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Memories of Bailey Boy
9/10/17 - We brought our sweet Bailey Boy home in the Spring of 2002 to be with our CoCo Bear. They got along immediately. He also loved our precious MewMew, who he would chase all around our Chicago house. He always waited for our return at the front entry. I guess he got a little bored once & chewed off just a little of the entry table drawer (we still have the piece of furniture). Always wanting to meet kids, dogs & people at the park. The two of them were inseperable. He did aquire a little infection early on. We were so worried, but he fought back with a vengance. The vet assistant said she would carry him into his appointment.... Think she just wanted to cuddle with him. He always gave his dad little love nibbles when he laid on the arm of the couch while watching TV. Everyone in the family loved him. At night he would savor his big Milkbone treat for days... CoCo was a little princess & didnt like it, so his treat was safe. Of course, he slept on the bed with us as well as did CoCo & MewMew. No crate for him! When we moved to Libertyville (for 11 years) he loved meeting all the great dogs in the neighborhood. He especially loved the big park just down the block where he would chase some of the geese into the big pond. He also stopped on his walk one day to get the postman to get out of his truck to come pet him. He loved our big back yard, too. We called him "circus" dog, cuz he would get up on his 2 front legs and roll around a small play ball. In the winter we had to shovel paths (a maze) so they could go outside. He had no trouble managing the snow. One time he tried jumping over the wall of snow... Where'd you go Bailey? His favorite spot was either on his dad's lap w the other 2, or alone under our big square coffee table in the family room. As you can see, we remmembered their birthdays with a cupcake. Oh, Yes, we got Cody, our Llasa Apso when we moved to Libertyville, so now he had another friend to play with!
What fun!. Then as time would have it, we lost our CoCo Bear. I was devastated, and the day following her leaving us I was crying and Bailey came over to me & started licking my face & arm as if to say, "it will be alright, Mom, & I miss CoCo too." Some time later Bailey also lost another of his friends, our MewMew. He would search the house for him. But soon after we bought crazy Maxie, our Shih Tzu home so Bailey had another playmate. After 11 years in Libertyville, we moved to Lake Villa. Bailey, Maxie & Cody made the move well. We had a much bigger house now. Bailey still took up residence under the coffee table when he had enough of the other two.. He was now showing his age & soon was having a difficult time going up & down stairs, so we carried him & he would wait at the bottom to tell us to pick him up. He always barked for something, his food, going outside, etc., so his aging fooled us at times. He ate alot, had to piddle alot, but always went to the door to his favorite spot in front yard. He did have to go out alot at night. That started the "grumbling", so we would take turns getting up with Bailey at night. He was a trouper, but his aging all of a sudden caught up with him.
He had a wonderful vet, and he was made comfortable on some meds, but then soon, he knew what they were & wouldn't take them. Poor guy... We fought with ourselves to let him go to Rainbow Bridge, but just when we thought it was time, he was back at some of his cute little tricks. Alas, the last 2 days everything just came to a halt. His dad & I made the ultimate sacrifice & drove him to our vet. A beautiful room awaited him, with beautiful sayings on the wall, a tabletop waterfall & soft blankets for him. We hugged him, kissed him & told him how much we loved having him in our lives for over 15 years... Bailey Boy, I'm sure CoCo Bear & MewMew have found you by now. Have fun, run through the grass & meadows, find your soft bed to lay on. We will never forget all of you. Your pictures are still up, we have a wonderful paw imprint from the vet,, Bailey & we have saved a lock of your gorgeous Shih Tzu tail. I know you are looking down on your family & sending your love. You have your wings now.... Love you so much, and always will miss you.

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