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Hey boy! Hello Beagle Beagle....

It's been two weeks since you passed and I thought it fitting that I do more than just pay for a pretty web site to honor your life. I thought since this site allowed me to I would give you a brief replay of your life with me and how much I enjoyed it.

I'm sure you remember well when I picked you up at that pet store many years ago. Or perhaps you don't since all you were interested in was sniffing the floor. There were so many interesting scents in that puppy room that you had no idea that your life at that time was about to change for the better.

And oh what a splash you made with several customers when I took you right from the pet store to Pet Smart, walking around shopping for all of the beagle support equipment we would be needing, holding you comfortably within the palm of my hand, the little twerp that you were.

And then you arrived home, and the house breaking project began. I'm sure you remember that time. How long did it take you to learn? Three months? Four months? I'll bet that that's when you discovered who the big dog of the household was (me). Remember when you finally figured out what not to do when I wouldn't let you in the house for two days because of the nasty mess you made all over the place? I'll tell you now Beagle boy I was so furious with you that I had a discussion with a fellow I worked with at the time to see if he would adopt you. He said he would. You were a hairline away from going to Tennessee. But after a two day house suspension I finally let you in. And the first thing you did once you crossed the door threshold was to lie down on your back, paws up in the air, letting me know you understood. Good move boy! In an instant my annoyance with you went away. Of course there were other things on your "bad boy" list that resulted in "Destructodog" becoming one of your early nick names, but enough said.

Yes you truly were a high energy puppy who loved to investigate, tear apart and play. What was good about that was that as you got older you continued to be this way, with the tear apart aspect relegated to only stuffed squeaky toys. G'Boy! Whatta good Beagle Boy!

Of course a brief synapses of your life would not be complete if it did not include the memory of the number of times you escaped from the back yard because someone left the gate ajar (me) and you had to exercise your nose down tail up beagle configuration for hours on end in either the woods or the horse farms that surrounded whatever subdivision we were living in. Never before had I felt like an aggravated parent wondering where his child is and when is it coming home. But I understand life in Beagledom. Your nose is your life. Had we lived on a 10 acre farm somewhere I would have let you out and you would've enjoyed yourself endlessly and then probably came back fully exhausted and I wouldn't have cared. But we didn't' have that and, as you recall, there were a few times when a caring neighbor returned you to the back yard. We are very lucky that one of those neighbors who don't particularly care for trespassing animals did not call the county animal control department on you.

But of course without hesitation I can say that through it all I am happy with my decision to have kept you instead of sending you to Tennessee. After fiancée Darlene and I called it quits and moved out it was just you and I, and for the next this many years we hung out together, buddies, roommates. When I arrived home from work each day we ate dinner together, played our floor games and shared that big king size bed. On the weekends and holidays, weather permitting, we took very long hikes through and out of the neighborhoods we lived in. I know you enjoyed that very much and it was good exercise for the both of us. I want you to know that across all the subdivisions we lived in there isn't a human soul out there who knows you who didn't like you. You charmed every single human being you met. Every one of them.

Over all those years each day you just couldn't wait for evening play time. It seemed you stored up all of your daily energy for that time. We would play with the stuffed animals or chase each other around the house or play hide-and-seek. I'll tell you beagle, even on those days when I was so tired I played with you anyway, and as you always did, you made me at least smile, at most laugh.

You never really slowed down. You were always ready for action, even after they discovered the lymphoma. You were not feeling well at all and then they gave you prednisone to take and that made you feel 100% better and you were back in action, and I was so happy to see it.

But it didn't last. Two and a half weeks later you felt bad again, and it continued to get worse and worse for you. It got to the point where I had to pick you up and put you in your chair and carry you up the stairs and into bed with me to sleep. Finally on that Wednesday evening your breathing was so hoarse and labored that the next day I made an appointment with the vet for Friday morning. When Friday morning came I called my friend and prior business partner Ed to ask him some questions about the procedure. You see on Thursday I felt it was time to let you go and I decided that at the vet's office the next day, Friday, I was going to let you go using the procedure. Ed said to change the appointment for later in the afternoon and he would accompany me, which I did.

But you couldn't wait, could you Beagle Boy?

That Friday morning was the worst day of your life, physically speaking. You were hurting so bad. Your breathing was so labored. You were vomiting a bloody mess. I had to carry you outside so you could do your business and your back legs were not working well. I left you outside in the back yard so you could enjoy the nice weather and could do whatever other business you had to do. Then, no more than a couple of minutes later you called me. I heard your weak, hoarse call for me. So I rushed back outside and picked you up and brought you back into the house and put you in your chair. I offered you water which you did not take. It seemed you weren't paying attention to me or anything. A couple of minutes later you were gone. You died in your favorite chair in the living room. Dr. B, the veterinarian, said that the cancer spread all over the place. She said very likely blood clots were being thrown all over, including the brain. And that's how you stopped living.

Beagle, last fall I started to notice that you were really getting grey in the face and I thought to myself that I better set my mind up for the time when you would not be here anymore. Possibly you sensed something also, as I noticed you were being even more clingy than usual. This is not a complaint about that. I acknowledged the clinginess in kind. Without hesitation I admit that throughout the last six months of your life I didn't want to do anything else but stay home with you. I gave up social events to attend. I didn't care. Each day I just wanted to get back home to make sure you were OK. Perhaps this was God's influence: be with your dog as much as you can because soon he will be with me.

Beagle Boy you didn't hear me because you were already gone but before I left you at the vet clinic for cremation I told you the following: Thank you for being my buddy and companion. You have enriched my life with your spirit of fun, merriment, friendship, faithfulness and companionship. You have truly lived up to your nick name and your breed.

Know this: If we are allowed to drink beer in heaven, then when you see (or smell) me coming up to that rainbow bridge come and get me. I'll have a six pack of your favorite green beer bottles for us to enjoy together like we did when you were here.

As I said I will always miss you. There will never be another Beagle Boy.

5/09/2011==> Thinking about you boy.... its been two years... gary

5/29/2012==> Hey boy!!! Still remembering you, beagle..... three years....
Thanks to all for your kind words. Had you known this dog like many of his human friends and neighbors did, I'm sure you
too would still be carrying a heavy heart because of his departure from this world.
Thank you. Gary

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