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Memories of Bandit
Bandit was always a silly dog with so much personality. He was often called Santa's Little Helper (Simpson's dog) in his puppy years, since he was very lean, with long snout and tail. From early on he had a fascination with light reflections and laser pointers. He would chase and bite endlessly at lasers or watch reflections in the sun. Definitely self-entertained! He also was a roamer from about 5-6 months old until 12 yrs; he would get away from me off leash at night and sometimes stay out for 4-6 hours. Bad boy! Scared me many times over. But he was somehow street smart to avoid danger or catastrophe for 14 years in our ski resort town--Mammoth Lakes. One time when I lived in a quiet neighborhood in Old Mammoth section of town, he came home after a walk-about with a note in his collar. The note was from a friend, Daylight, who lived down on the corner, and it said that Bandit was always a gentleman when he came to visit, and he enjoyed getting treats and visiting his best friends. So cute! Bandit's best "friends" were two wolf-mix dogs that lived down on the corner. He knew what the word 'friends' meant, and he would look for them when I said it. These dogs would literally howl for Bandit to come play. Unfortunately, who knows what food he was given on his walk-abouts and visits around the neighborhood; as he got older, he developed food allergies, and this became an issue.

Bandit had many nick names over years, such as "Booj", Beebe, Bandecoot, Bandito, River Booj, Beebe Lee, and more that I will think of later. He was quite meek and timid his entire life, and had pretty severe separation anxiety. He would howl at top of his lungs when Rodney and I went on vacation and left him home alone with a dog sitter. He was most content when in the car--somehow this was his "kennel", and he always knew we would come back. I really think Bandit was most comfortable in the car because that was where I had my first bonding experience with him. As soon as I adopted him from the animal shelter, we drove straight to Bishop (40 miles away) for supplies, so this was 1.5 hours round trip. Bandit had such a sweet, mellow temperament, and with his long and lean frame, plus speed at running, I always thought he had some greyhound mixed in with the lab/shepherd. He had webbed paws, and could swim fairly well--like to chase sticks and balls in the water, but he would never put his face under water like a lab, and he was non-competitive. If other dogs were at the lake, and balls/sticks were being thrown, Bandit would not go after them. He would only go in and grab it if no other dogs were around. I got him to swim from one side of Crowley lake to the other during a 4th of July party/camping trip. It wasn't too wide, but just wide enough that I was a bit worried and ready to jump in the water and swim out to save him. But Bandit was a trooper, and he made it!!

Bandit has done a lot of back-country hiking in the beautiful Eastern Sierra Mtn Range where he was born and raised. He hiked the Sherwins a couple times, where a group of us would snowboard down. On one trip to the Sherwins, when he was about 4 years old, I got a bit carried away with the powder when snowboarding down, and Bandit wasn't able to keep up with me. By the time I stopped to look back and check on him, he was stuck above a small cliff drop and whimpering--scared! What a bad mommy! Luckily, my friend Jen Stewart had stayed behind to make sure the dog was okay, although I was ready to hike back up to get him! Bandit launched off the jump and kept running down to catch up to me. Needless to say, after his treck down through deep snow, he was completely worn out; poor little guy. But he was still sooo happy! On another day hike by myself, I almost lost him on the trail to Emerald/Duck Lakes out of Cold Water Campground. We had hiked up a couple hours, and once I reached a Y in trail, I decided to go back down the other side, but Bandit disappeared, I hiked up and down for quite some time calling out his name, asking hikers if they saw a skinny black dog, and hoping he would come running. I ended up going back down the original trail, still calling for him, and about 45 min later, he came running down the same trail out of nowhere. My heart hurt for a bit during my panic of losing him. I 'm so glad he found his momma! I think he would have found his way home anyway, since he had such separation anxiety, and would have been determined to find his parents. One time when we were on vacation for a week, he was out playing with our neighbor who was dog sitting him, and he took off out of nowhere. He ended up at my work about 2 miles away--down a heavily travelled road, so this was a dangerous journey! An employee at my work noticed him pacing back in forth in front of the store that I managed, and luckily knew where I lived and drove Bandit home. The neighbor came outside to get him and was sure to keep him on the leash until we got home. It's crazy what dogs will do to try and find their parents when they're missing them so much!

Bandit LOVED to sit in the sun--he would look for any sun spot in the house to warm his buns, and loved to lay on the deck next to his mama in the summertime. He was very content in these moments....smelling random scents in the air, looking for birds or squirrels to chase, or just chillin'. He also enjoyed camping; we took him on many car-camping trips to the beach--from Oregon down to Mexico. He would run around near the waves but was generally too timid to go in the ocean. He loved his toys, and especially tennis balls and his "beebies"--new, favorite stuff animals of the moment. For quite some time--many years, he would destroy any new stuffed animal that I would get him--tore all the stuffing out as quick as he could, then he would gnaw on the "skins" with his gums/teeth. He had bad habits of scratching and licking, and would consistently sit and scratch every time I asked if he wanted to go for a walk. Once he was a senior dog, he began to cherish his stuffed animals more, and would no longer rip them apart and tear out the stuffing. It's amazing how different the behavior of an older, senior dog is. So sweet.

Even though Bandit had his moments of being very mischievous, he was overall a very good dog with so much love for Rodney and me. He loved us more than anything, and wanted to be with us all the time. We took him "to go bye bye" in the car as often as we could; he loved to sit up tall in the front seat, and just ever so slightly stick his face up to an open window to feel the wind--he was definitely too timid to hang his entire head outside Bandit lived a long, spoiled life--14 years running free in the mountains. What I am most thankful for is that he died in our arms, on my day off, in the comfort of our/his home, with both Rodney and I there to caress him as he slowly passed away. God is good!

10/14/13: It's hard to believe that a year has gone by since my baby's passing. There have been many difficult times throughout the year, where he was missed so dearly: beautiful back country hikes in Mammoth area, walks along the creek, and especially our annual camping trip down the coast. Lil' Boojie: Rodney and I love and miss you so much, and you will remain in our hearts forever. We still think and talk about you all the time--so many silly things you had done to bring laughter and joy to our lives. Please give a little extra love to your pal Kumo today, who will be entering the Rainbow Bridge community. Your spirit and love lives on with us forever. WE LOVE YOU BANDIT!!!

10/15/14: Rodney and I have really been missing you this past week Bandit!! We just got back from our annual camping trip that down the northern and central coast, and we camped in some of your favorite spots. I was thinking about you every day and missed having you there to sit with me in the sun at the Sanctuary in Marina, or lay by my side in the tent in San Simeon and El Cap. Your silly and loving spirit continues to live on with us every day. We love and miss you so much Boojie!!

8/17/16: Thinking of you as I look at your painting on the wall. I'm very thankful for the beautiful painting that Mom's friend in Florida painted from a picture of when you were about 2 yrs. You were such a chill, sweet boy. Our friend Jess from Australia was just visiting, and we were reminiscing about you while going on a beautiful mountain hike. It was so easy to bring you to public places, or anywhere we went. You loved people and socialized so well with other dogs (except you were often scared/timid). Your soul sister, Moorea, is quite the opposite. She is a german shepherd/cattle dog mix who nips, barks and has so much excitable energy. She's almost 2 now, and sooo different. But we appreciate the uniqueness that every pet brings to our world and home. She loves to give sloppy kisses--yuck! I remember how you would never give us kisses--even if we begged! but I didn't mind. You still liked to cuddle. Your sweet spirit and gentle nature continues to live on in my heart. Your dad and I love and miss you so much Bandito!! Keep chillin' like a villain with all your pals in Heaven. Until we meet again...

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