bedtime reading friend. Gentle in your ways, always there when I wasn't feeling at my best.

Fierce quiet protector of Pouncer always. You can rest easy now at last.

You will always be in my heart.

8/20/2011 Today, Bear, I feel so badly you and I went through such a tough 4 months together. I know you weren't feeling well and you told me.I tried to help. Late night visits to the emergency vet clinic were tough. I left you overnight once and cried and thought that was it. You made it that night and we were together for a bit longer. I am so sorry I had to put you in a comfortable kennel at night sometimes so we both could sleep. Yes, I am feeling guilty today. You lived long, and went so quietly August 18, 2011. I knew when you went to sleep you were no longer feeling pain and sickness. I miss you but know you are whole again and romping with Pouncer.
8/22/2011 Your dad..saying hello to you gentle Bear. My heart hurts today missing you. Left a photo for you of you, Izzy, and Leo couple of years ago, 2009 December when you were feeling better and doing pretty well even as the old guy of the group. Miss you badly today and always..you and Pouncer. Its a bright sunny day today. Thanks for sending that my way today. Love you always and forever.
8/24/2011 Dear Bear, I picked up your remains today. I was upset because when you passed and I said goodbye I forgot to get some fur and your paw print. But today, it hurt to get your remains. I know its not you..you're on the other side and ok. thankfully I have a bit of your fur and a print of your paw in a plaque!. Wasn't expecting that at all..made me smile through the tears. I miss you and Pouncer a lot today. I know this will get better..Memories of you running around and hiding from me in the garden plants on our walks. You hid too well one night and were gone for a day. Found you the next day under a car waiting for me to find you. I found you drawn to you somehow. You were very unhappy and never did that again. I was happy, upset, to find you again. Pouncer memories popped back up..of you and he playing and play fighting. You played so hard you both broke one of your huge scratching posts. I fell down, no one was hurt! When Izzy runs over to me when I call him reminds me of Pouncer's cute bouncy run too. Miss you love you always and forever Bear.
9/2/2011 Just past 2 weeks since losing you. Its coming into Fall now. A favorite time of yours. Breaks my heart to not have you here to celebrate the holidays this year. Love you always and forever Bear
9/8/2011 lost you 3 weeks ago. my pain has eased a bit sometimes but not as much as I thought. I was looking thru the last of your medical records from the very last 2 times I had taken you in late at night for help at the emergency vets. I thought each time would be your last. But you were still fighting and ok this past June 2011.But as we struggled through July and part of August I knew you were tired and feeling worse. i saved your records. Makes me cry to read about you. You're not here and I miss you lots and lots. Love you always and forever Bear.
9/15/2011 Its been 4 weeks today Bear since you passed over the bridge at 11:30 AM. I know you were sick, it was your time. The doctor and I talked and you waited so patiently, your head was down, you were so tired that day. I am sorry I waited,,I wanted to wait until the semester was over, I wanted to wait for you. You were eating well, you were bouncing around, having good moments. You were so needy, I know..It was your time.. I am sorry to have lost you but very happy we made 20 years together...sweet Bear. Love you always and forever.
9/25/2011 Its Pouncer's Birthday today!! Say happy birthday please! Missed you last night. It felt so quiet without you. Leo and Izzy were quiet too. They both miss you very much. I am happy that you are now feeling fine and never have to feel sick again. Visit if you feel like it, but I will understand if you wish to stay and be happy and whole across the bridge. Miss you a lot. Love you always and forever.
9/29/2011 Hi Bear,,,miss you a lot today. Been missing you a lot for a few days again. Its six weeks since you passed over. I know you needed to go. Wish it was different. Got sad last night watching Leo and Izzy. They are getting older now too and I hope they both make it to 20 or older too. Love you always and forever.
8/17/2012 Its 1 year ago today Bear you passed over. I miss you still and am sad today. I didn't write a lot after we both spoke with Patty Summer, animal communicator. She and I both knew you were my spirit guardian and have always been there for me. You were/are my wonderful grandfather spirit and you are still there. I miss you today. I am sorry I didn't write on the holidays but once we spoke with Patty I felt much happier knowning you are around me all the time. I know Pouncer has visited often through Izzy. I know we are all together in spirit. Be happy and run forever free and know you will always be in my heart. Love you always Bear.
8/18/2013 I miss and love you. Ite been a very long time since I came here to say hello. Its the two year anniversary since you passed. I hope you are still happy and whole. I know you know Leo is sick. He has lymphoma. I have researched his treatment and doing my very best to help him heal. Please watch over him and help him when you can please. I thank you and love you always.

12/2/2015 I am sorry Bear. I have not kept up with your memorial. So many things have changed for me in my life these past few years. I know you have always been with me and always will. I thank you for your friendship and always looking out for me. Miss you so much. Been 5 years now since you passed from you body. Love you always.

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