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Memories of Baby
[03/04/17] - Baby...I remember the first time you came to my door. You were missing a bunch of fur from your back, it looked to me like you had a run in with a coyote or some large animal. I gave you some food and you went on your way. You continued to visit, at least 3 to 4 times a week over a period of 8 years or more. The feral in you did not want to come inside to live with me and the other cats, you loved your freedom too much. I remember so many times you would show up with battle scars, a hurt leg, missing fur, and I remember so many times trying to trap you so I could take you to the vet. You were too smart for that. About all I could do was put some medicine in your food and that always seemed to help. When you went missing for two weeks, I feared the worst. I knew something must have happened. When you finally did show up at my door, you had lost a lot of weight and you just picked at your food, I knew you were sick. Still, you had enough fight in you to prevent me from getting you to the vet. You stayed in the bushes outside and only when you were so weak that you could not put up a fight was I able to take you to the vet. You were close to death and even though he got you stabilized the blood work and X-rays were not good. The mass in your intestines had taken its toll and you took your final journey across the Rainbow Bridge. I thank you so much for sharing your life with me, it was an unusual relationship, you lived wild and free but allowed me to share a special bond with you. It's very difficult in the mornings when I get up and you aren't at the door waiting for your breakfast. You may have lived in the wild but now you will live forever in my heart! I'll always love you Baby!!

[Update - 03/04/18] - Baby, it's been a whole year since you took your final journey across the Rainbow Bridge. I miss seeing you looking in my door each morning waiting for your breakfast. I'm so thankful for the time we had together and wish we had just one more day. Your namesake - "Little Baby" is doing fine. He looks just like you except he's gained a lot of weight since moving inside. I often wonder if you could have been his real daddy? You were such a special cat, I miss you every day and I'll always love you Baby!

[Update - 03/04/19] Baby - 2 years have gone by already. I still think of you all the time and I'm thankful for you sharing your life with me. You were a very special cat and I miss you so much. I have so many good memories of you and I just wish we had more time together. I'll always love you Baby!!

[Update - 03/04/20] - Baby, it's been 3 years since you took your final journey. I still look for you outside the door each morning, hoping you will somehow surprise me. I miss you so much. I also hope you got to meet Ally (Mommy Cat) who traveled over the Rainbow Bridge last year and also your namesake, Little Baby, who recently took his journey. I know you remember him because you both would come and eat in the mornings. Maybe you are sharing breakfast again? I'll always love you Baby, and look forward to the day when we can meet again.

[Update - 03/04/21] - Baby, here it is 4 years that you've been gone. I still think of you and I miss you so much. It's not the same when I look out the door each morning and you aren't there. I am so thankful that you chose to share your life with me. I just wish it was longer. I'll always love you Baby and look forward to feeding you again some day.

[Update - 03/04/22] - Baby, it's now 5 years since I last saw you. There are times when I look out on the porch in the mornings and remember you sitting there waiting patiently for your breakfast. We had such a special bond, I miss the times we had. You will always be special to me Baby, and I'll always love you. I hope you come see me in my dreams sometimes, it would make me happy to see you again.

[Update - 03/04/23] - Baby, 6 years have gone by since you took your journey. I still miss you so much. You probably know that Pippers and Tweety took their journeys across the Rainbow Bridge last year. I hope you were there to meet them, I'm sure they remember you because they would often look out the window and watch you waiting for your breakfast. I'll always love you Baby and can't wait to see you again.

[Update - 03/04/24] - Baby, it's been 7 years since you left for the Rainbow Bridge. Scrunchers (Buddy) and Tuckers (Rooster) also took their journey last year. I hope you met them and got to show them around. I still look out the door and wonder how you are doing. I miss seeing you waiting for your breakfast each morning. I'll always love you Baby and hope that we meet again someday.

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