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Memories of Bacon
I will always remember the sweet gentle timbre of your purr whenever I held you in my arms and waltzed with you throughout the house. I will always remember Content squint of you Beautiful green eyes as I constantly whipped up and sang myriads of Ridiculous impromptu songs about you to you. I will always remember the weight and the warmth of your furry little body clinging to mine as I zipped you up into the cozy recesses of my hoodie for your much loved naps. I will always remember your strange abstract meow that you reserved for only me. I will always remember waking nightly within the wee hours of the morning to find you curled up and rested on my pillow next to me. I will always remember the sweet popcorn fragrance of your warm little feet as they gingerly kneaded upon my face. I will always remember the goofy faux predator You would become as I twisted my hands about underneath your blanket and You pounced about quizzically. I will always remember the way that you would bury your face into the bend of my elbow As I held you on my lap. I will always remember I the distinct patch of hair on your little head that would crimp wildly on rainy days. I will always remember how you eccentrically planted yourself in front of your water glass snd would humorously paw at the table next to it as you drank. I will forever remember the strength that you exhibited as you bravely fought the illness that descended upon you so quickly mercilessly. I will always remember the fear or maybe it was concern in your eyes that I saw as she struggled in your last moments to hold on for me and your sisters. I will always remember The feeling of your apprehension dissipating as I told you from my heart it was time for you to be at peace and you listened in characteristic trust. I will always remember your final heart beats quietly space themselves into silence As my hand trembled to absorb each passing beat. Bacon, you were my harbor And our waters mingled As one. The Levee of your unconditional love never once in 15 years Wavered or threatened To let the outside sea crash Upon my vessel tied to your port. I miss you my friend. I love you fiercely, and I love you eternally.

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