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Memories of Barnaby Bayer
Totally dedicated, devoted furry soulmate.. my deeply missed, goofy man! Howling for laughter. Sleeping in moms bed-cuddling, crying, talking and treat time. Pb biscuits. Bogners treats. The monkey, huge duck or any stuffed toys that made their sound you'd tick and climb on. Always wanted dedicated sitting time. Rides in the car any chance you could get. Popcorn, carrots, crunchy lettuce, banana, scraps. The way you'd look at me was true love more than anyone me could ever imagine! I loved having you nuzzled and snuggled right next to my slide and your head on my arm with you looking right up to me or into my eyes. Little grunts and groans. One thing I will say is you're the first dog that didn't swim in the pool, you'd sink. Any time you'd try and attempt stairs you'd roll or flop because of being long with your little weeny man legs. I'd get a chuckle watching you run as you'd go so fast with your tail tucked under you. You'd be smiling. I'd call you rolly polly at times. Loved looking into your eyes and giving you multiple kisses. Rubbing your belly, neck and ears- your back leg going a mile a minute liking the attention. You'd like pulling and playing tug o war with socks or your ropes. I'd take you for four mile walks and your legs would keep up. You'd look up at me and smile..when I'd be on the computer or with a foot stool sitting you were right on my lap or lower legs sprawled out and head hanging off. You never liked your cute paws touched- you'd play bite, cry or bark at me as if to say,"no mommy!" Anytime there was food around, there you were just when I didn't know where you were- here you are. I'd smell you paws, they smelled like Fritos. I'd kiss them and tickle them. They were so smooth. You had the shiniest, smoothest black fur. So handsome my boy.. you'd follow me all over the house whenever you could, even the bathroom. Anytime I showered I'd bring your bed in for you. If you couldn't do the stairs and I left you to go up or down when I came back there you were where I left you. I loved everything about my little boo. Your checks I'd kiss, even on the lips lol. You loved taking your medicine, making it like a treat. When I was being mean blowing at your face you'd try n catch my breathe that I blew at you..you liked your basketball squeaky, it never annoyed me. I'd laugh. When your cushions was at the beginning I'd get made at you for just standing there peeing as I looked at you not realizing you couldn't help it. I bought you a cumberbun. lol grandma found you some very stylish ones with peppers etc.. you and your tuxedo. You were the masked bandit by how your fur pattern was on your face. Anytime you hurt I'd hurt for you. Your pain tolerance was scary. You wouldn't yelp unless it was extreme. By accident someone could step on you and you wouldn't even cry unless it was really bad. We'd realize it the hard way by realizing it. You liked ice cream. I'm broken-hearted, devastated and lost without you. You were the best ever human love to love me unconditionally! No matter how tough a day I had, there you were to greet me smiling, wagging your tail and ever so happy. You'd lick my tears away at any given time but I'll never, ever forget your last day: I wanted to be the last thing you ever saw as you left your body-I was! I was crying so hard you've never licked my tears away that much. You were licking so fast trying to catch them as if to say" it's ok. I'm ready to go. It's time!"this is Barnaby Bayer's celebration of his life🐾❤️🌈😘
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