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Memories of BART
Bart wae born in 1989 and came to live with me in 1991 . He was my best freind and i was his. He always greeted when i came home . Bart was a one of a kind beagle loveable, friendly and always there for me .Bart always knew when I was coming home and howled until I walked in the door and he jumped in to his chair to be hugged and kissed. Bart its been 1 1/2years since you went to the rainbow bridge and i miss more and more each day. I have been home sick since Jan. 2006 and i miss you so much. When i was sick before you were always there to cheer me up ,but now you are gone and there is no one here to cheer me up. I will LOVE you Forever and miss you more each day till we are together again. I love you my little Baby Puppy Boy Named Bart. Daddy May 21,2007 Bart I stiil home sick not working and i miss you more and more each day . Bart i hope you are running around and playing with your,e new freinds. Just remember i will always miss you and I will always love you. DADDY Dec. 7 2008 Bart i still miss you so much its been 4 years since you left and one more holiday season with out you. I will always love and miss you no matter where i am . Love for ever and a day Daddy Bart its been 6 years and I still miss you and love you. Just remeber i will all ways miss you and i will always love you. Love for ever and a day Daddy Bart Tuesday will be 8 years since you went to the rainbow bridge. I just want you to I still miss you every day and I love you more than ever . I will miss you and love always Love Daddy Bart today it's 9 years since you left for the rainbow bridge , I still miss you and love Bart as much as I did when you first left. Love Daddy Bart it is now 10 years since you left for the rainbow bridge, t still miss you and love you as if you only left yesterday. Bart I still miss you even know its 11 years I will always love and miss you. Love Daddy

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