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Memories of Bailey
Bailey came to us, we think, with a little help from above. Our girl, Brite, had passed a year earlier and we were both missing the company. We contacted our local golden retriever rescue organization and they brought over five girls for us to meet.

Bailey almost didn't get to come. The rescue group had not had her very long. They picked up up at the pound. She was found running on the freeway, no collar and spend 10 days in the pound. They said they didn't want to bring her because: 1) not house broken 2) wouldn't let you touch her collar 3) wasn't socialized 4) wouldn't get into a crate. Well, at the last minute, they put her in the car and brought her to meet us.

Dogs were everywhere (it was a bit crazy) and I look over and she has plopped herself right in my husband's lap. He was sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace.

Well that did it. It just touched our hearts in a way that I knew we were her "forever" home.

She was none of the things they said. She was perfectly behaved, never ate a single shoe (unlike our Ellie), loved other dogs and we never tried to put her in a crate!

We adopted another golden that day too, hoping they could be friends. They weren't. The other dog picked on Bailey, until she hid under the dining room table from her. One day, I took the two of them out in the front yard to get the mail with me, and the other golden took off running! I yell to my husband to come and help and started running after her. She's running full blast out of our neighborhood until she stops to smell someone's garbage. My husband had come along side with our Jeep, I nabbed her and we got her in the back.
And then I thought -- uh oh, what about Bailey? We hurried back only to find Bailey sitting, patiently, quietly on the front porch. Big sigh of relief.

We are convinced to this day that she concocted this. Telling the other golden "hey, I've got a plan..... you run left and I'll go right....."

She also wasn't very well trained, so we thought some doggie schooling would do her good. The trainer told us she wasn't very smart. WHAT? Say my kid's "ugly"! NOT. We pulled her out immediately. And,to attest to how "dumb" Bailey was read this: We ended up with another adopted golden as her buddy, Ellie. Ellie was on the couch with me and Bailey wanted up, so she pretended that she heard something outside and jumped out the doggie door. Ellie was off the couch following in a flash and Bailey came right back in and jumped on the couch where Ellie was. Not very smart....

We don't know anything about the first couple of year of her life (being adopted and all). She was very well fed, but wouldn't really ask for attention.
It took years before she would nudge your hand with her nose if it was just sitting around doing nothing. And, she smelled everything I gave her from my hand before she ate until the very last. (Love to punch whoever made her nervous about just eating what was being given, good thing I believe in karma.)

She was loving, sweet, gentle, kind to everyone and every dog. Even cats liked her and she kinda liked them back.

We had 12 wonderful years with her. Spoiled - nah. We were just happy to be able to live in her house :o)

We sent her to angels today, and neither my husband nor I have been able to stop crying. It was her time, and we know we did the right thing, but I don't know if we would ever have been ready.

Our hearts are aching. I can't go anywhere in the house without seeing her, even forgetting that she's gone.

So, now she's with Ellie (hopefully playing their favorite game of "bitey face") and our girl Brite.

Until we meet in heaven Bailey -- you sweet sweet girl.

No longer by our side, but always in our hearts.

Please also visit Brite and Ellie.

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