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Memories of Baby Boy
Baby Boy strolled in one day with my Pumpkin. Pumpkin was a Feral cat too ! She just showed up sitting atop the stack of tires behind my shop at work. Baby Boy was there with her one morning when I went to feed Pumpkin. He wasn't very sociable in the beginning but loved the food. From that day on he was always outside rarely missing a morning. They would both eat and Pumpkin would never leave the property but Baby Boy would wander off. Pumpkin was little and fragile and I was worried about loosing her. She was very young and after about 4 months I managed to cage her and bring her home. Baby Boy continued to show up in the morning. I had started bringing the cats into the office in the morning to feed them. After Pumpkin was gone Baby Boy enjoyed eating and laying around for awhile until my other employees came in. I found myself going in extra early to be with him and make sure he got fed. He would always leave when people came around and I would walk him safely across the street or towards the woods. Whichever way he wanted to go. I got to a point where he would not move until I did. Once he was safely on his way to wherever he went I sadly walked back to work missing him. I always wanted to take him home as I did Pumpkin. She was tough and it took several weeks of keeping her in my bedroom with me and left alone in there until I returned home from work. I already had 5 cats at home. 5 female as is Pumpkin and 1 male as was Baby Boy. Eventually it worked out and they are all a family now. I intended to try to take Baby Boy home but knew it would be difficult. My male cat at home, Boober is the king of the roost ! Baby Boy was a Feral cat and it took months to get to a point that I could pet him and rub his back and sides. I could never pick him up and he would swat at me on many occasions. Over time it got to where he was always excited to see me and would meow when I went to the door to let him him. I always watched weather reports to make sure I was able to beat the rain or cold to get him fed on on his way to his hideaway. I was getting to a point that I felt able to try to bring him home. He had become more sociable and was now staying at work even when the guys came in. They would pet him and he came to enjoy it. He was still very cautious ans was not letting anyone too close other than a pet or two. I by now could do pretty much whatever I wanted except pick him up. I always looked forward to going to work and being with him. I talked to him as I did my morning paperwork and would go over and pet and play with him. I brought in a little mouse that Pumpkin played with at home and he liked it too. It was now his mouse. I still have it.
One Sunday I came in to feed him and opened the door to let him out. He did not leave as he usually did. I came in at 5:30am and it was 8:30 when after several times opening the door I scooted a roller chair his way to urge him to go outside. I am haunted with that everyday. He went just outside the door and sat. He NEVER did that. I thought he just wanted to go back inside and lay around and be lazy for a day. I had in the past let him stay inside and would return later in the afternoon to let him out. I would find him up on the counter all comfy and cozy. But that Sunday the owner was coming in to do some remodeling in our bathrooms so I could not. I would have to turn the alarm off when I left him inside. The owner would not have liked that. This haunts me too ! The circumstances of everything. I went to my truck when I saw he wasn't going to move and waited for him to stroll off. As soon as he started to walk away I ran up next to him and walked around the side of the building and towards the wooded area where he liked to go sometimes. I did not know anything was wrong but I sensed something wasn't quite right. I came in the following morning at 5:00am. It was raining and I opened the door expecting him to come charging in from the small house I had made for him outside. He did not and at first I did not see him. I saw a white patch in his house and seen it was Baby Boy. I went to him and it was clear he did not want to move. I tried to get him to come inside to eat but he would not budge. I finally made his food and took it to him. It was drizzling at this point and started to rain so I had to go back inside. All through the day I went to check on him. It rained the entire day. He was never one to stay in his house. He would always leave during the day come rain or shine. By the end of the day, around 6:00pm I took him some more food and left his water bowl inside. I figured eventually he would get out when it quit raining. I never would leave food in his house for him as there is a Raccoon that would always come around and eat Pumpkins food when she was there. But I wanted to make sure he was well fed for the day as he had not eaten much at all. On Tuesday morning I was restless and worried about him. It was my day off and I went in at 4:00am to check on him not knowing if he had left his house or not. If he had I knew he probably would not be around until about 5 but I was worried. I pulled up in my van to the back where his house is and my headlights were aiming at his house. At first I did not see him but then I saw his head lift up a bit and he laid back down. INSTANTLY I knew something was wrong. I went to him and he was motionless. I could see where his food tray was turned over and his water was dirty. I knew the Raccoon had probably came in. His area was undisturbed and he was settled in like he usually was. He moved just a bit so I went to my van and brought a handful food to see if he was going to eat. He barely lifted his head and looked at me and let out a very quiet meow and laid back down. I KNEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG. I tore away the front area of the house and slowly slid my hands under him. He would NEVER LET me do this in the past. I knew it was serious. I called my vet. I was relayed to an emergency clinic several miles away. I told them I was bringing him in. I picked him up and he meowed softly again. I set on the seat in the van and RACED to the clinic. I ran around several cars and went through 2 red lights. All the while keeping a hand on my Baby Boy and talking to him. I got to the clinic and the nurse came out and picked him up and took him to the back. My heart was pounding and I was crying like a baby as I am writing this. They came out and told me it looked bad and his breathing was shallow and his heart rate was very low also. After about an hour they took me back to a room in the back. They said the vet would be in to talk with me. He came in minutes later and told me Baby Boy was on life support and had him ventilated with a tube down his throat. He said he would not recover and there may be brain damage. I was devastated. I instructed the vet to free him and let him go but I wanted to be with him. I KNOW that my Baby Boy waited on me to be there before he passed on. I know he loved me as much as I loved him. I held him and told him I loved him and he will always be with Dad. I told him to stay with Dad and come home to be with the rest of family. He has a bowl and a feeding area set aside at home. I always open it when the other cats are eating. I have a picture of Baby Boy on the desk top of my computer, I open it every morning at feeding time so he can join the rest of my "Boogas".
My health is not so good. Baby Boy gave me reason to up on many days when I felt I did not want to. I found strength in the desire to go EVERY day to see and care for him. As I look back I know I did all I could to care for him. I ALWAYS wanted to bring him home before he passed but he was Feral my vet cautioned me. Pumpkin was very young and tiny. Getting her to the vet then home was trying but i managed. I felt I was close with Baby Boy but he wasn't ready yet. I NEVER expected my Baby Boy to die. I felt one day he would join the the family. In my heart he has and I TRULY believe the "Boogas" feel his presence. His blanky from work was brought home and they smelled his scent. They still at times will jump up on my dresser where it lays and sniff at it.
** Miss you Very Much ** Sept 7 2014 **
** My Baby Boy ! A year has passed and I miss you everyday. Daddy will always Love You and you are always with me. I hope you are having fun with new friends. I will see you another day. ** March 18, 2015....Two years have passed. Hard to believe. But you became a part of me and will always be with me. I hope your dropping in to visit Pumpkin and the rest of the "Boogas". You are missed very much.....March 18, 2016
** Still miss you very much. Pumpkin was playing with your mouse this morning. I'm sure she misses you too ! Be a good boy. You will always be my Baby Boy.....June 5th 2016......
It's March 18th 2017...3 years today you passed. I still feel your presence everyday. Love you Baby Boy.....

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