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Memories of Babe
We adopted Babe in July 2016 from the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare. She had been returned to the shelter twice before but was so happy to be home with us and meet her puppy brother, Bullet.

She was happy and playful. She favorite activity being to run in the fields by our house. She seemed to be attracted to any form of water and would be dripping from head to toe. Inside, she would follow her parents around the house hoping to pick up anything they dropped. She loved her squeaky toys, especially when they stuffing without and she could rip the fabric. Halloween was her favorite holiday, when mom would dress her up as a taco and her bother as a hotdog. At night she could be found cuddling with her Daddy and trying to take her Mommy's spot.

On April 6, 2017, Babe was running in her fields and wandered onto a road where she was hit by a car. Her parents plea for others to be careful when they are driving and to watch for animals on the road.

Babe brought laughter, snuggles, slobbery puppy kisses and a whole lotta love to the world. Her parents are heartbroken from her passing but know that they will meet her again.

4/9/17- Hi baby girl. I wanted to let you know, daddy and I adopted another sweet girl. Her name is Lola. I know it's really soon but daddy, brother and I were feeling so lost without another one running around. I hope you don't mind. She smelled your toys but didn't want to play with them. I miss you so much Babe. I promise she will never take your spot in my heart or home. I love you and I'll meet you at the bridge pretty girl.

4/13/17- Hey pretty girl. It's been a week. One week since you chased a bird outside, one week since you jumped in a puddle and one week since I've seen your pretty face and pet your soft ears. Everyday has been hard. I put a photo of you by the bed so I still wake up to see you. Daddy hates coming home and not seeing you. We miss you so much sweet Babe. I'm angry at the person in the car. I have been in so much pain since you left. Daddy gave me a beautiful necklace to keep you close to my heart. There was a squirrel outside today, I smiled because you would have chased it and dragged me with you. I like to think that it's you sending me a sign that you are okay and not to worry. We are going to plant some flowers on your grave this weekend. I hope you like them. Bullet misses you too. He's been very lonely since you left. I think you would have liked Lola, she likes to play but won't play with your toys. I hope you are enjoying the bridge so far. I know youve made lots of friends and are playing your heart out. I would give anything to play with you again. I love you so much pretty girl. I'll meet you at the bridge soon. Rest easy baby love.

4/20/2017- My baby love. I thought this would get easier, and it seems like it does to me sometimes but I still miss you ever so much. Its been two weeks and I still want to wake up to you laying there with me everyday. I took Bullet and Lola for a walk and I laughed a little because I could picture you bounding up the stairs to go back inside when we got done. You would be laying with Daddy in bed by now, in my spot. Oh how I wish I could have saved you. I know you went instantly and werent in any pain. But I would do everything I could to make sure you didnt wander to the road. Daddy still feels so guilty and I dont want him to. Please send him a sign to let him know you dont blame him. That you still love with ever so. Its still hard to imagine you not with us all the time. I still look in the side mirrors of the truck in hopes I will see you riding in the back with your ears in the wind. I know how you loved that. I hate that we wont spend summer together, and I wont get you a cake for your first adoption anniversary. Ill put some more flowers on your grave for you. I hate the person who ran you over. I dont want to hate them but I do. They took my baby girl away and didnt have humanity in them to stop. I keep looking for a sign from you to let me know you are okay. I miss you so so so so so so so so much my pretty girl. I dont know when I'll be able to write to you again, but know that I think about you everyday and I love you every day and I miss you every day. I'll meet you at the bridge before you know it pretty girl. My Babe.

5/19/2017- Hey pretty girl. I've been thinking about you go much these last few weeks. I still miss you everyday. I had to chase Lola this morning and it reminded me of when I had to chase you around because you didnt want to come inside when it was cold. I would give anything to chase you again. We had some bad storms last night with tornados. I made sure to take your memorial items with me as they are the only things I have left from you. Daddy when to the lake house again and I wish so badly that you were here keeping me and Bullet company. Lola keeps up company but I still miss you so much. She does things that remind me of you sometimes and it makes me smile. When I close my eyes I see your big paws doing their happy dance and I wish I could dance with you. I miss your face and soft ears. I put a picture of you on my new desk as my new job. I can bring dogs up sometimes and I know you would have loved it because there is a area where you can run around. Your first adoption anniversary is coming, I'll put some flowers by your grave. I hope you are running and playing your little heart out. Sometimes I think I see a sign from you. Please send me more. They make me happy knowing you are sending me signs and watching over me. I cant wait to feel your soft fur and have you lick my face again. I look forward to that day. Be a good girl and I will see you soon. I love you so much pretty girl Babe.

6/6/2017- Hey sweet girl. I just wanted to check in. Its been two months and I still think about ou every single day. I cried for a little while yesterday. I wish I could pet your sweet face again. Everyone is leaving you sweet comments and it makes my heart happy to know that they care. I hope you are having fun up there. I wish I could be there with you and wrestle around. I keep thinking this pain will get better and sometimes it does but sometimes I just hurts to know that I cant cuddle up with like we used to do. I know you are waiting for me up there. I hope you dont miss out on the fun while waiting. Please send me a sign sometime and let me know that you are watching over me. I love you so much Babe. I'll be there with you soon, pretty girl.

6/14/17- Hey Babe. I've been thinking a lot about you this week. How life is so precious. Today, one of my friends from high school passed suddenly, and it reminded me that tomorrow is not guaranteed. I wish I could cuddle up with you and know that everything will be okay. Please go see him in heaven, I know his wife is in so much pain but remind him that he will see her again. I don't know why his passing made me want to talk to you. I guess because I miss you so much. Send your love to this family, you were so good at loving anyone who needed it. I hope you are having a great time up there baby love. I was about two feet from a squirrel today and wished with all my heart that you were with me to chase it. I didnt like you to chase the squirrels when you were with me but I would give anything to see you chase one again. Your passing still leaves a big hole in my heart, I wish that I could have one more moment with you. I love you so much, baby love. I hope you loved me too.

7/23/17- Hi pretty girl.. today was really hard. We would have had you one year today. So happy "gotta cha" in heaven. i hope you smiled down on us. I looked for a sign from you and I think I got one. Thank you for that. I remember I was so excited to bring you home that I didn't even care that you got sick in the car and threw up all over my back seat. I knew you were going to be happy with us. If you were here with us today, we would have gone to the dog park to play with your friends then given you a puppy cake to enjoy and mark this special occasion! One year of a happy home and away from the shelter. I'm so sorry I couldn't save you that day but I'm happy that I was able to save you from the shelter. God chose me to find you and bring you home to give you a warm bed, good food, belly rubs, squeaky toys and a lot of love. I'm honored by that. I wish He would have given us more time together but He needed you more than He thought I did I suppose. I miss you every single day. Some days are easier than others.. Daddy doesn't say much but I know he misses you too. He gets quiet when I talk about you. He wishes we had more time too. I hope you are enjoying heaven, I'm sure you get to chase all the squirrels you want. I cant wait to see you when I get there. We will cross that bridge together and never have to be parted again. I remember the day you went to the bridge. I told you I loved you and I would see you later. I never imagined it would take me so long. I would give anything from one more of our mornings together. You were the best snuggler. Sometimes I imagine the softness of your ears. I can't wait to run to you and feel them again. Sometimes I think I hear you in the other room or see a white flash in the corner of my eye. I smile because I know you are with me.please keep sending me more signs. I look for them every day. These years I have to wait to see you will get hard and I'll need to keep seeing reminders that there's something to look forward to. I love you so much baby love. I miss you even more. Until we meet again, Babe.

10/20/17- Hi Babe. I'm so sorry it has taken me awhile to come back. It's gotten busy but know that I think about you every single day still. It's getting colder here and I know how you loved the cold and when it snowed. You liked to lay in front of the fireplace to get warm. How is the bridge with all the other fur babies? Are you playing all the time and cuddling with them at night? I hope so. I hope you dont miss me like I miss you. It's still painful to be apart from you. I hate to think that it will be years and years before I get to see you again. But oh what a happy day that will be. Have you snuggled with Aunt Polly yet? If you find her, please do. I miss you both terribly but it would make me smile to know you found each other. Have you found Belle yet? She was another one of my fur babies, but she left for the bridge before I found you. Please send me some more signs sweet girl. They make me happy to know that you are watching over me. I love you so much, pretty girl. I'll be back soon. I promise it wont take me long again.

12/25/17- Merry Christmas, my pretty girl!

1/25/18 - I hate that its been so long since I saw you. I hate not having you with me every single day. Christmas hard. I found your stocking and wanted to put it up but it was too hard to see it there without you. You liked to lay under the tree. I still cry sometimes when Daddy isn't around. He doesn't like to see me cry.. Today is his birthday. You would snuggle with him if he was here. There are flowers growing where we laid you, I hope you like them. I remember you always tried to eat my flowers and plants. I wish you were here sweet baby love. Send me a sign that you are still with me, please. The anniversary of your passing is coming quickly and I'm not ready. How has it been almost a year since you snuggled with me on that cold morning in April. I kissed your ears, head and paws and told you I would see you when I got home. Daddy was just trying to give you some time to play. He never meant to put you in danger. I hope you know that. He still loves and misses you. I wish I could have been there to help keep you safe. I love you, Babe. Send me a sign soon, sweet girl.

3/19/18 - It is getting close to one year since we lost you, sweet girl. My heart still aches as much as it did the day I lost you. We moved to a new house, I feel like I left a piece of you at our old one. That's where we brought you home and that where my heart bled for you when you left this world. You would have loved to come with us to our new house. There is more space for you to run and play. I can see it in mind. Gosh, I miss you, Babe. I hope you are having a blast up there. I hope you are running, playing and slashing with your friends. I hope you stop and look down at me and Daddy and send us some kisses on the wind. I hung your memorial box on the wall where I can see it every day. I love you with all my heart, my baby love. I'll see you soon.

4/6/18 - Today was hard. It's been a year. It's been a year since you were taken from me. I cried. I longed to hold you close. I wanted to kiss you and pet the soft spot behind your ears. I tried to smile and think of all the fun you are having at the bridge but it still hurts to know that you are there and I am here. I want to be with you so bad. I would give anything to have you back baby love. Please send me some love so you are there. I miss you so much. Until I see you again, my Baby Love. Momma loves you.

5/31/18 - I thought it would get easier to come here and visit you but it's not. It's hard to type these words and talk to you because I don't know if you are actually there and listening. Every day I think and talk about you, my pretty girl. We got another puppy brother. His name is Boone. He is so much like you. He is playful, cuddly and so sweet. You would have loved to play with him. I still miss you though. Please send me a sign soon. I need to feel your love again. I just want you here. Send some puppy love to us. Please, Baby Love. But I hope you are having fun up there. I know you are splashing in the water every single day. I'll see you soon my pretty girl.

2/5/19 - Babe, I am so sorry it has taken me a while to get back. I hate to say that things have been busy but they have. That doesn't mean I don't think about you everyday still and miss you even more. I wish I could scratch that soft spot behind your ear again. I know you would have loved it. I miss your kisses and loving heart. I will never forget how you would run and jump on me when you sensed I was feeling sad. Or would bring me your toys. You loved your daddy the most though. I still pause and smile when I see your picture, see a squirrel or something else that reminds me of you. I will never forget how your daddy cried when we love you. I have never seen him like that. I hope I never see him like that again. Please send me another sign. I still look for them. I can't wait until I see you again, my Baby Love. Play hard.

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