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Memories of B
2/17/2006 I came to Texas to start a new life in a new city. I picked up the paper and read about a cat show. I had never been to a cat show and decided to go. I knew no one in town and went by myself. I walked through all the prize cats and was amazed by the beautiful pure breeds on display there with their proud owners at their side displaying all the awards they had won together. As I continued to walk I spied in the back of the room cages not like the cages of the proud owners. They were old used cages and there you were in a beat up old cage with a big blue ribbon. Winner of the mixed breed division. You were about six months old and a ball of black fur. As I read the message on the cage it read you were residing at the Animal Defense League and were adoptable. I was one of the few looking at you and you picked your head up from your slumber and looked at me with the biggest bright yellow eyes. You were shy but you still spoke to me. I fell for you right then and there. I inquired about you and they said that I had to prove I was a good pet owner. They had me fill out forms and they told me I was not suitable because I had just moved here and had no vet and had no permanent place to live yet and so on and so forth. I stayed with you and watched other cats get adopted and told everyone who came by that I was trying hard to get you but it was to no avail. They picked up your cage and placed it in their van and drove away. I was heartbroken that I was deemed a bad pet owner because of their standards. Then it occurred to me to find my old vet in Florida. I could not remember her name. Then late that night it came to me. I found the Animal Defense League in the phone book and bought a map of San Antonio and drove myself there. When the doors opened I rushed in and said I could prove I was a good pet owner. They took my old vets name and asked for my phone numbers and sent me away. I heard nothing from them and then the following day they called and said they spoke with my vet, asked if I had a home yet and I said yes. Come on down Miss Vaillancourt and pick up your new pet. We moved into our new place together you and me. You were a one person cat. A beautiful baby. The smartest cat I'd ever know. You could fetch and loved to do so even though as you got older you would not put up with me throwing the ball 40-50 times in one sitting. I looked over my bed today and your soft ball was laying there on the floor and my throat tighten. It was not there yesterday so Q must of gotten and brought it there even though I have never seen him touch it before. I will put it with you so don't you worry. I use to love it when I woke up and your ball was lying on top of me or next to my side. I would always think I wonder how long she has been trying to wake me to throw this ball. I always thought you were so special and smart the way when I was working you knew I was ignoring you because I could not get any work done with you continually going in and out the door every two minutes. You trained me very well. If I did not answer your meows or scratching at the door you would go get a piece of paper and jump on it then run frantically to the door as soon as I looked at you tearing up that paper. Or beating on the blinds on the other side of the room when I did not pay attention to your every need. I have been trained not to put the toilet seat down and my friends always wonder why you would cry so loud pacing back and forth down the hall. I would just yell out to them to raise the seat. I could never quite break you of that habit. But if I were a cat I would want cold water too. I loved the way you used to lay on my pillow and nibble my fingertips right before we fell asleep. And I loved the sound and rhythm of your purr. I loved that we finally bought a real house with a yard. No more crawling on the roofs of the various apartments we lived in. I loved that you knew where we moved without my telling you. Just throw the rug on the doorstep and you knew it was our new home. I loved that you were not scared of raccoon. I loved that you were a food connoisseur. I tried to trick you with a few new pieces of science diet but you could not be fooled. I think I through out more food than you ate. I hope the tuna is packed in spring water for you now. Because we still have to watch your diet. More than anything I loved the way you would put your forehead against mine and press it there and in silence we read each others minds. I love you with all my heart my dearest sweet B you will never be replaced in my heart. You are my kitty soulmate if ever there was one for me. This is not goodbye or farewell. It is bon suisse mon petit sho sho. Je t'aime mon B B. 2/19/2006 B baby it has been a week and I have cried for you everyday. Q says MEOW!!! I know he is still very loud. I love you and miss you terribly. It is Sunday and I missed you tonight during our Sunday TV day. I hope you are happy my beaver.....Two weeks the longest time I ever spent away from you. One full week before remember I even had to check on you in between my trip to California and back stop in San Antonio hug you a few times then off to my cruise. I know this drove Mike crazy. I hope both Mike and Chip are holding you temporary till I get there. I loved all of you but B you had my heart. I need to request "Back in Black" from AC/DC for your residency. You were a real rock & roll kitty. Guess what I got yesterday for Q a catnip blanket. I would of gotten you one if I knew they existed before. He loves it. Of course he says hello. I love you my dear beav. 8/4/2006 Hello sweet B. The house is still empty without you. I now have a herd of cats as you have seen. You know I got D to keep Q company but they really do not like each other to much. Then along came CC from Barb's gate. Thrown out like garbage and of course you saw how I was not quite use to him and mixed him up with another and have twin cats. I really did think that was him when he ran out from under the truck when I was at Loewi's house. I picked him up and scolded him and placed him safely in the truck and drove home only to be greeted by CC at the door. Then from the jaws of death came Little Cat LC for short. A dog was trying to eat her. And B does she remind you of anyone we know. I love you so much and miss you. The herd says hey and what do you think about all the changes I am making to the house? Are you keeping Chip company? 2/12/2007 One year and it has been a very long one. I think of you still and miss you terribly. I have another cat and I tell you that's it. I am trying to find him a home but no one is stepping to the plate to adopt him. He thinks he rules the roost and wants all the other cats to follow him. Well that is making him quite unpopular with the rest of the herd. I guess you know about Barb and see the struggles I have been through in this last year. Maybe if you would have been here things may of turned out differently. I could of pressed my head against yours and we could of figured out things differently. I am still working on the house and have no kitchen of all places to be low on funds. I do not understand why people have to steal or if they understand that when they do it really has consequences. I know when I have some time I will have to go through everything and get my money back. But you know that is hard when people act more like "animals". What a phrase I have never had an animal take from me only give. I hope you are happy my little beaver. 5/1/2009 Hello, sweet B it has been some time but I think of you still almost everyday. Things have been hard over the past year with the market the way it has been. But as you well know I will survive. It was touch and go on the house for a little while but I believe I have that under control now. Have a few more things to pay off and maybe life will be a little easier. If you think of a new business I can start I believe I am ready to begin one. I should have a little stake money soon if this property finally goes to closing. I am getting tired though but believe one more is in me this time I think it should deal more with my creative side instead of just strictly business. I want to have more fun. Yeah, I know I need to make time for exercise. It is hard right now with everything that is going on work wise. I need to put some money in the bank. So, I have to work towards my goal and hopefully things will break the correct way. 11/14/2009 Miss you so much still my sweet B. 2/5/2012 You are still in my heart. The herd is still here and all say hello. Q has a special hello since he knew you well and still misses you. He has a great friends in CC and Y. Y is his favorite as you see. I love all my babies but you are still top cat. Have a great and yes I still have BJ no one adopted him and what a handful he is but I still love him anyway. Oh, it is no secret but I really hate this new business. Ready for the market to swing upwards but that looks to be a long way off. I will take a picture of the herd and add it soon. Love you. 6/16/2012 I had to put BJ asleep today and my heart is very hurt. My poor baby had such a hard life. I tried in vain to save him. He tried so hard to stay in this world but his body could not hold out anymore an I could not see him suffer a minute longer. Please sweet B welcome him and hold him tight he was so very special to me. My Velcro cat. My sweet, sweet BJ. I love you still B and BJ you have all my love too. 8/8/2014 Q is with you today my sweet B please BJ and you take care of my Q-Man my butterball he raised all the other cats he was the best mother a cat could be. I will miss the way he put his front paws around my arm and squeezed it oh so tightly. Z cat also went missing I thing the older neighbor out back finally just stole her and made her an indoor kitty after I ask her to stop feeding her because she was getting fat and who knows what kind of food she was feeding Z. I loved Q basically maybe as much as you I am so very sad. I have two new babies as you see. I know said no more but it seems they just find me. Well I now have 7 babies and 8/8/2014. Q I hope you went quick and in your sleep at the vet's office. They were so surprised as was I. I know they liked you too because the vet was actually crying when she called me and I knew something had gone very wrong. A weak heart they said but what they did not know was really you had the strongest and biggest heart of all of all my cats. You loved and cared for all the babies and all the cats loved you and cuddled with you. I will miss your broken meow and your quilted ear and tip of your tail that was broken. You fell at my feet and were quite a mess when you came to me I brought you to the vet to be fixed and a week later they called to tell me my cat was ready to be picked up. I told them I had B and she was with me that they must be calling the wrong person but they were speaking of you a skinny very sick little grey feral cat. I picked you up from the vet and you just hated to be touched and I was afraid you would bite me. I brought you home and gave you medicine and cared for you. You repaid me by running frantically around my house for the next two weeks then one day you just hopped up on my bed laid down next to me and hugged my arm and claimed me as yours. You went on to become a big cuddle ball and the friendliest of cats saying hi to all strangers and welcoming all newcomers. How special you were. I loved your beautiful eyes and fur that was the softest of any cat I have known. Another large piece of my heart leaves me today. I love all you guys Chippy and Mike please welcome my baby and look over him. A big beautiful boy like the song that was playing at your funeral Mike. He reminds so much of that song. All the babies are looking for you Q, I think they know. When your adopted Dad is gone they just know. I Love you my Q-Man. 2/12/2016 Ten years already still missing you my Queen B. Hello Q-Man and BJ what can I say you all mean so much and as you guys know U is fighting hard to beat this cancer but he too will be joining you soon. He too hard a hard life till he came to our home but what a beautiful cat he was. This weekend I bath him and blow dried and his fur has grown out again and it covers his up a lot. He is but skin and bones but he continues to fight. To get up and come to the kitchen and get his food. On those days where he can not summon up the strength I bring it to him and I think he eats because he knows it is not his time quite yet. He has lived a long life. Q you and U came along about the same time and when he passes I want you to be there to welcome him in. BJ I know I know you and U never saw eye to eye but you too need to be there to guide him along. Chip I miss you, I wonder the type of man you would of been. Michael what can I say. I miss you. 4/27/2016 U passed away. Please take care of him. 2/12/18 B twelve years today and it has past so quickly. Destiny says hello. Quite a few right now. KK, and GG are the newest about two years now. Y is still here and you taught him well. CC says hello. I still miss you. 12/13/18 Time seems to be measured by the passing of one of my fur babies. on Wed. 12/12/18 Dee's birthday "Y" was taken from me. In a terrible way. I hate that I was not with him when he took his last breath and that he died alone on the edge of the road. Chip please hold him and "Q" as you loved him on this earth guide him over the bridge and curl in a kitty male ball the way you use to. "B" I still love you so much. "Y" what can I say George and I saw you run around the corner of the house and we thought you were a big rat but no you were a very small grey stripped cat that "Q" immediately adopted and took into his heart. You stole mine too. I am so sorry I was not there for you sooner. I love you so much. I love all of you and miss you. With every passing I lose a small piece of my heart. "GG" is looking all over for you he even jumped on the roof and ran all over looking for you. He sniffed all over the yard and then stopped at the laundry door. He knew, he knew my heart cried for him as I saw him walk to the French doors and looked in at me. They were sad eyes, deep with understanding that you would never tussle together on earth again. "CC" and Destiny is staying very close to me on the bed and "LC" is on her perch over the TV. "KK" is confused but "GG" is heartbroken. I am going to get him right now and hug him for you. I love you "Y" be a good boy my little man.
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