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Memories of Bailey
Bailey you were my little psycho kitty and lived up to that name by always putting fear into Ally. I still remember when she was about 3 and you chased her into the bathroom and she was kneeling in there hiding her head on the toilet lid and crying, Bailey chased me. I couldn't help but laugh cause I never saw a cat chase anyone before.

You were always a bit grumpy but you were always a good girl. Grandma liked it when you would lay with her or jump on her lap. I know when she passed in Feb. you took it hard and got sick. Even with all my efforts and vet visits, we couldn't help you to get better.

This morning was the hardest thing I had to do but I know you were getting worst and your quality of life was leaving your little body. You had the same look Midnight had when I had to let her go. You will always be in our hearts and will always love you.

I saw you when you were just a hour old and even though you didn't quite make it to your 11th birthday, the years you were with us filled our lives with love and joy. You were our little Irish pussycat and a spunky tortie girl. I just wished that you and Thom would have been as close as you were with Chief.

Mommy and daddy will miss you and Ally will too even though you would always hissed at her. You have your angel wings, your with grandma now and will see Chief and Skippy again. We will never forget you Bailey Boo, we love you sweetpea.

Our hearts will go on, love,

Mommy Debbie, Daddy John, Ally and brother Thom

5-5-14: Bailey I still miss you and think of you all the time. I know you're keeping grandma company but that doesn't stop the tears when I think of you. I tried to keep you going but you just lost the fight and it wasn't fair to try and prolong it. Love you always, Mommy Debbie.

5-5-15: Bailey it's another year that you're gone and I still miss you terribly. Thom is doing good at being big brother to Darby and Rudi, we got them not long after you passed because Thom was missing you so we figured we would get him, 2 little brothers, to pick on. I hope you're taking care of grandma for me. Love you always, Mommy Debbie

5-5-17: Bailey I always have you on my mind. I still miss you and still can't believe you're gone. Thom is 12 now and doing good, Rudi and Darby are 6 and still give Thom a hard time like little brothers do. I hope you're keeping grandma's lap warm for her. Love you always, Mommy Debbie and daddy John.

5-5-18: Bailey, I miss you so much. Thom, now 13, has to eat special food for his thyroid, Darby, and Rudi, now 7, are still giving Thom a hard time, but they get along just fine. I can't believe it's 7 years since you're gone.
Love you always, Mommy Debbie and Daddy John.

5-6-24: Bailey we still think of you. We miss you very much. Thom just turned 19 in March and now has diabetes with his thyroid issues. You have been gone 13 years now and I hope you're keeping Grandma company. We will always love you. Love Mommy, Daddy, and Thom

Please also visit Chief, Midnight and Skippy.

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