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Memories of Bailey
We lost our beloved Bailey on Thursday evening, March 17th peacefully and calmly at home with us telling her we loved her and that it was okay to go. The decision to let Bailey go to heaven was overwhelming at times -- we knew in our hearts we were doing the right thing for her, but what about the pain it would give us? We had her for 16 wonderful years -- what to write about this little rascal who gave us so much joy and love?

She was born in Louisiana on January 21, 1995 and early in March we brought her home with us. From that first night, I lost my heart to her. She was a delight as a little pup, so eager to please and quick to learn! Eight months later we flew with her to Germany where we lived for 4 wonderful years. We lived in a small village close to a Nature Park and we would go for long walks each day -- she carrying her soft ball and occasionally running off to chase a rabbit. Sometimes I thought she would not come back, but she always did. Those years were the best! Bailey was the best traveler, always ready to go when she saw her travel kennel being loaded into the car. She went to so many places her kennel was plastered with stickers! Being an American Cocker she was quite a rarity over there and many people took her photograph and wanted to know about her. Travelling with a four legged friend in Europe is so easy; they can go just about anywhere. Returning to the US in 2000 didn't stop us from travelling with her -- we went yearly to the Outer Banks in North Carolina; Ohio to visit family; South Carolina, the Jersey shore and surrounding countryside. We loved to go to the DQ or Herbie's for an ice cream on our Sunday drives -- she was always a willing participant!

When she tore her ACL four years ago, it put a bit of dent in her activities -- she no longer chased Sammy Squirrel, but the longing was there -- chasing Sammy was the reason for the torn tendon! She continued to be a loving companion at all times, but over the years she slowed down and developed various health issues. Eighteen months ago she lost her right eye to Glaucoma, and that didn't slow her down; then she lost her hearing gradually but still she got around just fine. Two weeks ago she suddenly lost the sight in her left eye, again to Glaucoma and we were devastated for her as we did not see this coming. Walking by the river one day just trying to clear my head, I stopped and closed one eye, then plugged my ears up so that I could not hear the loud rushing river, and then finally, I closed my other eye. There was nothing -- no sight, no sound. I knew then that I did not want my beloved Bailey to live in a soundless and sightless world. The meds were just short term as surgery was not an option and we did not want to risk another emergency where we might have to make a hasty decision in some cold examining room. It was a heart wrenching decision to make to send her to heaven, but our final gift of love to our faithful, loving companion.

Our house is so empty now, none of the familiar things we loved about her - no wagging tail, no licks, no more preparing her "chicky chicky", no more begging taps on my leg when I was eating my dinner; knowing exactly when it was time for her lunch biscuit or dinner or that the frozen peas were coming out of the freezer! She made us laugh - she simply was the best of the best, we loved her so much. My life was centered on her -- as her Poppa would say "she has you under her paw" and yes she did and I loved it. I would do anything for her. It will take a long time to get out of the routine we had together every day. Everywhere I look, there will be Bailey. I hope she knows that the decision we made was because we loved her and wanted what was best for her, no more pain. We are in pain, but we will be okay.

Bailey you will live in our hearts forever, we will continue to tell you each day that we love you as we have for the last 16 years. We know that you are now chasing Sammy Squirrel because you can see and hear him and that ol' tendon is not bothering you any longer. Run, run, and run to your heart's content and one day we will be reunited -- your Momma, Poppa and Susie are sending you kisses and hugs.


Hello my sweet Bailey, well it has been 6 months since you went to the Bridge and there is such a huge hole in our lives still - we think of you each day and send you kisses. We missed you last week at the beach, but had a memorial service on the beach for you. We had to laugh about the time you were so excited and broke free of your leash and took off after the birds ! As time went by you couldn't hear them and had less interest, but we know that now you are having a good time once more, free of pain - your eyes are clear once again and you can see and hear those pesky birds! We are smiling as we are sure your ears are flapping also as you run! Watch over us and we will be reunited with you one day, of that I am sure. Love always, Momma, Poppa and Susie xx


Hello sweet puppy, sorry I have not written anything on your page in a while -I visit you often and read tributes to other pets which always makes me feel sad for their families. It is always harder for the ones left behind. Your Poppa and I just came home from visiting with my family for the first time in three years - I just would not leave you behind. It was still very hard to talk about you, you will always be in our hearts. I think that Susie misses you too - she likes to sleep in your basket. She was with Linda while we were gone and I am not sure she wanted to come home - she had made herself right at home (Iwhich was good) so I didn't have to worry about her. She still is a sneezy kitty, but doing okay. I remember how excited you always were to see us when we picked you up - so many kisses and tail wags - cats are just not the same!! We are supposed to get snow tomorrow - you would have loved it! We love and miss you each day - watch over us. Momma xxxx

Hello my sweet Bailey. I can hardly believe that it is 8 months today since you left us for the Bridge. There is still such a void in our hearts that will never be filled. Thank you for giving us so much happiness. I hope you are happy and watching over us. All our love, Momma, Poppa and Susie xxx

Hi there little pup. Tomorrow will be nine months since you left Poppa, Susie and I. It just seems like yesterday, the pain is still there. I had a hard time writing the Christmas cards out because I found myself writing "Bailey" along with our names on the cards. It won't be the same without you in your little Santa hat. I know you hated it when we put it on, but you were a good sport and tolerated it. Love you always, Momma xxxx

Hi my sweet pup. Well the Holidays are over and we missed you so. This month you would have turned 17 - somehow I thought we would have you forever. There is still so much of you with us at the house - your basket, so many photos of you and and your favorite toys. We had a wonderful life with you and our memories will last forever. Hope you are happy where you are and that you have made friends and getting enough to eat :) Watch over us until we meet again. Love you always and forever, Momma xxx

Happy 17th Birthday beloved Bailey - Hope you will have a cake and lots of treats today with all of your new friends on the Bridge. We wish with all our hearts that you were still here with us - remember your "pup cake" from last year :) We carry you each day in our hearts until we see you again, Lots of love and kisses from Momma, Poppa and Susie xxxxx

We can't believe it has been one year tomorrow that you crossed The Bridge, it just seems like it was yesterday. I have cried a river over you and if I thought that would bring you back, I would cry another. I know you had a wonderful life - you gave us so much love and joy through sixteen wonderful years. I know you are free of all pain and once again can see and hear. In your honor, we will go to Hot Dog Johnny's tomorrow and have the same meal we had with you a year ago - even though you couldn't see where the food was, you did a good job of eating your share! You are with us each day, we will carry you in our hearts forever until we meet again. All our love, Momma, Poppa and Susie xxxx

Hello my sweet Bailey. By now, you and Susie Kitty are hopefully reunited and you are taking good care of each other. It was a shock when Susie got sick and we had to make a decision to let her go - we thought we would have her a little bit longer. We always knew she came into our lives for a reason; she helped me when you left us and there was such a big hole in my heart. Love you both always and forever, watch over Poppa and I. Momma xxxxx

Sweet Bailey, it has been 15 months since you left us - it seems just like yesterday. I would give anything to hold you one more time, but know you are happy and healthy and watching over us until we meet again. We carry you in our hearts each day. Love and miss you, Momma xxx

Hello my sweet Bailey, it has been 18 months now since we said our goodbyes, but I know one day we will be reunited - I sure hope so as we miss you so very much. You captured my heart from the first second I saw you and took a part of my heart with you 16 years later. We had wonderful times together that's for sure. Watch over us and we'll see you again - have fun with sister Susie Kitty, cousins Sally, Nicky and Alley and good pal Sam. Love you always and forever, Momma xxxx

Hi there little Angel, today would have been your 18th birthday - I always thought you would still be here with us. We were so lucky to have you for 16 years - what a joyous day that was. Know you are safe and happy and with your friends celebrating today. Love always, Momma xxx

Today is the 2nd anniversary of your being on The Rainbow Bridge. It seems just like yesterday. We know it was time for you, but not for us. We think of you each and every day and carry you in our hearts. You were such a wonderful companion and I miss you so much, but know how lucky we were to have you for 16 wonderful years. I know you are happy and healthy and with Susie and so many others. Continue to watch over us until we see you again. Love you always my sweet pup, Momma and Poppa xxxxx


Hello Sweet Bailey, Happy 4th of July! Today we'll be going to Hot Dog Johnny's, one of your favorite places. We'll have a hotdog and French fries in your honor. It is so hot here right now you would hate it, but know where you are is so much nicer for you. Love and miss you every day, you gave us so many wonderful years. Momma and Poppa xxx

Missed you this week when we went to Hot Dog Johnny's for our Labor Day lunch - you loved it there, especially the French fries! The weather is turning cooler and you would like it, so many sniffs. Love and miss you each and every day, you were the very best friend I ever had. Momma and Poppa xxx

Hello Miss Bailey, we were putting up the tree last night and looking at all of the cocker ornaments we have - brought a lump to my throat that you weren't here to help us decorate, but know you will get lots of pressies where you are. You would love it outside right now - snow and more to come! You always loved the snow so much. We miss you and love you so, you were the best friend I ever had. All our love, Momma and Poppa xx


Happy New Year Miss Bailey! I thought you would like a ham bone to start off your year. We love and miss you each day, always always in our hearts. Momma and Poppa xxxx

Today would have been your 19th birthday - I always thought you would live to be 20! We will be thinking about you as we always do and sending you lots of love and kisses. Miss you each day, you were the best friend ever. Love you, Momma and Poppa xxxx

Next Monday it will be 3 years since you went to the Bridge. It seems just like yesterday. We miss you with each day that passes, you were such a special little pup. I am a bit early changing your page over to Spring, but it has been a long, cold winter here, although I know where you are that it is sunny each day. We love and miss you Bailey, always always in our hearts. Momma and Poppa xxx


Hi Sweet Pup, Happy Easter - remember these bunny ears - you really didn't like them and it shows in your sweet scrunchy face! Be on the lookout for Chloe who crossed the Bridge this week, Kya who also crossed the bridge and Miles the kitty - you and Susie take good care of them. We love and miss you each day. Lots of kisses, Momma and Poppa xxx


Hello my sweet baby, well summer is almost here - it is a long time coming this year. We will be visiting one of your favorite places soon and I know you'll be there. Love and miss you, never a day goes by that I don't think of you. Always in my heart, Love Momma and Poppa xx


Hi there sweet pup, we were just at one of your favorite places - OBX. You always loved it there so much, but we know a part of you is still there. Love and miss you each and every day, you were the sweetest little pooch and I miss you so. Hope you and Susie are looking after each other. Much love, Momma and Poppa xxx


Hello my sweet pup, well today we are having a snow storm - you would have loved it! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we will be home. I am thankful for the 16 years that we had you with us, every day was a gift. Love and miss you each day, Momma and Poppa xxx


Well Christmas is here and how I would love to find you under the tree all wrapped up for me! Know that you will be getting your share of turkey - love you always, Momma and Poppa xxx


Happy Birthday my sweet pup - the 21st would have been your 20th birthday - somehow I always thought you would still be with us, but it was not to be. We had 16 wonderful years with you - love you always ! Momma and Poppa xxx

Four years today that you went to the Bridge - I wanted to leave you some French fries, but didn't see any to include .... remember we went to Hot Dog Johnny's and although you could not see, you certainly could smell the French fries we held to your nose! Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and all the good times we had during your 16 years with your poppa and me. Love and miss you, Momma and Poppa xx


Dearest Bailey, changing out your photo and the season - Fall is upon us and then winter and snow - your favorite! Not a day goes by that I don't think of you, so wish you were still here with us. Little Cheeka is on the Bridge now and I know you are taking good care of her, both you and Susie showing her the way around. Love and miss you, hope you miss me too! Momma and Poppa xxx


Sweet Bailey, Christmas is nearly here and as always it brings a lump to my throat when we hang all our "Bailey" ornaments on the tree. You are greatly missed and always in our hearts. Love you, Momma and Poppa xx


Sweet Bailey, your birthday is a few days away. Know that your Momma and Poppa will be thinking of you as we do each day. Wish I could nuzzle you one more time. All our love, Momma and Poppa xxx

3/17/16: My sweet Bailey, today is the 5th anniversary of your saying your goodbyes. Not a day goes by that I have not thought of you, you were so special, you gave us 16 years of devoted love and companionship. I still smile when I think of us taking you to Hot Dog Johhny's and even though you could no longer see or hear, you still had that great nose and you found the French fries! I have cried many tears since you left us, but know I will see you again one day. Hope you and Susie are taking good care of each other. All our love always, Momma and Poppa xx

12/9/2016: Christmas is almost here and we put all our Bailey ornaments on the tree, still brings a lump to my throat, so many memories of our 16 years together. Still think of you each day, you were so special and never forgotten. Love you always, have a great Christmas on the Bridge. Momma and Poppa xx

1/21/2016: Happy Birthday sweet Bailey! I hope you are having a blast on the Bridge with Susie and all of your new friends. Thinking of you and sending hugs and kisses, love you always, Momma and Poppa xx

3/16/17: Sweet Bailey, how can it be that it is 6 years since you crossed The Bridge and left such a huge hole in our hearts? We love and miss you each day, you are never far from us. I would give anything to hold you again and get some "dog spit" from you :) Lots of hugs and kisses, Momma and Poppa xxx

12/20/17: Merry Christmas sweet Bailey, we didn't put up a tree this year, so did not get all of our pup ornaments out. You are in our hearts each day and forever. Love and miss you, Momma and Poppa xxx

1/21/18: Happy Birthday to my best bud ..... hope you and Abby have met ..... sweet Abby went to the Bridge on January 21st and you were born three years later on the same day - had to be a sign! Poppa and I love and miss you so much. All our love,xx

3/13/18: Sweet Bailey, can you believe it is 7 years since you left Poppa, Susie and me .... it seems like yesterday. I think of you every day, and miss you so very much. You gave us so much joy and love for 16 wonderful years. Love you with all my heart, Momma and Poppa xxx

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