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11-15-07 12:00pm Oh Baby, I have so much to say,I love and miss you so much. I am so sorry I had to take you to the Doctor, but I got so worried when you stop eating and drinking and then you could not hold up your little head. I did not want to take you, I wanted you to go peacefully at home, and when I would look at you, you were so sick and then I knew I had to take you. I prayed so hard for God to give me the strength to take you. I keep wondering, should I have waited another day, maybe you would have gone on your own.I did not want you to suffer honey. Please forgive me if you were not ready to go, I would not have hurt you for anything in this world. You know me and daddy would have done what it took to keep you here.Baby,I don't know what I am going to do now, you know I have had you almost half of my life, but I don't want you to worry about me, I will be alright, I just want you to know I love you so much. I still wake up in the night, waiting on you to wake me up needing to go outside. I guess I will for a long time, me and Daddy took you out at night at least 2 times for the last 5 years. We still have our mattress on the floor. I don't know when we will put the bed back up. Baby,you know Daddy and I would have done anything for you, you know the old saying around here "It was your house and bed you just let us stay and sleep here".Jake and Miss Puss miss you too, you were the back-bone of the family.I still can't believe you are gone. Baby,I am going with Daddy now to get something for his Daddy, I will always be here for you and I will be back. You and pawpaw go play now, and I am really happy that you can lay back out in the sun now, since you can see again and the sun don't mess with your little eyes like it did for the past couple of years.I love you honey, and I will be back. Love, mama

Hi Sweetie,
I miss you so much baby,I have truly lost my best friend.Baby I want to thank you so very much honey for loving me unconditionally, you were always so loyal to me with all my ups and downs in life.I hurt so bad for you, its still hard to eat and sleep. I am going back to work tomorrow, you watch over Daddy,Jake and Miss Puss, I worry about them too.All this has changed my life so much, I feel so empty and lost. I know when God thinks the time is right,he will let you show me a sign, like he did so many times with pawpaw.Honey I will go for now, but you will always be with me. I love you bunches, Mama

Hi honey,
Oh, How I miss you so.It is not the same without you here. I miss you in the bed at night, I miss you meeting me at the door when I come home from work, I miss you following me around all day long on my days off.Honey, we put the bed back up the other day, and it makes me sad b/c it makes me know that you are gone from my sight.I still wake up several times a night but you are not there for me to take you out.I missed you on turkey day, but I remembered how you loved thanksgiving.Christmas is coming up and it going to be hard on the family b/c you were the show on christmas opening up your own present, for 19 years you were the center of all. I feel blessed that you were given to me from God.He knew you would be in good hands, and you were honey and I still would do just as much if you were still here.My sweet girl you will always be in my heart. Mom

12/10/07 Hi Honey, Baby I miss you so much. Christmas is coming up and I finally put the tree up last night. It don't seem like Christmas without you but I had to put the tree up b/c it's Jesus's birthday and honey without Jesus you would be gone forever and I would never see you again.God is so good honey, he has made everything so perfect that we will be back together again.I bet you and pawpaw are having the time of you lives being back together again. I am happy knowing you two have got each other. I know when the time is right you and pawpaw will let me see that you are fine.Jake don't know what to do some of the time since you left, but he is getting better and I know you are showing him the way, thank you sweetie. Miss puss is still her independant self, lying around. She has been lying between me and daddy at night,and Jake has been at the foot of the bed. It still don't seem right that you are not their.You taught Jake everything he knows and I wonder if he will open up his own present this year. Will you please help him on Christmas morning with his present? I know in my heart that you will be here.Thank you Baby for being everything I ever wanted in life. You were always there for me when things got bad and I so needed a friend. Words can't say how much I love you. But one-thing I do know is that you knew I loved you and still do and always will. Mom

Hi sweet girl, Christmas was hard honey, but we got thru. Thank you for helping Jake, he did try to open his present.Honey I still miss you so much, I think about you all the time and wonder what you are doing. I know in my heart that you are OK b/c you are with paw-paw.Baby we are going to go ahead with the house but you will go with me and I am so glad about that. I don't think I could have left you here.Daddy misses you so much too, he was taking about you yesterday,how you were so special and that you were truly one of a kind.Honey just know that you will always be with us and that you will always be loved. You go play with paw-paw now and lay in the sun, and send us some of that sun. Love always, Mom

2-23-09 Hi sweetie, I guess you have met up with Jake by now. Honey you take care of him and introduce him to papaw.I am going to miss you guys and I want to thank you both for making me so happy for the last 20 years.Baby me and daddy are not sure if we will get another furbaby b/c we loved you guys so much and it hurts so bad that you guys are gone,unless you guys sent one our way later on and then maybe we will think it was meant to be but for now you and jake will always be with us.They are building the house now and you guys are going with us, I am glad about that. Baby you,Jake and papaw come see me so I will know everything is OK. Baby you and Jake come visit Miss. Puss too, she don't know what to think about being the only furbaby. I miss you so much and will always love you, until we meet again. Mom

11-13-10 hey sweet baby, i miss and love you so much. i think of you daily honey, i can't believe it's been 3 years. daddy and i have moved in our house but i know you already know. baby thank you and jake for finding beau for me, he is such a mess. when i seen him on the side of the road, i knew without a douth that you guys were cooking something up. thank you baby for all the joy you give me in your life. without you there it would have been no-life. i know you are so happy with papaw and jake. you tell them guys i love them so much too. if you ever need mama you know where i am. i love you honey and one-day we will be back together, and what a happy day that will be. you guys come see me in any way just so i will know. i love you honey and you go play now. mom

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