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Memories of Bailey
Bailey was eight weeks old when we brought him home on Saturday 23rd June 2001. We all fell in love with him the moment we laid eyes on him. He was a bundle of joy and fun. My children were 7 and 9 years of age and he grew up alongside them. He was their brother.
He was a good obedient boy but ran away a couple of times in the early days. Luckily we were able to find him and bring him home before he got up to any mischief. After that he never wandered off again.
Bailey was and is a loving member of our family. He hardly gave us any trouble and was rarely sick. In fact the only time he really visited the vets was for his annual check up and injections.
When we went away on holiday he would stay with my in laws. We never put him in kennels, I don't think he would have handled it. We missed him whilst we were away and were always happy to come home to him.
My mum fell in love with him too. I was never allowed a dog as a child but she looked on Bailey as her own and would take him for walks when I was at work.
Bailey was a very good natured dog. Other dogs would come up to him and start barking and jumping up at him and he would just stand there. They didn't bother him at all.
He had a funny little wiggle and when someone came to the house or the boys came home from school he would run out to meet them wiggling his body and wagging his tail. He looked so cute and comical. If his daddy was washing the car or doing jobs at the front of the house, Bailey would sit on the front lawn and watch the world go by. Everyone on the street knew him and would make an effort to come over and say hello and stroke him. He loved children.
Bailey used to stand on the chair in front of the window and watch me drive away to work. When I came home he would be on the chair looking out for me. I miss seeing him at the window.
Bailey loved sitting outside on a windy day. He would sit on the lawn enjoying the wind blowing through his thick fur coat. He found it quite peaceful. He loved sitting in the doorway of the sun room looking out into the garden. He always seemed very content.
We were blessed to have Bailey for twelve amazing and precious years. Wherever we went for Christmas dinner he would come with us. He loved being around all the family and we loved having him with us. He was and always will be a valued and much loved member of our family.
Last October (2012) my husband moved out and my children both went off to University. I was left on my own in the house with Bailey. That was a difficult time for me and Bailey helped me get through those dark days and nights. He would snuggle up to me on the couch or lie at my feet. He comforted me and gave me the strength to get on with my life as best as I could. Thank you my darling brave boy for giving me the strength and love to move on. I love and miss you so so much.
For the last few months I have felt that Bailey didn't have long and I made the most of the precious time we had. He wasn't showing signs of sickness but I knew he was getting old and tired, his body seemed to be slowing down.
Then just before his birthday I noticed he had a cold that wasn't clearing up. His bark was very quiet and sounded hoarse. I took him to the vets who was concerned he was losing weight. He did some blood tests and they came back ok. I wasn't worried. However the vet said to return in a month to get him weighed again.
On Sunday 19th May I came downstairs. Bailey always slept downstairs usually on a chair in the living room. He was laid on the floor his head tilted to one side. He didn't get up to greet me. I realised something was wrong especially when he refused to eat. I took him for a walk and he was very slow.
The following day we took him to the vet who gave us the devastating news that he had a tumour in his right ear. It was very advanced and considering his age the vet suggested the kindest thing would be to let him go. I couldn't believe my darling boy was very ill and didn't have long. I took him home and he was given medication. I arranged to get my boys home from University because I knew they would want to say goodbye. They were in the middle of final year exams so could only come home for a few days.
On the Friday we took him back to the vets who explained in more detail what was going on inside his ear. It was causing all kinds of problems. He reassured us that we were doing the kindest thing for Bailey before he suffered even more pain.
That evening my youngest son stayed up all night with him. He would lie next to Bailey each evening whilst Bailey settled down for the night. On that last evening my son was watching tv laid on the couch. Bailey was on his chair. At the end of the movie Bailey got down off the chair and went to lie next to my son. We believe he was saying thank you to him for taking the time to lie with him before he went to sleep each night. My parents came down to say goodbye and we took him for a walk on his favourite field. I woke at 4am on the Saturday morning and spent those last hours loving him and telling him how much we loved him and that we would never forget him. At 7am I took him for a final walk with my son. We let him off his lead on the field and he was sniffing everything. Watching him it was hard to believe how sick he was. We took lots of photos. I couldn't get him to look at the camera until just as we were coming off the field. He turned around for a second to check we were still behind him so I managed to get a photo. When we got home we looked at all the pictures on my phone. The one of him looking back amazed us. There were rainbow rays from the sun shining down on Bailey. He looked so peaceful. I like to believe he was telling us he was at peace and ready to go. He was reassuring us that he loved us and he would be ok. You can see this picture below in the album. It was the last picture we ever took of him.
He passed away peacefully with me and the boys holding him and telling him how much we loved him. I was grateful that we were all with him at the end.
I love and miss him every day. I feel him with me and I talk to him. His ashes are in a wooden casket on a side table along with photos of him and a candle. I also have a small vase of flowers.
Bailey my gorgeous brave boy. We will never forget you. We love and think of you every moment of every day. We feel you beside us and in our hearts. You will always be a part of us, one of our family. Run wild my gorgeous boy. Run free. Be at peace Bailey. One day we will meet again at Rainbows Bridge. Until that day feel our love and follow us wherever we may go.

23rd June 2013 - My precious Bailey, it is twelve years ago today that you joined our family. I remember picking you out of the litter and bringing you home. You were sick in the car, probably from nerves. We all fell in love with you at once, you were our own bundle of joy. We were so blessed that day and I thank God for bringing us together. I love you my gorgeous boy. You are always in my heart xxxxxxxxxxxx

25th June 2013 - I can't believe it is one month since we said goodbye. I miss you so much my darling boy. I feel you with me but wish I could reach out and touch you. I miss your little wiggle and the softness of your fur. I miss seeing you at the window when I drive away and when I come home again. I miss coming down to be greeted by you each morning and saying goodnight each evening. I miss seeing you come to the fridge hoping to get a special treat of your favourite meat. I miss the walks on your favourite field. I miss everything about you my darling brave boy. I know you are at peace now and having lots of fun with your new friends but I wish you would come and visit me sometime soon. The boys will be home again soon. They miss you so much too. So do Grandma and Grandad. We think of you every day. You will be forever loved and always in our hearts. Always one of our family. Be at peace my gorgoeous boy and please come and visit me real soon. I love you so so much xxxxxxxxxxxxx Until we meet again.....

20th July 2013 - It has been eight weeks since we said goodbye. Not a moment goes by when we don't think of you. We love and miss you so much Bailey. The house move could be happening soon and we hope you will follow us. Please follow us wherever we go my darling boy. It isn't that far away from where we are now. We hope you will visit us there. I would give anything to hug you again and feel your beautiful soft fur coat. The house feels so empty but we have a lot of happy memories of our time together. We talk about you all the time. You remain with us always. Forever in our hearts xxxxxxxxxxxx

25th July 2013 - It has been exactly two months since we said goodbye. We love and miss you so much. We think of you every moment of every day. Tonight we will light a candle for you Bailey. The boys talk about you all the time. We remember all the fun and happy times but we all long to hug and feel you again. You will always be one of the family. Forever loved. Always in our hearts. Come visit when you can, we miss you. All our love always xxxxxxxxxxxx

25th September 2013 - Darling Bailey it has been four months since we said goodbye. It doesn't get any easier. We love and miss you so much. We still feel you with us. We have moved now but still feel your presence from time to time. We will never forget you Bailey, our sweet brave boy. We thank you for twelve amazing years filled with memories we will treasure always. Please visit again soon Bailey. Forever loved and missed. Always in our hearts. Until we meet again .......... All our love always and forever xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

25th November 2013 - My gorgeous boy. It has been six months now since we said goodbye. My heart is still broken and the tears still flow. The closer it gets to Christmas the harder it is. I miss you so much. You always loved Christmas and came everywhere with us. The other day I saw a rainbow and knew it was a sign from you sending your love and telling me everything would be ok. I know you are with us in our hearts. I long to hug and feel you once again. I miss the softness of your fur and your funny little wiggle. Christmas won't be the same this year. Even though I miss you so much I find some comfort knowing that you are young again and pain free. Forever loved and missed. Always in our hearts. Until we meet again........ All our love always and forever xxxxxxxxxxxx

21st April 2014
Happy 13th birthday to our precious Bailey. We lit a candle for you tonight. We miss you so much. It is almost a year since we said goodbye but we feel you with us every day in our hearts. We will never forget you. Happy Birthday Bailey. Forever loved and missed. Always in our hearts. All our love always and forever xxxxxxxxxxxxx

25th May 2014
My gorgeous boy, it is a year since you went to Rainbow Bridge. Not a day goes by that we don't think of you. That day was the hardest day of my life. I know now that you were in pain and I can finally forgive myself for letting you go. You were such a good brave boy. We all miss you so much but we have twelve years of wonderful memories that can never be taken away from us. We feel your love around us and know you are here. You are at peace now and no longer in pain. Young again and free. One day we will be together again. Please continue to visit when you can and send us those little signs. We love you so much. We will be lighting a candle for you tonight. Forever loved and missed. Always in our hearts. Until we meet again .............. All our love always and forever xxxxxxxxxxxxx

23rd June 2014
Thirteen years ago today we brought home the cutest little puppy. It was love at first sight. Thank you Bailey for giving us twelve amazing years together and memories we will treasure always. You are and always will be a part of our family and we feel you with us every day. Even though we can't physically see you we know you are there watching over us and guiding us. We think of you always and remember all the good times we shared. We will never forget you. Thank you for showing us what unconditional love was all about and for being such a loyal and loving member of our family. Forever loved and missed. Always in our hearts. Until we meet again.............All our love always and forever xxxxxxxxxxxxx

25th May 2019

Remembering our precious Bailey on his 6th year anniversary. Forever loved and missed. Always in our hearts. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

25th May 2020

Remembering our beloved Bailey on his 7th anniversary. We cherish all the precious memories we shared. Forever loved and missed. Always in our hearts. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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