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Memories of Bailey
August, 2012 we found each other thanks to Bark at Briargate and Dream Power Animal Rescue. Bailey was sitting under a folding chair, and when I walked up to their booth, he looked at me, turned his head as if to say "Hi Mom! where were you"... I had preregistered to meet him, and it was from that first moment we rescued each other. Bailey was looking for a forever home where he wasn't left alone. I work from home, and that made it just perfect for both of us. He was patient with my long hours, and was with me during the day, always knowing it would be his time at dinner, and he'd get to go for a walk and we'd have a lot of petting time in the evening. So many said he looked like a little bear, and so he got the nick name "Iddybear"...

Bailey was with me at my husband's funeral in 2013. He traveled with me between my offices, a very long 12 hour drive each way. He was a good travel companion and we watched out for each other. I sang and played piano for him, always singing "How Much Is That Doggie"... he knew the word doggie, and knew the song was just for him.

My heart is broken with his passing. Cancer took him so quickly. The holistic doggie doc gave us an extra month we wouldn't have had without her meds. I know he's no longer hurting and playing with the other babies at the Rainbow Bridge, and we'll see each other again. God provided a beautiful blessing when he allowed us to find each other.

10.30.16, Your first time at the Bridge for Trick-or-Treat... You always dressed up as a frog for our Cajun family... hope you'll be a frog again this time... Bailey, I love you and miss you more than you'll ever know.

10.31.16, Little Charlie arrived to meet you at the Bridge tonight. He passed in the loving arms of Connie from the B.R.A.S. rescue. He was only with me for a few days, a mill rescue pom, age 7, and 6 lbs. Heartworms got him. I know you're taking care of him and showing him how to be a loved Bridge-kid because his little life was horrible living in a mill box for 7 years. Take good care of him. I have Charlie's sister Sophia, I call her Charlie's Angel. Also a small pom. We look at your pictures and talk about you a lot.

11.24.16, This is my first Thanksgiving without you. It's been hard today because I thought about the Thanksgivings we spent together, just us. I love you forever and always Iddybear!!! I know you had a Happy Thanksgiving with all your favorite foods along with the other Bridge-kids today!

12.25.16, I heard you and the Bridge-kids singing carols last night at midnight to all of the fur-parents as the tradition goes. This is our first Christmas apart. Little Charlie and all my other guinea pigs and my pets are with you, and I know you're helping them be good Bridge-kids just like you. I'm sure your presents from the Angels were just what you wanted. Sophia Angel is here, she's special in her own way, but it's not the same as having you here with me, but I know you're okay with me sharing love with another fur-baby as you take care of Charlie and the others. I remember our last Christmas together, just you and me. The memories are flooding back today as the day progresses with every thing we did together that day. You'll always have my heart and my love. Merry Christmas my Iddybear from Sophia Angel and me! I love you!

1.23.17, Happy Birthday tomorrow Iddybear from Mom and Sophia Angel! You'd be a teenager! My wish for you is that all the fur-angels will give you a great birthday celebration and you'll feel your very best so you can run and play. You know how much I miss you and love you forever! One day we'll be together forever when God is ready for that time. Meanwhile, you play at the Bridge with the other Bridge-kids / angels... My forever Iddybear! I love you!

2.14.17, Happy Valentines Day my Iddybear (and Charlie too)!! I hope you had Greenybones at the Bridge today for your special treat! - your favorite! You are my Valentine today and always! I love you Iddybear! Take care of Charlie and my other fur-angels.

3.16.17, Happy Easter Iddybear and Charlie! I love you so much! I hope you have fun hunting Easter treats at the Bridge with the other furangels... I welcomed Prince to our family, and Sophia came back yesterday after being away because of my broken leg. I know you're okay with my rescuing two others that desperately need love after being in puppy mill boxes for years. I tell them about you, and they know I'll love them, but you are my forever furbaby. Love, Mom

6.12.17, Hi Bailey, my Iddybear! I just finished the Monday night Candlelight Service. I attend every Monday and type my memories of you and our special time together. You are with me as I learn to walk again. Sophia and Prince are adjusting to our home, but they will NEVER EVER replace you in any way, but they needed love too. We're headed to summer... I think of you every minute of every day... I love you Iddybear!!

7.29.17, Iddybear! This is the anniversary of one of the saddest days in my life - when I had to let you go to the Rainbow Bridge!! I cried so much, and after looking at your funeral pictures cried again this morning. I know the crying should be over and I should continue celebrating your little fur life! Doing my best Iddybear! I know the other bridge-kids are watching after you, and you're watching after Charlie and the others while you play in the meadow with no pain or sickness. Your picture is still on my phone every time I turn it on, and I see your little urn and photo memory frame of you everyday. You remain forever in my heart as my forever furbaby - now my furangel! We will be together in God's time. I'll always love you, just like the song that's playing in your memory!

12.04.17, Tonight I decorated your residency for Christmas and cried again because I still miss you so much. I have two mill rescue furbabies, Sophia Angel (was Charlie's sister), and Prince Charming. They're good babies, but are not you... Your urn is still with me each day, you photo is on my desk, and I still talk to you everyday. I now help write comfort messages to others and I'm sure you're meeting lots of new furangels as I introduce you to their furangels... It will my second Christmas without you! You are my forever one in a million! I will always love you Bailey - my IddyBear!

01.04.2018, It's been a very tough year, but then you know that as you watch from the Rainbow Bridge. You know Mom's broken leg didn't heal correctly and there are more complications ahead. Christmas was quiet with Sophia and Prince here with me as we remembered you. I decorated your residency for your Birthday tonight, and cried. I'll choose the Birthday music a little closer to time. Take care of the new furkids arriving at the Bridge as I write to their families and let them know their furangel will be meeting you. You're still my forever fur-baby. I will always love you - IddyBear!

01.24.2018, Happy Birthday my precious IddyBear!!!! You would be 14 this year, celebrating your teen years. I know the Rainbow Bridge kids gave you a special party with your favorite Greeniebones and Blue snacks. Your cake was special just for fur-angels... just for you. I love you forever and always! Mom

8.25.2018, Hello IddyBear! Summer season is winding down... I thought I saw you in the clouds at sunset last evening...just a glimpse in the shape of the cloud as it moved by. I say hello and think about you everyday. You are still my forever furbaby. I'm writing to so many who have lost their precious furbabies, and some even visit you. Keep meeting and playing with all the new Bridgekids that join you in that beautiful Paradise Meadow! Until we are together again... my love for you continues always... Mom

Thank you to everyone who has visited and signed Bailey's memory book!

04.20.2019, IddyBear!! Tomorrow is Easter and I am thinking of you as always with so much love! You would like Sophia, Prince, and Noelle. They're all breeder rescue furbabies, and will never be like you were. They'll always be a bit skidish and not sure about trusting. Its rewarding to help furbabies with special needs. It reminds me to appreciate you even more. You loved to go for car rides and were so willing to please. I'll write more again. I hope you, Charlie, the guinea pigs and other pets are playing with you in the beautiful Paradise Meadow. One day the gold cord will reconnect us forever. I love you IddyBear!! Mom

2019 Holidays - again so hard because I still miss you so much. Sophia, Prince and Noelle hear about you and patiently wait while I attend your Candlelight Service on Monday. Ginny holds services that help all of us. I continue to write to those with new residencies for their fur/feather angels which hopefully helps us all as we honor all of you waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. Merry Christmas Bailey, Charlie and all my furangels.

2020 - A new decade Bailey... I'll write to you again real soon... I will always love you IddyBear!!

07.29.2020 - IddyBear - I've cried all day missing you and remembering the moment when you went to the Rainbow Bridge. My heart breaks everyday and will forever. I talk to Sophia, Prince and Noelle about you and we attend the Monday night service remembering you. You gave me your unconditional love and you were the very best furbaby, now my fur-angel! I love you forever and always and gave my forever love to you too!! Play with all your RB friends and my other furangels that went to the RB ahead of you... until we can be together again. I love you IddyBear!!

8.23.2020 - A letter from my IddyBear Bailey,
Hi Mom,
Now that I've been across The Rainbow Bridge for quite a while, they said I should write a letter home.
Sorry, but I'm so busy 'across the bridge' that I haven't thought of home much. They said it's okay and that you would understand. I hope you do. (I think you will.)
Remember that afternoon when I wasn't feeling very well and you were crying?
I don't remember much, but I do remember seeing and hearing you and feeling your touches and hugs...I remember hearing "Mom loves you" and that one last command of "Go through".
I didn't know what you meant, so I turned around and walked through the fog that was in front of me.
I saw the biggest bridge I've ever seen! And so many friends on the other side of it!
They were all playing with toys and balls!
You were right to tell me to go there!
My feet kept moving forward, but my heart kept pulling me back.
Your touches became lighter and lighter and I wanted to come back and nudge your hands for more love, but I was overcome by this feeling of curiosity for the happy place over the bridge!
My feet started moving on their own, like a gentle breeze was moving them forward for me!
I can't explain it, but I had no doubt that it was the right thing to do!
So, I walked across that big, huge bridge by myself!
I looked for you, because you're always by my side, walking with me, but this was different.
I didn't have a collar around my neck or a leash connecting me to you ~ I was 'free'!
Even though you weren't there with me, I never felt alone!
I actually felt like I had a huge cape of love wrapped around my body and the more I walked, the easier it was to breathe!
So, I kept walking!
And I would feel more warmth in the big hug, so I kept on walking!
I eventually made it over the big bridge -- I did it by myself, mom. When I got here, all of my new friends greeted me and helped me walk off the bridge ~ it was so cool!
They gave me a pair of wings and said that I was now a Guardian Angel!
What I've learned over this time has been amazing and nothing like I've seen before!
We're all the same up here ~ we all have wings and we all have Forever People to watch over ~ that's YOU, mom !
You're my Forever Person and I'm your Forever Dog!
We had such a great life together and I do miss you a LOT, but please know that I am so happy in my new home across The Bridge!
I'll send you another Earth Angel so you won't be alone.
Give them your whole heart, like you gave it to me.
I'll check in every so often to make sure they treasure your love ~ I always did!
When you miss me, think of a rainbow and know I'm on the other side of it, waiting to walk with you again.
I'll always be in your heart.
I love you Mom...
Time for me to go play."

12/12/2020 - Iddybear, I still miss you so much and hope to be at the Rainbow Bridge with you someday soon... Merry Christmas little one... I love you!!!

03/14/2021 - My Iddybear - Bailey, it's almost spring again and I can't believe you've been in the Paradise Meadow waiting for so long. I still miss you as if it was just yesterday when you went to the Rainbow Bridge due to cancer getting you. My life has changed so much Iddy, I moved to Louisiana to be closer to family, one is ill. I miss the yard you ran around in. I could still see you in your favorite spots in the yard. I still have Prince, Sophia, and Noelle all breeder rescues. We talk about you and look at your picture each day and your little urn is still on my desk with your ceramic paw print. You will always be part of my life. I miss you and love you forever!!

Oh Iddybear - my Bailey, it's summer time and it's very hot in the south! Too much rain and humidity along with the heat! I think I felt you brush by my feet for a few seconds the other night... Ginny says that our furbabies watch over us at all times! I believe that as much as I believe we will be together when I my time comes to meet you at the rainbow bridge! I love you forever and always Iddy!!!

07.29.2021 - Iddybear!!! Five years ago you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and are waiting for me to meet you with my other furbabies that crossed over before you. I'm sure they've all connected with you, many guinea pigs, a cat or two, a couple of chickens from my childhood plus a few fish etc. You will be the one I'll see when I cross over. You'll lead with all the others. I cried and honored you! I remember you everyday, my funeral for you, how I cried and cried with Cushing's taking you. Your little casket urn is on my desk with your pictures and more. My breeder rescued adopted 2 sisters and 1 brother also see your picture every day. They are starting to understand about Monday's and RB memorial services. I love you so much and miss you more than all ever could be shared... Forever-Fur-ever Love Mom!!!

7.29.2022 - Iddybear!!! Six years ago, now since you crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge and I miss you as much today as I did the day it happened. I still have your 2 rescue Pom sisters and your 1 rescue Chin brother that you never got to meet. They were adopted in your honor so I could continue to love a furchild. I continue to tell them about you. We're still living in the south, and I still miss the west and the mountains. No one traveled with so much fun like you did when we made the long drive between offices. Iddy, I love you forever! You are my forever - furever furbaby!!... Love Mom!!

12.11.2022 - Another Christmas is coming, and my heart misses you more than ever. You still have Sophia, Prince, and Noelle as your siblings, but Sophia may also have Cushing's that took you from me. Iddy - you are my forever furbaby!! Merry Christmas my little fur-love!! Sing to me on Christmas Eve with the others at the Bridge!...
Love Mom!!

1.24.2023 - Oh how I still miss you! Happy Birthday Iddybear!!! Memories flood my heart and I trust God that you are okay at the Rainbow Bridge... I will always love you!

7.29.2023 - It's been SEVEN years since the saddest day happened when you went to the Rainbow Bridge. It was a Friday, and I cried all weekend. I cried for days because you were getting more ill with Cushings. I carried you up and down stairs and kept a fan on you. I took care of you best I could. You were finally treated by holistic vet because I gave up on your vet. I prayed, researched, and tried to find anything that could be done to help you with no success. I had a funeral for you at the crematorium and stayed as long as they allowed. I grieve to this day for you and miss and love you more than I could ever imagine! I did adopt three rescue fur sisters and brothers that I love, but they aren't you Iddybear!! The song plays - I Will Always Love You!!! So true Iddybear-Bailey! I believe when God calls me home that I will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge along with my other furkids, and you will live with me in heaven forever! Until then, play in the Paradise Meadow little one, and know you were the best fur-baby ever!!! Love, Mom!!

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