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Memories of Barry
I remember the squeak of Barry. He loved to talk and show how much joy he had. I took him to college with me and he made so many friends. He became part of such a huge family that loves him and wants to see him prosper. We watched him go through his first hamster ball, his first snow, his first broccoli and seaweed salad. He was always the light in the dark tunnel. He was so extremely fast too. I named him after Barry Allen (The Flash) which was soo perfect for him for how agile he was but also because he was a Teddy Bear Hamster who loved berries. He was also the only teddy bear hamster that had a coat like his. I can think of so many beautiful memories like his first christmas where he had his own mini stocking next to the rest of the family's. He would climb EVERYTHING like he was a ninja warrior. He climbed my body, my bed, and certainly his cage. He loved jumping around his cage instead of using the stairs. He loved finding alternate ways to reach his destination, and he would do that for hours. He loved running around the house. It was so silly to watch. We'd always say he was doing parkour. He loved to eat from my hands and lick the dust of the food given to him when he was done. Sometimes he'd nibble my finger if he smelled any more food. He would stuff his cheeks until they looked like balloons and run off. He LOVED food. Anytime I would need to wake him up and get him out of his hut, I'd just crinkle a food bag or shake his food bowl. It was so cute how he'd instantly wake up and come out to see what he's eating next. He was also the sweetest hamster in the world. He was so kind to everyone and was never vicious. His vets said he was the nicest hamster they've ever met. He loved his pets. I would pet him to sleep and rock him like a little baby. He would fall asleep in my hands and I would just be at awe. He once fell asleep on my shoulder and I almost cried at how cute he was. He even knew his name. And he knew me. I would talk to him everyday and when I would come to his cage, he would climb to the top so I could pick him up. He was so handy too. He loved making his bed and making sure he was comfy. I remember watching him gather all his cage stuffing with his cute little paws and putting them in his cheeks so he could transport them. He was my little bob the builder. He got me through a dark place where covid had hit and I had no friends due to homeschooling of my senior year. I was extremely depressed, suicidal, anxious, and stressed. He was my light. He was my best friend. He was my son. I love you more than anything Barry, and i'm soo excited to see you in another lifetime. I hope you have the best time in hamster heaven doing parkour, running around a vast meadow, and eating all the food you desire. i love you i love you i love you. i miss you. fly high bartholomew💕🕊🐹

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