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Memories of Bandit
Bandit had come into my life on the night of September 4, 1998 when I came home from a late summer ride on my motorcycle. As I came down my street I saw the reflection of two eyes that I thought were those of a raccoon. After I parked the motorcycle in the driveway I went out to the street to investigate and found a poor little kitten. I got some dog food that was left over from my late Jessie and this poor little kitten literally devoured it. The poor guy was starving. While he was eating I was able to secure him in my arms and bring him into the house where I placed him in the bathroom and gave him some good food and water. Once he had gotten his fill he settled in on a blanket and was ready for a good night's sleep. The next morning I checked with all the neighbors and no one knew anything about him. I just figured I would keep him safe until I found him a forever home. I had no idea at the time that he was already in his forever home. So well behaved he was as I kept him secure in the bathroom with food and litter box and every time I checked on him he was just relaxing on his blanket. So obviously he stayed. Bandit was indeed already home. I had him fully vetted and thus began a wonderful and loving forever friendship that would change my world but one that I would not change for the world.

This handsome and very stately Russian Blue would later become the patriarch of two brothers who had also ended up needing homes and when the second of them, Max had to leave for Rainbow Bridge due to cancer in June of 2007 a sister would also need to be rescued the following year. He was such a wonderful "big" brother to his siblings and sadly his first brother, Benson left us at 17 years of age in June of 2015 so it was just him and "that girl" cat, Tally that remained. When we relocated 800 miles away from Connecticut to South Carolina in October of 2015 they were both so good and traveled so well the entire way. They arrived at their new home in the south they checked everything out and they seemed to approve. They both loved the screened in porch but Bandit seemed to take it over as his kingdom. He would always want to go out and lay in the sun. I am so glad that he got to enjoy 27 months of safely enjoying the great outdoors.

In January of 2016 when I had brought Bandit to the new vet, she felt a lump in in abdomen and in her opinion he probably had intestinal cancer. My heart sank. Due to his age of 17, rather than put him through tests and/or any treatments I thought it best that I just bring him home and let him live out his days in peace and dignity. He surprised everyone by doing just fine. He never had a bad day and was always eating well and enjoying life. Then almost two years later, shortly before Christmas of 2017 I noticed he was declining. At 19 years old I knew it was not going to be good. Even if the vet found a problem she would most likely not be able to do anything to save him. I kept him comfortable and asked him to please hang on till after the holidays but as his condition worsened day by day I then just whispered to him to try to make till after Christmas but if he had to go then that would be alright. He had stopped eating and was getting weak and three days after Christmas he gave me the sign that he was ready. Luckily I had preplanned everything for this day and early in the morning I brought him to the emergency clinic where I said good bye to my precious little boy. With my tears streaming down on his beautiful Russian Blue, silky smooth fur at 7:50 AM on December 28, 2017 after 19 years of love and devotion my little boy crossed Rainbow Bridge to join his brothers.

I love you forever my sweet little Bandit.

Jan 28,2018-I love you Bandit. It has been a terribly heartbreaking month since you left but I do my best to find comfort in knowing you had a great life of more than 19 years and you were always happy and very much loved. In fact you are forever loved. Not a day will go by when I don't think of you and the love we shared all those years. I love you Bandit forever. God Bless you Sweetie. (((((BANDIT)))))

Feb 28, 2018-I love you Bandit. It is now 2 months since my God called you home and I know you are safe in his arms but I do miss you so much. I will always love you and cherish the wonderful years we shared together. God Bless you my pal. (((((BANDIT)))))

Mar 28, 2018-I love you Bandit. Today it is 3 months since I last held you in my loving arms and still my heart aches with the pain of missing you. I am so blessed to have had you in my life for more than 19 years and I know that one day we shall be reunited once again. May God Bless you always and forever. (((((BANDIT)))))

Apr 28, 2018-I love you Bandit. It was 4 months ago today that you had to leave this life and I still struggle with knowing you are not sitting here purring by my side. I miss you more than anyone could ever know yet I am still thankful that you shared your beautiful life with me. God Bless you little pal. (((((BANDIT)))))

May 28, 2018-I love you Bandit. Today it is 5 months since that fateful day that I had to help you on your way to Rainbow Bridge. I still can't believe you have left this life but I know that I am blessed to have loved you for so many years. Thank you sweet boy for you love and devotion. (((((BANDIT)))))

June 28, 2018-I love you Bandit. Well it is now 6 months since you had to go to Rainbow Bridge and boy do I ever still miss you. I think of you each and every day and the wonderful love we shared here on earth. I know we shall be reuntied one day never to be apart again. I love you so much little buddy. (((((BANDIT)))))

July 28, 2018-I love you Bandit. Today we are at 7 months since I last held you in my loving arms and I still cannot believe that you are really gone. I miss you more than anyone could ever know but I am very thankful for the time we had together in this life. I love you always my sweet boy. (((((BANDIT)))))

Aug 28, 2018-I love you Bandit. It is now 8 months since that fateful morning when you told me it was time for you to go. It just seems like 19 1/2 years just flew by. I do know I am more blessed than I ever thought possible just by having you in my life. Thank you sweet Angel in Heaven. (((((BANDIT)))))

Sept 28, 2018-I love you Bandit. Today it is 9 months since you had to leave this life and my tears still fall. I miss you so much my sweet little boy and I will never forget you and all that you will always mean to me. God Bless you forever my sweet little buddy in heaven. (((((BANDIT)))))

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