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Memories of Barni
Barni, I remember how much you loved nuggets and would do almost anything to get one. You would jump up on my knee and give me nose licks just to get a treat.
You were so clever, you knew exactly what I was saying to you all the time whether it was asking if you wanted a treat or a cuddle.
I remember how I would pick you up for a cuddle and you would fall asleep in my arms and when you woke and wanted to get down you would do a nose twitch so I knew.
You were on your own for a while before I got you a friend called Bruno who you have spent the last 11 months with and I know he misses you. He misses the way you chased him around the kitchen table at breakfast in case he got to the food first and he misses being able to run to you for safety if he gets frightened.
I remember when you used to jump up on the couch to watch tv or look out of the window and how you would try to nibble it when you thought I wasn't looking.
I remember when I would be watching tv or reading and I would see you out of the corner of my eye and you would be begging for a cuddle or a treat, which you always got.
At Christmas you were fascinated by the tree and the decorations and you would do your utmost to run under it at least once a day.
You loved the sun and anytime it was shining you would find a spot on the rug to stretch out and sunbathe.
I remember when I first saw you at the pet store. You were on your own sitting and watching everyone go by and when I stopped and bent down you came to sniff at me and I knew then that I had to have you and take you home because you were the most beautiful bunny I'd ever seen.
We only had 6 1/2 years together, but I treasure every moment I had with you and I will miss you every day until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge x
3/31/15. Barni, I took you for cremation yesterday and you will be returned to me soon. I am glad I had the last 2 days with you. You looked so peaceful like you were sleeping. Small things around the house remind me of you all the time. Bruno still misses you but he knows you are at peace now and there is no more hurt. Mummy misses you lots too. I wish I could cuddle you one more time x
4/2/15 Barni, I brought you back home today and I still miss you so much. I hope you have found Jess bun and the two of you are playing together. Love you lots, my sweet princess x
4/4/15. Barni it's been a week but it feels like a lifetime since you went. I miss you so much and still keep expecting you to run into the lounge and jump on your bed waiting for a treat. Bruno is not as brave without you around and keeps running into his house if he's scared. I miss your velvety ears and your waffly nose. It's sunny today so I know you would like to lie in a warm spot on the rug and have an afternoon nap. I hope you are doing ok and find somewhere warm to nap at the rainbow bridge. I just want to be able to tell you one more time how much I love you and smell your soft warm fur x
10/4/15 Barni, I still miss you so much. Bruno is still missing you lots too, he looks so lonely. I think about you every day and what you would be doing if you were still here. I know you would be up to mischief as usual and I would pretend to tell you off and give you a treat anyway. Love you lots my angel xx
5/9/15 Barni, I just wanted to let you know that I still miss you so much. I think about you every single day. I miss our daily cuddles and I miss the way you got so excited when I mentioned "treats". You loved your apple and bunny chocolates. Bruno still misses you too but he is doing ok. I still can't believe you're gone. I hope you're doing ok. Love you lots princess xx
6/20/15 Barni, I hope you're ok and still having lots of fun days with all of the other much loved fur babies at the Rainbow Bridge. I still miss you so much and think about you every day. Bruno is doing ok but he still misses you lots too. Love you so much Barni. Till we meet again xxx
7/4/15 Barni, today would have been your 7th Birthday. I hope you're having a party with your new friends at the bridge. Missing you lots today xxx
11/28/15 Barni, I put the Christmas tree up today and missed you trying to help me. Bruno and I still miss you lots. This will be my first Christmas since you went to the Rainbow Bridge and I will be thinking of you xxx
3/28/16 Barni, it is a year since you went to the Rainbow Bridge and I still miss you so much. I have a new bun now called Abigail as a friend for Bruno. I know Bruno still misses you a lot and he misses snuggling next to you. Love you lots my special bun xx
3/28/17 Barni, it is now 2 years since you went and Bruno and I both miss you lots and remember you every day. Bruno is on his own again now as he fought with Abigail so they can't live together. He will never find another bun as special as you to cuddle up to, you were soul mates. Both missing you lots, Barni xx
7/4/17 Barni, today would have been your 9th birthday. I still think about you lots and look at your photos and videos often (I do have a lot!) Bruno and I both miss you terribly and hope that you're ok. Love you lots princess xxxx

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