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Memories of Bandit
Bandit was so amazing. The love that he showed to me was like no other love I've ever had. Unconditional, protective,
comforting, The love only a furry best friend could give. A love never ending, always forgiving.

He was my first pet, not a family pet he was MY Precious puppy, My little shadow that followed me everywhere in every room. He would let me hold him like a baby and he would rest his head on my neck. He loved hugs. He loved bonies, and walkies, and wooobies.

My heart will never be the same, the loss of Bandit is heart breaking but I do know we will be together again.

I will cherish every memory. The way he would flip his little bones, how excited he would get when a plate of soft

food was being placed near him. He would be "snake man" after a bath. He so loved laying in the sun and sniffing the air.

He loved the dog park, and walking with me and his brother Smokey. He loved ripping all the stuffing out of every toy I would buy him within minutes.

When he was a puppy I would come home from work and I would hide so he would have to find me..

He would have to sleep with my pj's from the night before while I was at work. If they were not already
on the bed he would pull them on the bed... Many of my clothes would have holes in them... But I did not mind.

No matter what the day had held for me, when I came home... Bandit was there and made everything ok.. He was and will always

be my true heart light... My special Baby Bandit, Mr. B, Beetle B, Bestist Baby..

Sleep restful my beautiful baby Bandit,
play in the sun, flip the bones, chew the fillings out of many many woobies.

Mommy and Smokey will be with you again one
day, and the three of us will be together for all eternity.

All my love forever and ever... Love Mommy.. xxoo

Dear Bandit,
It's been a week today since you left my side. I miss you so much... I'm crying less and less each day as my heart and head are realizing that you are not coming back to me. I want you to not worry about Mommy anymore, have fun. Enjoy the warm sun that you love so much, the endless supply of soft foodie foodie, and bonies and wooobies. Smokey and I are taking it one day at a time and we think of you always. Rest my sweet baby... I love you...

Oh Baby Bandit,
I was just told that your ashes are with Dr. Benton and that I can come pick you up today and bring you home again where you belong. I am very
sad, I have cried and held Smokey. Jeff is going to come with me to get you. I will be so at peace with you back at home. I hope you are flipping your little bonie in the sunshine today and enjoying the warm sun with you're new friends. Love you and miss you Mr. B Until we meet again my little angel... xxoo I love you.

Bandit, you are now home again with Smokey and I in a very special place... We are happy to have you here...
You are a comfort in our sights again.. Love you baby Bandit!!

Bandit, today marks two weeks since you have been gone. I've never been away from you this long... it hurts, it hurts bad. I miss you so much. Still having trouble realizing that I won't see you again until we meet at the Bridge. Smokey is doing a little better, but I can tell he also miss's you. He is quiet and sad. We are keeping each others spirits up.
I saw the Rainbow in the sky, I know it was you, I knew it as soon as I saw it. I thank you so much for the visit. It made me cry but I felt your love. Please have fun and be happy. Mommy and Smokey think of you every day and we miss you.
Sweet Baby Bandit!!! Love you forever....

Bandit, my sweet baby, I miss you so much still.. the tears never seem to stop.. It's been three weeks today that you have been gone, we have never been separate of each other this long. Hurts so bad. It's Thanksgiving today and I hope you are having a wonderful turkey dinner with your Mom Duchess and with my Mom as well. You are very missed my baby Bandit.. I saw you in the Rainbow, I felt you in my heart and it made me smile.. I love you forever Baby!!! My bestist boy...
Love you!!!!!

Baby Bandit, it's been 1 month since you've been gone. I so miss you...Your Urn arrived yesterday and it turned out so beautiful. It was very hard to put you in your final resting place, but you are there and you are safe. I've included your last little bonie you were chewing and also your very first tag. Smokey and I miss you so much. I've been watching some of your videos and the tears won't stop. I hope you are ok, and most of all not missing me. Please have fun, enjoy the beauty. Until I can see you again, I love you... Always in my heart baby Bandit always!! xxoo Love you so much!!!

Oh my Baby Bandit.... Happy Birthday! You would of been 14 today.. I still miss you so much. Merry Christmas Bandit.
I hope you are having the biggest cat food birthday cake today.. You loved those so much. Smokey and I are here thinking of you and missing you so much. I hope you are having fun at the bridge.. I so miss you Bandit... my heart hurts so bad. I miss the most when I come home from work and you make all the stress go away. I miss petting you and holding you.. Please be happy and lay in the sun. I love you Bandit!!!!!

Baby Bandit, its been two full months since you've gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Still at times can not believe I won't see you.. It hurts to think of that... Others make fun of me and the amount of sadness I have without you, but you were my best friend. I miss how excited you used to be when I came home. So happy to see the Mommy.. I miss you so much.. Words can never express how much it hurts. I'm going to be strong Bandit.. I know in my heart God will bring us together again. I love you!!!!!!

Bandit, three months ... I still miss you so much. I think of you every single day. Mommy and Smokey adopted Madison... I know you sent her to us. I know that you were the one that made sure Mommy found the strength to visit the rescue site. She had such a hard life before coming to us. She looks like you, and she loves Mommy so much already. I promise I will take care of her just like you wanted. Smokey miss's you, and so does Jeff.. I still cry and my eyes still fill with water looking at your pictures and videos. I just want to pet you and hug you and it hurts so bad that I can't. Please keep enjoying the warmth and love you are having above, I know you are happy and safe and warm. My heart still hurts so much. I love you Bandit! My puppy Angel! xxoo LOVE MOMMY

Oh Baby Bandit, 4 months now... Just cried hard a few days ago. Madison was sleeping on a pillow and she looked just like you... made me cry so bad. Still miss you so much. Still hard to believe that I can't look into your eyes, and see you blink when I tell you I love you. The connection we had will never exist with another pet that we had. You really are my soul puppy. I can get through the entire video of you now and smile not cry. That is a good sign. I am thinking of you and wishing you soft bonies, warm sun to lay in and soft pillows to sleep on. God Bless you baby..
Love Mommy... Smokey and Madison!! xxoo

Bandit, there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about you... See you playing with and flipping your bonies around the living room like you used to. I have not cried in weeks. I think of you now and it hurts my heart, but I smile of the fact that I had you for 14 wonderful years. I miss you so much. It's just not the same without you. I miss coming home to you and you are so excited to see me.. I miss your warm little head... I miss you being snake man... I miss you waking up and stretching and talking to me in the morning. I just miss everything about you baby Bandit... Mommy loves you so much! Rest in peace my best furry friend. All my love forever... Mommy!

My sweet baby Bandit... 6 months now without you. still hurts so much .. we are all doing ok.. not a day without thinking of you. I'm flying home to Philly today to check out an apt. I'm moving back Bandit. Going to finally go home. Madison and Smokey are going to. I still have trouble walking down streets that I took you on walks. Still makes me so sad, I see some of the things you like to smell and roll in. I cry a lot. I hope you are so happy where you are. We will be together one day Baby Bandit. i love you and miss you so much my precious angel... Love you !! Mommy

Bandit, 7 months and I still miss your little face looking up to me. I can watch video's of you now and smile. I don't cry as much as I used to. I called out your name a couple of days ago and Smokey popped up his head and was looking around for you... I felt bad afterwards.. But it just shows you how much he loves you too. We are packing and getting ready to move back to Philly. I so wish you could of been here for that and to meet everyone in my family. I do get sad when I go on some of the streets we used to walk on all the time. I remember certain areas that you liked to smell or a favorite bush. It's true what they say, you don't get over the passing of a very dear loved one, you just learn how to manage to get through each day with the pain. Still through the pain and the loss of you being in my life, I'll be ok.. I know you are waiting for me. I will love you forever Bandit... Love Mommy, Smokey and Madison!

Bandit baby.. Mommy still misses you so much... Crying as I type this, 8 months since I was able to see you. I was doing ok till I started to type.. I remember when I missed you just being at work for a day.. Still painful, but memories are so much in my head. I found your paw prints while I was packing for the move. I found your very first collar... so painful, yet such beautiful memories. The thing that gets me through this time is the I know I will see you again when God takes me. I know I'll be able to be with you. God Bless you my baby... It's true the pain never goes away, I just have to learn to deal with it. Some days are good some are bad. The first of the month is always painful.. We move in 30 days from today. August 1st... You won't be with us... it's very sad, my heart breaks leaving this house, this room where you died in my arms.. But I am taking your ashes with me... you will always be with me Bandit, always in my heart... I love you Mr. B.... I love you so much... xxoo Love Mommy

Bandit, we miss you so much and think of you always. Smokey, Madison and I are moving back to PA. Today we left Redondo Beach. We have you with us and I already know the spot that I'm' going to let your ashes rest. Everyday something reminds me of you. I try to think of happy memories and not of the sad day we lost you. Moving home will also help when I get sad walking on the same streets we used to walk. My life will never be the same without you. I'm looking forward to the day when I can see you again my Baby Bandit. I hope your laying in the sun, and ripping the fuzz out of wooobies... Love you my sweet baby.... Love, Mommy!! ((((hugs))))!!

Bandit, my sweet soul puppy. So many months of you not being here. So many times I've had to stop myself from crying missing you. I look at Smokey and Madison, and they are such sweet puppies... I love them ... But no one will ever be the same as you Bandit. I still feel that I will see you. We live in Pa now. We moved back and we like it here. And I think of how much you would love to be here with us. I work from home now and all those days I left you to go to work for 8 or 9 hours alone... All those years I left you, and now we could of been together all day. You would love it here. Oh Bandit, I miss you so much. I've made a special place for you.. You are on the mantel of my fireplace with you picture. My heart hurts, it hurts so bad. I know I will get through this and I will see you again. I can not wait for the day when I can hold you in my arms again and you can rest your head on my shoulder.. Oh I so can't wait. Please rest peaceful Baby Bandit... Mommy loves you so much.. xxooxxooxxooxxooxxooxxooxxooxxoo

Bandit, It's the 11th time I've come on here to tell you how much I love and miss you. 11 months have gone by. Smokey and Madison and I are here in Pa now.. We think about you and miss you. You have such a beautiful spot on the mantel. But I still miss you little warm body and you sweet little tail... I know you would love going on the walks at the golf course trail. It's so pretty. Its starting to get cold here. I don't think you would like that so much... :o) Can't wait to be with you again. Please Bandit, Please stay happy and warm and safe until we are together again. I love you so much.. so much Bandit. Love Mommy!! xxoo


Bandit.... One year without you. My heart is still so broken.. Miss your warm little head and the way you used to look up at me.. My soul puppy my life will never be the same without you. The tears still flow when I think of the night you passed away and how hard it was to watch you take your last breath.. You are forever in my heart and soul. Missing you so much today and everyday! Love you Bandit... Love you so so much!


My sweet precious love..... 2 years since your soul left this earth. I knew this day was coming again. I knew I would feel the pain again. It's been a rough year for Mommy Bandit. Many times I thought of you. Many times I wish you were here to help take away my pain and lick my tears. I hold your urn when I need to feel your presence. I hope and pray you are safe and warm. I know our souls will be together forever. I must wait for that day. Until then my sweet baby Bandit, contine to lay in the sun. Play with your woobies and chew your bonies until we can be together again. Smokey may be joining you soon. He still misses you so much as well. Pray for him as he is slowing down. Madison helps with the pain of losing you. I know you would of just loved her. I miss you. I love you with all my heart. God Bless you my Baby Bandit!!! Love you beyond words!!! Xoxoxo


Baby Bandit.. another year has gone by that you are not with me.... But this year is so much different... Smokey is with you now.... I hope you were so happy to see him, I hope you are both playing in the warm sun chasing each other all around the beautiful fields. I miss him Bandit... I can't believe you are both at the Rainbow Bridge now... I miss you both so much... Life will never be the same without you with me... Madison is here, she does miss Smokey, but she knows you are both going to be there when she arrives... Hopefully it won't be soon... She needs to stay here with Mommy. Things have been tough this year... But I know that I am blessed in so many other ways. Bandit please feel my hugs, I miss you.... Take care of your brother... show him how wonderful it is where you are.... I'll join both of you one day... Until then please play with your woobies, throw the ballie for Smokey.... I love you Bandit... I love you Smokey... Mommy does not have enough money to make you your own page yet, but as soon as things get better I'll make you a page too... Bandit, Smokey, you both are always with me in my heart.... I miss your warm little heads and are sweet kisses but you're always in Mommy heart. I love you !!!!!!!!xoxoxoxoxox


My beautiful boy, Mommy misses you more than anyone can imagine. Today is always so hard for me. Have you and Smokey been having fun? Are you playing tug of war? Is he stealing your bonies ? I still 4 years later can't believe that you are gone. I've had a really hard time and still miss the times that you always hugged Mommy and made me feel better. You would love the fall here, I'm sad that you never got to live in Pa... I want to be with you and Smokey so bad. I really feel I'm going to see you again one day. Madison needs to meet you . She looks so much like you. It's just her and I. She gets me through the days. Money is still tight so I'm keeping you both on the same page for now. Smokey Mommy misses you... My touch down dog... I get all teared up when the Eagles score and I put my arms up waiting for you to bark. haha I miss you bear bear... Please enjoy the most beautiful place you are at together.. I know that soon we will be together... I really hope it is soon. All my love my little men... Mommy loves you so much... I really miss you both so much more than I could ever write in words... my heart aches for both of you. Bandit, Smokey.... please wait for Mommy... I can't wait to see you running across a beautiful sunny filled green grass hill... and I can't wait till you lick my face with many happy happy wags. Loving you forever ... Mommy !!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


5 Years Baby Bandit, I can't believe you have been gone this long. Smokey is with you and I know you are having fun chasing each other on the greenest grass. I miss my two little guys so much. Madison and I are doing well, we wish you could have met her here.. You would of had the cutest puppies. I know you will be there when it becomes her turn to join you and Smokey. We rescued another weenie, well she is part wire hair daschund. We don't know what the other part is but her legs are very long. Her name is Cali. We rescued her from the same place we found Madison. She is a wild one for sure. We'll love her as long as God allows. I am wishing and hoping and praying that you are ok and will be there for me when it is my turn to join God. I love you so much baby and this missing you will never end. I'll love you and Smokey till my last breath. love forever and always... Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


Has it really been 6 years Bandit?? Seems not that long ago. I hope you and Smokey are running free and loving each other till Mommy gets there. I know that you met Madison in August... She was the best little girl... I'm sure you and Smokey were there to greet her. I wanted you and her to have puppies, they would of been so adorable. Bandit Mommy misses you so much. The song that is playing now reminds me of how much pain I was in the day you left me to go to the Rainbow Bridge. Its a pain that will never leave, but I'm not afraid to die now Bandit because I know you Smokey and Madison will be there. I again did as I promised you... I rescued another weenie dog. Her name is Cali... she is a funny girl... she is a brat... she is a good girl and a great listener.. She is fully house trained. She is not a full weenie but she has a full weenie Mom. I'm sure she will fit in with you and Smokey and Madison and I when its our time. I love you ... I love you so much.. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to type you messages but I'll be back every 11/1. I love you Bandit. Until we meet at the bridge and I can hold you tight.... Love you always and forever Bandit..... Love Mommy :)


My sweet Baby Bandit, I still miss you so much but the pain is not as bad. I have such wonderful memories of you. I hope you are enjoying playing and laying in the sun with Smokey and Madison. I wish I could send you chewy bones and toys to play with. 7 years without that little hug that you always gave me. No other dog has ever hugged me the way you did. I pray so hard that we will be able to hug soon. I pray that all that I believe will be true. That when I die we will all be together again. That I can feel your warm paws and that soft warm spot on your neck that made mommy so full of comfort. Your ashes are with me in my room everyday. I miss you and pray that we will be together again. I don't want to die but I won't be afraid to if it happens. I know I'll be with you and that is a dream come true! I love you Bandit, my soul puppy. Please keep Smokey and Madison warm and comfy and when it's time I'll be there with all of you. xoxoxoxoxoxox Love Mommy !!!!


Baby Bandit, here we are again.. Another year without my sweet baby boy. Mommy is still doing ok. Smokey and Madison are with you... I hope you are having a wonderful time playing with woobies and running in the sun. Laying your beautiful black coats in the sun till they are so warm. Cali is here with Mommy. She is such a good listener. You all are going to love her. She is taking care of Mommy now. Fij is also up there with you. I know you are together. Fij Muffin, my sweet grandpuppy. I'm sure she is protecting all of you. You can stand underneath her. She will take care of all of you. One day... One day in the future, we will all be together again. My most beloved pets from my life. We will always be missing you and loving you. Days for you go so slow. Missing you this time of year Bandit will always hurt. God I know he'll bring us together... Please oh Please wait for Mommy and I will find you. Sweet dreams my Sweet Boy... My Baby Bandit... Mr. B... Mommy loves you so much. I will always miss you... I love you Bandit !!! I love you Smokey !!! I love you Madison, I love you Fij.... Till we all meet again !!!! Love for every and always... Mommy !!!!!!


My Baby Bandit, another year without you. But one year closer to being with you forever. Cali and I live each day enjoying each other. She broke her back twice this year. Mommy has to be careful with her. Daddy passed away this year. I hope that he was able to see you and Smokey. I pray that I'll be with you, Smokey and Madison again one day. I moved your ashes to a beautiful spot. I miss you so much... I miss Smokey and my baby girl Madison Olive. I pray we can all really be together. I hope that Fij is with you and Dusty and Soxie and Boo Boo Kitty as well. One day my sweet baby Bandit, we'll all be together in the warm sun. I love you so much. xoxoxoxo Love Mommy!!!!

Sweet Baby Bandit, 10 years.... 10 years without your sweet beautiful eyes looking at Mommy. Today is always hard for me. Tears today are forming and I have to remember that you would want me to be happy. As the years pass we get closer to seeing each other again. But not yet sweet baby boy. Gavin and Luca would love you, though I think they would not be able to be so close. You were so protective of Mommy. Cali is still with me. She hurt her back again but I am positive that you were keeping her save here with me. One day we will all be with each other. Bandit, Smokey and my sweet girl Madison. I miss you so much. I hope the three of you are together laying in the warm sun. I love you so much. Love you forever, Mommy !!!

Hi my sweet Baby Bandit :O) Each year that passes, I can't believe it's been this long. I still so miss you putting your head on my neck. Also each year that passes shows me that I'll be with you soon. All of us will be together soon! Cali is here with me and she is such a good girl. One day you, me Smokey, Madison and Cali will all be together. I love you and miss you more than words can say. Love you sweet baby Bandit !!!! xoxoxo I love you so much !!!!!!

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