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Memories of Arthur
Arthur came into our lives in a sunny May day and from the time I picked him up and he started to purr, I knew that we would be friends for a lifetime. He was a large brown tabby with bright golden eyes, a white chin and a soft beige underside. By the time he came to Rainbow Bridge, he was 15 years of age. As a kitten, he brightened my mother's last days by jumping to her bed trying to catch a sunny spot or just snuggling by her feet. He would always be where we were. He followed us all over the house and out to the yard. If we played Frisbie, he would run after it, although he never learned to fetch, he was a cat! He had a favorite toy, a little stuffed bunny who was his closest friend and confidant. Arthur loved to eat, his favorite food was shrimp, but he also loved turkey and chicken (white meat only). Yes, he was spoiled, just a tad... Every night, after dinner, his dad will take him on his lap and they would watch TV together and then, they would peacefully fall asleep for an hour or so. He loved taking a nap with his mommy on a lazy Sunday afternoon and he would put his head on her pillow and pretend he was a person. He didn't have any siblings, but he had 4 aunts who loved him. He also had a friend named "Blue" who was his Aunt Bette's cat. Arthur will live in our hearts and memories forever. Dear Arthur, thank you for all the love you gave us. We hope you liked the home we offered you, it was an honor and a pleasure having you as our loving pet. The day we sent you to Rainbow Bridge was a very difficult one, your Aunt Olive was there too. We couldn't see you continuing to decline and deteriorate. We knew how proud you were and we wanted to preserve your dignity. We love you dear Arthur, we think of you all the time and we hope you like your "virtual" resting place on the hillside, at Rainbow Bridge... Rest in peace, Arthur, until we meet again... Mom and Dad 4/14/02 Note: Our most sincere appreciation to the doctors and staff of the "Maywood Veterinary Clinic" for helping Arthur cross the Bridge with dignity and pride. Our special "Thanks" to Dr. Nisenholz, who was his vet for 15 years and to Mrs. Valerie Bracken who took good care of him each time we went on vacation. 11/23/02 Note: Dear Arthur, we wanted you to be one of the first to know that we had adopted a kitty. Her name is "Miss Gracie" and we call her "Missy". She's s Russian Blue and her coat is dark grey with a silver sheen to it... She also seems to have a sweet personality. We hope you approve of our decision and know that we are not replacing you, we simply needed a companion. You are special and will always be in our thoughts and our hearts. 04/01/03 Note: Dear Arthur, today you would have been 16 years old. Happy Birthday in heaven, we miss you... Love, Mom & Dad. 4/01/04 - Today would have been your 17th birthday and we are thinking of you. Missy is growing up and keeps us entertained with her antics. We remember you every day and know there will never be a better companion than you, our dear Arthur. 10/09/04 Dear Arthur, I wanted to tell you that there is a kitty in the yard who wants to be adopted into our family. I feed him every day and I keep a bowl of fresh water outside for him, but we don't know how Missy will react to us bringing him home... I will keep you posted. We love you dearly! 12/19/04 - Dear Arthur, We miss you so much! Christmas will never be the same without you. The kitty that was in the yard was adopted by a lady who lives on Crest Lane, so we hope to see him again some day. Merry Christmas in Heaven. Love, Mom & Dad. 4/01/05 - Dear Arthur, today would have been your 18th birthday. We think of you, today and always, and we love you very much. Hugs and kisses, Mom and Dad. 1/14/06 - Dear baby, we missed you at Christmas! Your stocking hung next to ours and Missy's by the fireplace and will hang there every year. You don't know what I'd give to have you with us again, even if it was for just one day... We love you, Arthur, Mom & Dad. 4/1/06 - Dear Arthur, today would have been your 19th birthday, you are getting over your teenage years, buddy! We miss you... 4/12/06 - Dearest Arthur, we thought of you so many times today! We love you and miss you and we send you a hug and many kisses on your 4th anniversary in heaven. Love, Mom & Dad. 12/24/06 - Dearest Arthur, we missed you at Christmas! Your stocking hangs by the fireplace next to Missy's and ours. It will be put away until next year. We remember how you enjoyed playing with the wrapping paper balls daddy used to roll for you as we opened our presents... Tell me, Arthur, is there Christmas in heaven? Know that we love you and remember you and your gentle ways every day. Love & kisses, Mom & Dad - 2/16/07 - Dear Arthur, your Aunt Raquel told us today that Rocky had gone to doggie heaven last Thursday. We felt very sad for them and for Rocky, but would like to think that you are all together, playing and keeping each other company until your parents cross the bridge and meet with you again. If you happen to see him, give him our love, tell him his parents miss him, but that they are going to be all right knowing they didn't allow him to suffer or be uncomfortable. Love, Mom & Dad. 4/01/07 Dear Arthur, today we remember your birthday. It would have been your 20th and we want you to know that we love you and that you are always in our thoughts. We will think of you for as long as we live and I hope you know how much we love you and miss you. We were so fortunate to have known you! Love, Mom & Dad. 4/12/07 Dearest Arthur, today marks your 5th anniversary in Heaven and we wanted you to know that we remembered you and that we love you with the same love we always had for you. We miss you dear Arthur and wish you were still with us... Love, Mom & Dad. 12/26/07 Dear Arthur, another Christmas without you. We missed you so much our hearts ached and we wished to have you back even if it was for just one day. As usual, your stocking hangs by the fireplace next to Missy's and ours. Daddy was just remembering the day he lied down and put you on his chest when you were a tiny kitten and told you that we were your parents and would love you forever. Daddy was right. You remain in our hearts and minds and we think of you every day. Love & kisses, Mom and Dad. 4/01/08 Dear Arthur, we remembered you on your birthday, as we do each year. You would have been 21 years old, a very significant birthday!!! We hope you enjoyed your birthday celebration, we were with you in spirit. We love you... Mom and Dad. 4/12/08 Dearest Arthur, We remember you again on the anniversary of the day we had to say goodbye to you. We wish we could have you in our arms again and able to give you a big hug, but that will have to wait. How long? We don't know, but it will be a very happy reunion. You will always be our dear fur baby and in our hearts forever. Love & kisses, Mom and Dad. 12/27/08 Dearest Arthur, We missed you so much this Christmas! 2008 was a difficult year, but it ended very nicely! Wish you had been here with us, since your love and loyalty would have made it much, much easier. We will always love you... Mom & Dad 4/01/09 Dear Arthur, Happy Birthday in heaven! My baby would have been 22 years old! We miss you and we will always love you.. Mommy came from the hospital yesterday because she hurt her foot and needed to be treated with antibiotics, but she will be all right... Hugs & kisses, Mom & Dad 4/12/09 Dear baby, this is always a very sad day for us. We will never forget the night we had to say goodbye to you, dear friend! We love you as much as we always did and only wish God would grant us another day with you! Sending many hugs and kisses your way... Mom & Dad Christmas 2009 - Dear Arthur, you were missed at Christmas. Missy played a little bit with the bows when we opened the presents and we went out with Auntie Mary L. and Michael to dinner. We love you, baby... Mom & Dad 4/1/10 Dear Arthur, Happy Birthday, baby! You would have been 23 years old! It is amazing how fast the years go by... We think of you every day and, especially, on your birthday. All our love, Mom & Dad and Missy wishes you a happy birthday too! December 2010 - Dear Arthur, Christmas was quiet, but we thought of you on Christmas morning when Missy started playing with the wrappings and bows! You always loved doing that, too! 4/1/11 My dearest Arthur... 24 years old? You would have been a very old cat, but I know you will forever remain young in kitty heaven and I also know that, one day, we will be together again! Your daddy and I love you, dear baby. We think of you every day! Hugs and kisses on your birthday! Mom & Dad - 12/27/11 Dear Arthur, Christmas was quiet this year again, but as always, you were in our hearts and thoughts. Missy is well. She is 9 years old and does not want to eat much. We have tried everything, but she has a very dainty appetite and only eats the Iams dry food and a bit of turkey every day. Her doctor said she has been losing a pound a year. She is nos as playful as she used to be, but she is very attached to us and we will always take care of her. Merry Christmas dear baby! 4/1/12 My baby would have been 25 this year! I can't believe it has been 9 years since we last held you on our arms! We love you, Arthur... Mom & Dad. 12/26/12 Dear Arthur, we had a pretty nice Christmas and of course, my baby, we thought of you so many times! I don't know what I would give to hold you again, to hug you and kiss you! You will be in our hearts forever and we hope to see you and be with you again when our time comes to cross the bridge... Hugs and kisses, dear Arthur, we love you so much! Mom & Dad. 12/27/13 Dearest Arthur, Christmas was quiet, but still lovely. We always think of you, but especially around the holidays, since we know how much you enjoyed opening your presents and playing with the bows! Your stocking always hangs by the fireplace with ours and Missy's. We love you and miss you. Hugs & kisses, dear Arthur! We love you... Mom & Dad. Christmas 2014 Dear Arthur, Christmas was nice. We wished you were here, even if it was for just one day, to bring you to bed with us, hug you and kiss you, but we know that, in spirit, we continue to be very close to you. Missy is very well behaved and obedient, and she always seems to listen when we talk to her about you. I think you would have been a good older brother to her! We love you, Arthur and we know that, one day, we will be reunited again. Miss you, my little angel! Love & Hugs, Mom & Dad 4/1/15 Dear Arthur, Happy Birthday in Heaven! Your parents love you and miss you! 7/11/15 My dear Arthur, it is with great sadness that I write to you today. Your Dad went to Heaven June 7, just a little over a month ago. I hope that you and Dad are now reunited. I miss him so much, but I know that some day, I will meet him again. Missy is my only companion now and she is a good girl. I'm sorry that I don't have any exciting news or anything fun to tell you about, but I will keep in touch and you let me know if you and Dad are together! I love you Arthur, Mom 5/21/16 Dear Arthur, I know I did not write to you this past Christmas or on your birthday or anniversary, but your mommy has been sad and mourning dad at all times and, even though I enjoy writing to you, I don't want to sadden you with my pain. Missy had to go see a vet for a rash she had on her tail and on one leg, but she is 100% healed now and this morning she spent some time outside eating a little grass and taking some sun. She misses her daddy a great deal too and not having him has been a huge adjustment to her. I think about you all the time and thank God for you and for daddy, however, saying goodbye is very difficult. I love you Arthur and always will, and I hope you were there waiting for dad when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Love, Mom. Dear Arthur, I´ve been thinking of you and I miss you so much! Are you with Papa? Sunday was Papa´s birthday and I went to the cemetery to bring him a bouquet of white roses. As Christmas approaches, I think of you and Papa and hope that you are together. Missy is not doing too well. She needs to see a vet that specializes in Dermatology and I am looking for one. I love you Arthur. Please look after Missy and heal her. Merry Christmas in Heaven! Mom 12/13/16. Dear Arthur, it´s been a while since I wrote, but Mommy has been very busy since Daddy went to Heaven. I´m sorry to tell you that your little sister, Missy, went to Rainbow Bridge on 12/2/2017. She was healthy and living a normal life, until last week that she developed Glaucoma and was unable to see or walk. It all happened in a few days and her doctor and I decided she should not suffer. You probably have not seen her yet, but I hope and pray you will soon be together and, when you see Daddy, please let him know. He loved Missy as much as he loved you. I love you too, my dear Arthur. I am going to contact Rainbow Bridge to make arrangements for Missy to join you. Hugs & kisses, Mom 12/3/17. Dear Arthur, I just wanted to let you know that Missy is now at Rainbow Bridge too and that your residences are linked together. I´m sending you a big kiss and when you see Missy, please, give her a hug and a kiss for me. Love, Mom 5/13/18

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