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Memories of Bailey
Oh Bailey-boo, where do I begin? When I first saw your adorable little face in that crate, 13 years ago... I instantly fell in love! 😍 You've added so many smiles, much laughter, and lots and lots of love... to my life! We had an amazing life together! 💞 You were one spoiled dog... so many people loved you. You loved... eating acorns... getting butt rubs... standing at my feet (or someone else's) in the kitchen, waiting for something to fall on the floor, so you could enjoy it... treats of any kind... going on walks... ripping toys apart... and so much more.

You were my life, for 13 amazing years! Whenever I came through the door, you would be right there, tail wagging, brown eyes looking at me, waiting to get some lovin! No matter what kind of day I had, just seeing you, and giving you a kiss and a butt rub, filled my heart with joy!


A friend of mommy's sent me this poem... I MISS YOU EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY!!!

Don't cry mama, please don't weep
Please try dear mama, to get some sleep
I know you're sad, and it's because of me
But don't cry mama, for now I'm pain free

I know you miss me, and I miss you too
No one could have loved me, more than you
I know of some dogs who run away to die
But not me mama, I looked you straight in the eye

I didn't want to leave you, but my body lost the fight
And now my dearest mama, you mourn me day and night
You wish you could have given me a bit more time to live
But mama please believe me, I had little left to give

I'm glad you took me on that day, there was no other choice
I would have told you, "do it", if I had a human voice
Don't feel guilty mama, I know it broke your heart
I was always going to leave you first, we knew it from the start

But what a life you gave me, it really was the best
Not many have a life like mine, and for that I'm truly blessed
I hope one day I'll see you again, with a smile upon your face

~ Unknown ~

I wrote this poem about you, many years ago...


I never expected,
what happened one day.
I instantly fell in love.

I took one glance and
my heart skipped a beat.
I never expected

to feel this way.
I had a desire------
I instantly fell in love.

He brings great joy
to my life.
I never expected

a dog would
fill a void.
I instantly fell in love.

He's always excited for my arrival,
even, when I haven't been attentive.


Lifting you up to doggie heaven is, by far, the most devistating decision I've ever had to make! 😥 I hope you know, I believe you do, that I set you free because I love you... and don't want you to suffer!

~ Wait for me at the rainbow bridge so we can walk over it together!!! ~

Mommy loves you and misses you terribly! 😘

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