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Memories of Baby Girl
Baby Girl you came into my life as a scared little puppy. You quickly stole my heart. You loved your brothers and your Daddy, but you were mine all mine. You wrapped yourself around my heart and that was the end of it. You ruled the roost. You were the boss of your brothers and Me and Daddy. You were the queen and you deserved to be. i loved watching you chase Smokey through the water puddles when you were both small. Even though I scolded you I still thought it was so cute when the two of you chewed through the drywall in the bathroom. Seeing you at the door with drywall on your faces was priceless. I loved the cuddles and snuggles every night. You were my best friend and confidant. You were there for me when I had my bad car wreck. You were the best nurse ever. You were also there for me when Daddy passed away suddenly. You kept me sane and grounded. You were and are my whole world. When I found out you had cancer I was devastated. My whole world crashed. When you started having seizures I knew I was going to have to help you cross the Bridge. It was the hardest day of my life. When you looked at me with those eyes I knew I had to let you go. I didn't want to but I had to. I know you are no longer in pain and that you are running with your brothers and having fun. I will see you again I promise. Until I do run, play chase your brothers, bask in the sun and take all the naps your heart desires.
Just remember Mommy loves you more than anything in the world.

3-17-16 Baby Girl thank you for the visit last night. I was so hoping you would come. You always know when to come see me. The gentle nudge on my arm was soooo sweet. I loved hearing your nails click on the hardwood floor coming down the hallway. I also loved seeing you at the end of the porch this morning telling me goodbye. I love you.

3-21-16 There were ducks on the lake this weekend. I sat with Willy and watched them. We knew you were there with us watching them to. They were really pretty. They had white heads, we have never seen any like that before. I thought I saw you run down to the water and I think Willy did to. He ran down there and stood like he was standing next to you and looking at you. I love you and miss you everyday. Love Mommy

3-22-16 I know there are so many fur babies up there and you are making new friends left and right. You always loved meeting new people and new fur babies. I hope you are having a great time. Tell Daddy that I love him and miss him. Cuddle up to him and keep him warm. You know he always complained that he was cold. Maybe you can take him for a walk and sit in the sun for awhile. I love you and can't wait for our reunion.
Love Mommy

3-29-16 Baby Girl Daddy and I built a bon fire over the weekend. As we sat in our chairs yours was empty. We know you were there in spirit. This is the first one we have done since you have been gone. We know how much you loved sitting in your chair by the fire with us. And how you loved eating those marshmallows. It was very hard sitting there without you. I love you Baby Girl.
Love Mommy

3-30-16 O my goodness Baby Girl I had a melt down today. My phone freaked out and I lost my picture of you on my home screen. Thank goodness Daddy is patient. He fixed it for me and now it is Ok. I was in a panic and didn't know what happened. I miss you so much and I love opening my phone up and seeing your face. I kiss you goodnight every night before I put it on the charger. Well enough bothering you. I hope you are having fun with Spanky and Smokey and Daddy. I love you and miss you.
Love Mommy

4-5-16 Thank you for the visit last night Baby Girl. I was so glad to see you. I guess you knew I needed you after all that has been going on the last few days. I wish you could of stayed longer. I know you had to go but it was hard. I knew you were coming I could here your click click click in the hallway. Thank you for being my Guardian Angel and guiding light. I don't know what I would do if you weren't guiding me. My world has been crazy the past week and I know I can always count on you to be there. Thank you for being in my life for 13 yrs. I love you and miss you terribly. Come visit as often as you want to.
Love Mommy

5-12-16 Baby Girl it has been awhile since I have been here. I think about you everyday. Daddy and I have finished the fish pond. You should see the frogs. I know how much you loved to chase them. They are everywhere. There was one huge one on the ledge next to the solar lantern we put there for you. I miss sitting in the swing swinging with you and watching the waterfall. It was so relaxing sitting there with you on my lap. I swear I felt you on my lap Saturday when I was swinging. I hope it was you.
I told Daddy I swear I saw you on your spot on the porch last night. I know it was you watching me pull in the drive and come up to the door. I know you are my guardian angel watching out for me. That is what keeps me going everyday knowing you are watching over me.
I love you and miss you and can not wait until our reunion at the Bridge. Until that day comes take care of my Daddy and your boys. Run, play, chase frogs and lay in the sun.
Mommy loves you and misses you terribly.
Love Mommy

June 1, 2016
Baby Girl I miss you terribly. I feel so empty inside. I sit on porch in the love seat and you are not with me. I know you loved sitting there with the ceiling fan blowing on you keeping you cool.
I know that was you last night at the window in the form of a lightening bug. You loved to chase them. I have been seeing one at my window for quite awhile. I didn't realize it was you until last night. When I realized it and said Baby Girl is that you you lit up so bright. I am so glad you have been coming to visit me. I am so glad when I put my hand on the window you stayed there for a few seconds. I could feel you there. I will watch for you every night from now on.
I love you so much. You are my sunshine and I can't wait until we meet again.
I was wanting to tell you that a friend of mine lost her Doxie Chanelle last night. She was a rescue and Julie tried to save her but she was to sick. Will you please find her and show her around. She really could use a friend.
I love you and cherish the time you were here with me. Until we meet at the Bridge just know that Mommy loves you and misses you.
Love Mommy.

6-8-16 O my goodness Baby Girl. You brought your brothers to see me last night. Thank you so much for that. Mommy was so excited when I seen three lightening bugs at my window. I love you and miss you soo sooo much. I love my nightly visits from you it makes it so much easier for me to deal with you being gone. I can not wait for our reunion at the Bridge. Give your brothers kisses and love from Mommy and let them know I love them. You can bring them to see me anytime you want and they want to come. I love you and miss you and am waiting for the day I get to see you all whole and healthy at the Bridge. Play and have fun with your brothers until then.
Love Mommy

Baby Girl there's a little guy name Manny coming to the Bridge. Will you greet him and show him around until his family comes to meet him? Mommy loves you and misses you everyday.
Love Mommy until we meet at the Bridge.

Baby Girl it has been awhile since I wrote to you. And it has been awhile since you have come to my window. I really miss you so much. I added a photo to your album. There is a little Dachshund on the facebook page I belong to her name is MeMaw. Her owners wanted her put to sleep because she was old. She is only 15. So a nice lady rescued her and is giving her a loving home. She doesn't wag her tail because she was abused really bad. We are hoping that she starts to wag it soon. A really nice lady donated a stroller to her but couldn't afford to ship it so I paid the shipping. She looks so much like you. The picture I posted is a tag that her new Mommy made to put on her stroller. So now you can look out for MeMaw. Please help her understand her new Mommy will never hurt her and help her to get that tail wagging soon. I also posted a pic of MeMaw so you can see just how much she looks like you.
I love you Baby Girl. I hope you come back to my window soon to see me. I watch for you every night. I know you are busy playing and have fun and that is ok. Just drop by once in awhile to let me know you are doing ok.
I love you and am waiting for our reunion at the Bridge
Love, hugs and smooches from Mommy

Its been awhile since I wrote to you Baby Girl. I think about you everyday. Daddy and I went a vacation. It was a much needed one. I miss you coming to my window every night. I wish you would come to me because I miss you so much. I struggle everyday without you. Sometimes its hard for me to get out of bed but I do because I know you would want me to. I finally have my Memorial to you finished. I won't let anyone touch anything on it. Everyday is a struggle and I try to keep going. I soooo look forward to the day that we meet again. I can't wait for your kisses on my face and to be able to squeeze you and hold you again. My life will be complete again. I so miss you sitting on the end of the porch waiting for me when I got home from work. I swear sometimes I see you sitting there waiting for me. I cry so much because I miss you so much.
I love you and until we meet again at the Bridge.
Love, hugs, squeezes, smooches, kisses and lots of love Mommy

Hi sweet Baby Girl. I really really need a visit from you. I am struggling right now. Elisha has decided that she no longer wants us in her life or the girls life. We told her we just want to be Grandparents and take them places and have them spend the night but she said no and that she don't want us to bother them anymore. I don't know what to do. Please come visit Mommy and let me know its all gonna me Ok. I love you sooooo much and I can't wait until I see you again. I so want to hold you, kiss you and love on you again.
Mommy will be waiting for your visit.
I love you Baby Girl
Love Mommy

Baby Girl it's been a long time since I came to see you. Mommy had a stroke. I couldn't walk or use my right side.i wish you were here with me to nurse me back.I am still recovering and have a long ways to go. I know you are watching over me. I love you and wish I could see you. Just know I love you and miss you. Until we meet at the Bridge Love Mommy.

Baby Girl I feel so bad I didn't write you on your birthday. I wish you were here to help me deal with this stroke. I am struggling. I just wish you were here for me to cuddle and kiss. Elisha caused my stroke when she took my Granddaughters from me and told me I couldn't be their Grandma 3 days later I had this stroke. I don't know how to go on without you or them. I am trying so hard to be strong but its just so hard. Happy late birthday and know that I love you and always will. Mommy will continue to be strong because I know you would want me. I just can not wait for the day I can hold you again then I will feel complete again. Until that glorious day we meet again just know you are my guiding light. Know go kiss you brothers for me and run and play until our glorious reunion.
I love you sweet girl with all my heart and soul.
Love Mommy

Baby Girl Today has been really rough for me. I can't believe it has been 4 yrs since you left me. I am trying to be strong but its really really hard. I know you wouldn't want me to be sad. With the stroke and not having you its hard. I think about you every day. You were my whole world and I find it hard to even get out of bed sometimes. I hope that you are playing with your brothers and you are keeping PaPa company. He loved you so much. Well Baby Girl I am gonna go back to bed. I am really struggling today. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Maybe you can pay me a visit tonight if you want to. I love you and I really miss you.
Until we meet at the Bridge keep your brothers inline and take care of PaPa. I LOVE YOU.
Love Mommy

Baby Girl I miss you so much. I hope you and Daddy are fine up there and watching over me. I am so terrified about having surgery to fix my aorta. I am just now doing good after my stroke and don't want to be down again. They say I will do ok but being cut open just terrifies me. I have noticed that you have been coming to my window every night and I so look forward to that visit. I wish you were here for me to snuggle with.
The kids don't care about me they don't even think I had a stroke. Neither one called or came to see me. So we have decided to retire and move to Greece when I get my aorta fixed. At least over there no one knows about them. I won't be asked how's your kids and grandkids doing? You would love it there. Just laying in the sun all day in 80 degree weather. You will be with me in my heart. I love and miss you everyday. I think if you all the time. Run and be free until you see me again.
Love Mommy

Baby Girl thanks for the visit last night. I love you sooo much. We were talking about you and Rocky today About how you would chase him and run through the puddles down by the lake. That was always so much fun watching the two of you play.
I wanted to tell you there is new guying coming to the Bridge. His name is Takoda and he's a Doxie. Please greet him and show him around.
Mommy is doing good after the stroke. I can drive and therapy is going good. I go on 6-8 to see how big my Aneurysm is. I am really scared but I know you are my Guardian Angel.
I love you Baby Girl and can't wait to be with you again. Tell all the boys I love them to.
Love Mommy

Baby Girl I miss you terribly. Being home and you not being here is horrible. I find it hard to live without you. I know you don't want me to feel this way but it is hard nit to. I love you sooo much. Say Hi to Smokey and Spanky for me and take care of them. Until we meet again.
Love you and miss you Mommy

Baby Girl we are in Greece and it's sooo beautiful here. I know you would love it on the beach and in the water. Mommy stood at the waters edge today and I swear I saw your face in the water. We had Chicken Kabobs for lunch at a tavern on the beach. I know you would of loved the Kabobs. I enjoy Lilly being here but she is Daddy's dog and you were mine. I miss you cuddled up next to me every night. I know you are with me in my heart but it's not the same.
I know you are whole now and pain free running with the boys but I miss you and want you back.
I know I am being selfish but I miss you terribly.
Until I hold you in my arms again
Love Mommy

Baby Girl I have been really think about you lately. Daddy has been blowing leaves and I miss you laying in the pile and running around diving In them with Smokey. I miss you 3 running and chasing each other around the yard. The Holidays are coming and I get depressed thinking bout you not being here or Isababela or Kenzie. It's just not the same without you perched under the tree. I can not wait for our Glorious reunion when you come running and jump in my arms and give me a big kiss. Kiss you brothers for me and tell them I miss and love them to.
Until we have that Glorious reunion at The Bridge
Love Mommy

Baby Girl there is a sweet little boy named Kasey Fivecoat that's coming up to the Bridge. Please meet him and show him the ropes up there. He's a snuggler and cuddler. He's an amazing little guy you will love him. Mommy was lucky enough to get to meet him and love on him. Introduce him to everyone and make him feel at home. Tell him when he gets settled in to give his Mommy a sign that's he has made it safe and he's doing fine, she misses him terribly. I will let you go so you can go greet him. I love and miss you. Tell your brothers I miss and love them to.
Love you Mommy

Baby Girl it's Christmas and I don't feel like celebrating with out you. It's not the same anymore. I miss you opening everyone's presents. I love you and miss you.


Baby Girl I hope you are taking care of Kasey. I wanted to let you as the new year approaches I miss you so much. Enjoy your new years Eve party. Be sure to to hide under the covers on Jesus big bed when the fireworks start. I love you and miss you so much. Until we meet at the Bridge.
Love Mommy

Today would be your 18th Birthday. It's a sad day for Mommy. I still haven't made a connection with Lilly maybe because I miss you so much and my heart is still broke. No one can replace you. I know PaPaw is throwing you one heck of a party. Enjoy your Birthday and kiss the boys and PaPaw for me. Happy Birthday Baby Girl Mommy loves you and misses you terribly.
Love Mommy.

Today makes 5 yrs since I had to say goodbye to you. I know you are happy to be with your brothers again and PaPaw. I know how much you love him. I know he is taking care of you until I get there. I just miss you so much. I really could use you here with me while I am going through so much, but that's being selfish and I know it. I know you are all healed and running around chasing the boys. I love you so much. Kiss every one for me and enjoy your time there until we meet again.
Love and kisses Mommy

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