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Memories of Baloo "Whale Whale" Glick
There are no adequate words to describe how special a soul was Baloo. We met after someone left him, old and sick, on the doorstep of a shelter and his photo was placed on an adoption website. He did not look like a domestic cat, but like a big, powerful wild cat-with blue-grey fur, huge green-yellow eyes, enormous paws and a large build. When we met him he wrapped his paws around my neck as though he wanted me to hold him. He was very old and frail and grumpy because of his untreated health conditions. After we took him to the vet, we discovered that he had a brain tumor but that he could remain comfortable with medication at home. We were able keep him with us with medication for about 2 years and were so grateful to have that time together. With medication, he was able to be playful and seemed happy. Baloo was such a feisty, spirited, warm and loving cat. Whale Whale, I pray that we kept you as comfortable as we thought. When we would visit NY, I would miss you so much and could not wait to come back to see you. I tried everything I could think of with the vet's help, to make your life a good one. I am so sorry if you suffered at all toward the end. I worry often that I didn't do enough to help you but I tried very hard to make you happy and comfortable. I am so sorry that I did not stay awake with you all night during those nights toward the end when you would come onto the bed for comfort. I regret it so much. I was so tired from taking care of the baby and could not summon the strength, but I should have stayed awake with you anyway. You were uncomfortable and coming to me for support and comfort and I didn't stay up long enough.I am sorry that we never had a backyard for you when you were with us, and only the patio to go outside. I wished I could have let you otuside in a fenced yard. Thank you for being such a good companion. You brought joy and comfort into my life. When you died, it was the first time in my life that I have felt grief for a passing. I wish I could hold you and pet you again, or watch you amble slowly toward me across the room. I wish I had had the chance to know you for longer. I pray and hope that you are at peace, chasing butterfiles with the angels. I think of you all the time and still have your urn near my bed. I hope to see you on the other side some day, my friend.

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