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Memories of Balboa
Dear Balboa,

I love you dearly, you were our baby long before having a child was even possible. I spoiled you from the beginning and I never regretted it.

I remember when Daddy first brought you home, you were so tiny and scared. I refused to leave you in the kitchen alone, you had to be in my bed with me. You immediately held onto my arm as you slept. You KNEW I was your Mommy.

Everyone fell in love with you, how could they not? You were cute, sweet, cuddly, and loved to give kisses. You did not like being a dog, you knew in your heart you were our furry child.

Even when we brought Anthony home and too often you had to wait for affection, you still loved us. You loved to play tug with Anthony and would happily chase after toys we threw.

You loved when Daddy would rub your belly, the joy was all over your face.

You loved your kisses and hugs.

You loved to sit in the sun's rays, sorry you missed that when we moved to our small apartment.

You loved to lick the sweat off Daddy's legs.

Anytime someone got off the couch, you immediately took their spot to not only feel the warmth, but to show you could do whatever you wanted.

Even though you peed on Anthony's bed a few times, we still deeply love you.

You loved to press your body against ours at night, truly cuddling with us. If you were lucky you got between our legs making it impossible for us to move at all.

Whether we were gone for twenty minutes or six hours, you welcomed us home with love and joy.

Tearing apart boxes brought you so much joy, of course we had to clean up the mess.

Even toys labeled as indestructible, were no match for you. If it had a soft inside, it ended up in your tummy.

The vet said you had the best teeth. I knew the "chew chews" bones filled with peanut butter would benefit your pearly whites.

A flashlight on the walls drove you mad, you just wanted to eat it.

We loved your enthusiasm for peanut butter and cheese...heck, you'd eat anything. We loved how you tried to protect us from all those crazy leaves...what a brave dog.

You loved Anthony's giggles when you'd kiss him over and over.

I am sorry I didn't pay better attention to your symptoms...I wish I hadn't chalked up your extra grunts and snorts as you just being you... You weren't having seizures, your body was in pain because of your megaesaphagus. I wish the neurologist had taken the time to look a little closer. I wish you were still here, running, snorting, jumping, licking, talking, and cuddling with us.

I'm sorry that we were in Florida when your body took a turn for the worse. I'm sorry that it would be too painful for you to wait for us to get back home. I wanted to hold you in my arms as you started your journey to heaven with God. While I'm glad that you had wonderful nurses and doctors to love you as you fell asleep, I wish it was me that held you. I'm sorry that I was not there when you needed me the most. For that I will always feel guilty.

We will always love you and miss you, our hearts will have a small hole just for you...one day we will meet again and play with and cuddle with...I can't wait to kiss you again my sweet boy.

For now run free my sweet boy. Run, jump, snort, sneeze, snort, talk, chase those leaves, sniff other dogs, eat all the cheese and peanut butter you want, cuddle and feel safe in God's arms. I know you will watch over us and I am so thankful we have you as our guardian angel dog.

Love Always Mommy, Daddy, and Anthony

Sweet Boobalah Boy, we returned home yesterday and it was beyond empty. You were not there to greet us, our grief is beyond devastating. We miss you more than you know.
I got your messages, I hear you baby and I know you want us to be happy and remember you as a healthy and crazy Frenchie, not a sick boy.
I know you were pulling those balloons us to rainbow bridge. I was worried they would pop or fly off, but each one went straight up to heaven...I know you were chasing after them and sharing with the other doggies. I know the angels were reading the notes we wrote. I swear I saw a doggie cloud up there, you were thanking us for ending your pain and thanking us for all the love.

Then, you sent that sweet dog Ginger over to play with us while Anthony was in Karate. She never shares her ball with anyone but her owner, but she came over to Anthony and me...you told her to play with us...you wanted us to laugh and feel joy again.

At dinner, we were beyond depressed. We wanted to see you begging for our food, we wanted to feel you under the table, we wanted to see you begging on the couch...while crying in utter despair there was a knock on the door. My best friend Kit was standing there with flowers and positive energy tea. We cried harder, but she soon has us laughing. I know you made sure she would come when we needed her the most.

In the middle of the night, I smelled you next to my head. I know you were sitting there, as if you were trying to get under the covers...You wanted me to know you love us as much as we love you. You want us to feel joy once again.I know it will be hard, but keep sending me those signs my sweet boy...I will always be your Mommy.

Coming home after dropping Anthony off at summer camp was difficult...you were not there to greet me. I miss you so much my sweet Boobalah. I bet you are running after and catching leaves and never have to worry about getting sick from eating them. So catch those leaves my sweet boy, I love you and will always be your Mommy.

To honor you sweet boy, I GOT A TATTOO! I did it. I always wanted one, but you had to be honored first my sweet furbaby. I can't believe you've been gone for over a week...it's so lonely without you. I walk into the bedroom, or look at the couch and you are not there. I just don't feel safe without you either. I know Daddy wants to wait till we pay off bills, but I think you are telling me to adopt another dog pretty soon. Am I right? Do you want us to give love to an unloved dog? Or should we wait Boobalah?

I hope you like the tattoo? It hurt so much, but I kept thinking it's the least I can do for all the pain you were in.

I keep seeing a white butterfly around our porch, I know he's been there before, but when I see him I think of you. I love looking at your pictures and can't wait to get your ashes from the vet's...I know it's just your body, but I want you with me...to complete our family.

I was thinking about our Christmas cards and it pained me that you wouldn't be in it, so I am adding a paw print to the card...you will be there in memory and spirit. Oh, maybe a paw print with angel wings...

Please send me a sign on adopting and the paw print.

I love you Balboa and will always be your Mommy

I know it's been a while since I visited my sweet love bug...but I think of you everyday. Anthony still asks why you had to leave and I tried to explain that God sent angels in the forms of doctors and nurses to help you on your journey. I miss you so much...my heart breaks when you are not there to greet us, give kisses and hugs, or ask to play with us by staring at us. I loved how you would just drop your chew chew on the floor and demand peanut butter.

Anthony is in kindergarten...I bet you are watching over him. I wish you could wait with him and Daddy for the bus...

Oh God, my heart is breaking for my you...I miss you. Make sure you get lots of snuggles when you sleep, keep your teeth clean, and come visit me...I you you

I'll always be your Mommy


I'm sorry I haven't been to your page latgely, but you know I'm always thinking of you. Anthony always cries for you, as do Daddy and I. There is stil a huge hole in our hearts, while it does get easier, it will never be the same. I miss you so much, so so much. The pain is still there, but I know you are pain free and we WILL meet again. I LOVE YOU BALBOA.

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