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Memories of Andy
^Andy , You came to us when you were 8 weeks old and stayed with us until you were almost fourteen. You went thru cancer and chemo and did so well. You were such a strong little dog. Our hearts are so very heavy now but we will get stronger as you did for us. We miss you. Happy Birthday Baby. I know I am a little early but I was having a hard time getting on here. We miss you so very much and always will love you forever. I hope you are being a good boy. I am trying to be stronger but I am so sad without you. Until next time, I love you so very very much. Love, Mama and Daddy 7-10-05 Hello,our special angel. Today it has been 2 months that you left us. We miss you so very much. I thought after 2 months it would be getting better but it hasn't. I think about you all the time. But I have been thinking a little about getting a new friend. Not to ever take your place but just to help with my sadness. I don't know, what do you think? I miss you so incredibly and will always, always love you. Until next time,good bye and be good. Love, Mama and Daddy Also, Tell Pudgy we love him so very very much and miss him incredibly too.8-2 05, Hello my Angel,It soon will be 3 months that you said good-bye. Daddy and I miss you so very much. But i need to tell you something. On Monday Aug. 8th. we will be picking up a new little friend. I think mama needs to do this to get better. His name will be Samuel Andrew, but we will call him Sammie. I know this will be alright with you as I have talked to you in my prayers so many times about this. I will always and forever love you and you will always be my special angel. He will fill the void in my life that I have ever since you died. I know this is alright with you, because it is time to move on a little. I love you Andy, and mama always will think of you and remember you always. Until next time, be good and sleep with the angels. Love, Mama and Daddy 8-27 -05 Hello my precious angel, Well lil Sammie is here. He is quite the puppy. We love him too so very much as we loved you and always will. He is quite different than you but some likeness. I know you would love him too. He is very little. I miss you so very much and Daddy does too. I hope you are healthy and being a good boy. Until next time, I love you and always will. Love, mama,daddy, and now Sammie.10-17-05,Hello to my special Angel,Andy. I hope you are being such a good little boy. So much has happened here but I know you do know. I love you so much and miss you terribly. Sammie is doing good and getting to be a big boy. He plays and runs like you and reminds me so much of you.We love him and talk to him all the time about you and Pudgy.Me and daddy love you baby and miss you so very very much. Be happy and play with all your new friends. We will see you again someday.I know we will. Until next time, I love you, Love mommy and daddy 11-22 Hello to my precious Baby.It's almost Thanksgiving and today as always I am thinking of you. It is getting cold now but I know you are safe and warm with Jesus. I miss you so terribly and think of you always. Until next time I write, I love you and be a good little doggy for me and Daddy. We love you.12-25-05 Merry Christmas Baby. I love you so very much and miss you so. I hope you are playing with all your new friends and having a beautiful Christmas with Jesus. Sammie is getting so big and quite alot like you were.I am doing okay so far but such an empty feeling this Christmas without you. We love you so very much and still so much sadness without you. Be a good little doggie and mama will write again soon. Until next time, I love you and always always will. 1-14-06 Hello my special angel, Happy New year, too. We are all doing okay at home but missing you so truly everyday .Sammie is getting so very big, not too much of a puppy any more. He is so very much like you. I love you Andy and always and forever will. You have fun with all your new friends at RainbowBridge and remember how much I love you. You are always in my thoughts and prayers every day. Never will I forget you Baby. Until next time, Love, Mama and Daddy 2-14-06 Happy Valentine's Day Baby. Today was always a special day for you and me. I would always give you candy even tho I was always worried about chocolate. But you ate it just fine. I hope your getting lots of kisses from all your family in heaven that you are now with. But the biggest kiss and hug is coming from me. Can you feel it? I love you so very much and miss you terribly. Stay warm and happy for me until I write again. Sleep my precious Andy with all the heavenly angels. I LOVE YOU, Love Mama 3-14-06 Hello, my special angel. Mama put Easter items on your grave because we will be going away and I wanted to do this early. Soon it will be one year that you have been away from us. I miss you so very much but I know now in my heart I made the best choice for you. Sammie has helped ease the pain but it still hurts so much to think of the day I lost you. Daddy still hurts so much too. It will be Spring pretty soon and I can decorate your real grave in our yard.I love you Baby and look at your picture all the time and yearn to see you. Be good my Angel and remember always and forever how much I love you. Do not be afraid for my love will always protect you. I love you. Love, Mama and daddy 5-2-06 Hello, my special angel. I am so sorry I haven't written in a while but we went away and you know Sammie has been very sick. I know he will get better because you are watching over him for us. Soon it will be one year that you have been gone from us. Oh what a year it has been. You know how much I still cry for you but time has eased the pain. I will always love you Andy but mama may not write as often as I have. I will keep your Rainbow Residency and of course visit it often. I will never ever be very far from you as you are way down deep in my inner heart. I just need to get on with letting you go and so I will still write but maybe not as often. I love you honey with all my heart and soul and will be with you again someday. Thank you my sweet baby for helping me thru this very difficult year. I felt your love all around me and I know you sent Sammie to me to love again. I LOVE YOU my precious baby. Until next time, stay happy and warm for mommy. Do not be afaid for I will always and forever and ever be with you. Take my love and and run and play. Don't worry about mama, I'm gonna be just fine. Love now and forever, Mama and Daddy 5-10-06 Hello, to my special angel, Andy. You know today is one year that you have been away from me. It's been a long and lonely year but I have learned so much about things and love for an animal. I haved missed you so terribly much, but your love for me on earth while I had you showed me so much that I was loved. Only you know what I am writing about. It has been a sad day for me and like any other day every one goes on not thinking about any other person but theirselves. My heart is so heavy once again with grief for you, but I know you are in a much better place. I love you so much Andy, I always and forever will. Run and play and be happy until I see you again. Don't ever be afaid, as my heart and soul are with you always. Good-bye for now my sweet , sweet little dog. God Bless you always and forever. Love, Your mommy on earth. I love you.8-21-06 Hello, my special Angel, I know it has been awhile since I have written to you. Mama has never forgotten you ,but I still cry so much whenever I come here. I visit this often without writing anything. I just sit and look at your picture and listen to the music. Sammie is getting so big by now but has alot of little things wrong with him, as you know. I pray to you all the time to help me with him as I need him in my life now that you are in heaven. Thank you my Baby for answering my prayers. I will always and forever love you always and never forget you. As I go to your graveside in our yard and look at the flowers at your grave I remember that sad day in May. I love you my little darling, and forever will. Love always and forever, until next time,sleep with the angels. Love, mama and daddy.9-30 Hello my little darling. How are you? Oh so much has been going on here, but you already know. We don't see Dr. Smith anymore for Sammie, but a very good new dr. Sammie is doing so much better now. Thank you for watching over him for me. I love you so much Andy and momma always will. I come here often and still cry so much for you. I miss you Andy,but I know you are happy in heaven. I feel this so strongly in my heart. Stay warm and run and play with all your new friends. Someday momma will be with you again and holding you in my arms. I'll forever love you Andy. Love. Mama and Daddy 12-05-06 Hello my little darling. Soon it will be Christmas, and getting so very cold. Daddy and I and Sammie are all doing pretty good, but of course at this time of the year I miss you so very much. I go to your grave so very often and say a prayer for you. I miss you so much and I want to hold you again so bad. I know someday I will again, the day we are together again. I love you my precious baby. Have a Merry Christmas in heaven and do not be afraid. I am with you where ever you go , for you are inside my heart. I love you. Love, mama and daddy. 1-29-07 Hello my special baby. I haven't written to you in awhile and I needed to change your grave. We are all doing good but as always I think of you always, everyday. I miss you so much Andy and I miss my little Pudgy too. I hope with all my heart you and him are together. It is so cold here now but I know you are so safe and warm. I love you baby. Until next time I love you so much. Stay happy and please God watch over my babies for me until I am with them again. 4-13-07 Hello my sweet sweet baby. I haven't been here for awhile but you know I think of you each and every day. I miss you so much and love you forever and ever. Soon it will be 2 years that I had to say goodbye to you. Such a long long time it feels to me. My love for you and Pudgy will remain always in my heart. Stay happy and take care of Pudgy for me. Mamma loves both of you so very very much. Do not be afraid, as I am with you always. Take my hugs and kisses and run and play. I love you both so much. Until next time, goodbye and be good. I'll always and forever be with you.6-16-07, Hello my precious baby. I know I haven't written to you in such a while, but things have not been so very happy here. I know you know how sad I have been. But, I am a little better each day. I know you hear my prayers and hear me cry. Thank you my little darling for always listening. I want to tell you Andy that I don't think I will write so very often anymore. I want you to be happy in heaven and not to worry about mama. Remember always how much you were loved on earth and now always in heaven. Love Pudgy for me and take the very best care of each other for me. I will visit your grave and sit here and listen to the beautiful music and think always each day of you and Pudgy. You have my love always and forever with you. I truly ,truly love you my special Angel. God Bless my babies in heaven. Love, Mama 11-08 Hello my special Angel. I know I haven't wrote on here for a long while, but I told you I may not as often. I miss you so terribly much Andy,but I come here often just to be near you. It will be getting cold soon,but I know you are so cozy and warm in heaven. Sammie, daddy, and everyone here is good.Daddy and I miss you and Pudgy oh so so much.I love you baby and forever will.Please give Pudgy a kiss from me and one for you too. Be a good little dog for me. And dear God, please watch over my furbabies for me until I see them again. Love, mama 05-08, Hello my special Angel. I know it's been awhile since I have written but so much has been happening. I know you see and feel the sadness that has happened here but please don't be sad. Everything will get better. I love you and miss you so tenderly. You and Pudgy. Soon you will be away from us for 3yrs. Oh, how it feels like just yesterday. What a sad day that was to me and always will be. I'm crying so hard again Andy so mama will close for now. You know I don't always have to write, for you are always in my heart and soul every minute my heart beats. You and Pudgy be real good for mama, and I will see and be with you someday again. You are not gone , but just gone ahead waiting someday to be with me again.I'll forever and ever love both of you. Until next time my babies be good and never be afraid, as I have often told you, I am always with you thru my heart. I LOVE YOU BOTH.. Love Mama 11-17-08, Hello my precious babies. Here we are with another Christmas coming. I have not been here in awhile so I wanted to visit you and to tell you mama is doing better, but missing you both so very much.Sammie is doing well too.I hope you are staying warm and being good babies in heaven. Remember I will forever and forever love you and will never forget either of you. Love now and forever, Mama and daddy. April 29 09, Hello my little darling. I know you know what has happened here. Our precious Sammie is now with you and Pudgy. Oh how sad, sad I have been.This happened much too soon.He too will be on this beautiful site. I put him on yesterday. Please my little darlings, watch over each other for mama and always know how blessed and honored I was,and always will be to have all of you. Mama will be okay as I was when you and Pudgy died.It will take awhile for me to get thru this, but I will. Do not worry, but run, play, and keep me in your hearts, for I love all of you with everything I am. God watch over my precious babies,until we are altogether again. I LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY VERY MUCH! Love, mama 6-29-09 Hello, my precious baby and Happy Birthday. I know I am a little late, but it is so hard for me to come here since I do not have my babies with me anymore.I miss all three of you so much. Are you and Pudgy and Sammie being good babies for me? I love all of you so tenderly and miss you oh so so much. God watch over my babies for me until one day I will be with them again. Good bye for now and hold my love so close to your hearts. I Love you all now and always. Love, mama 11-19-09, Hello my sweet, sweet Andy. Soon it will be Christmas and sad for mommy. I am missing you and Pudgy and Sammie oh so much. But I know you know all about Kasee. He's our new little baby expecting to be here around Christmas. I need him so very much so once again mama can heal.Sammie's death was so unexpected and really hard on mama. But I'm gonna get thru this. Please watch over him from heaven and keep him safe. I love you and pudgy and sammie so very very very much. I always will. Run and play with all the other furbabies in heaven. Please remember that you all 3 are way into my heart and will always remain there. I love all of you. Merry Merry Christmas to my babies. Love, mama 03-29-10 Hello, my sweet sweet angel. Mama has wrote to you in awhile, but that doesn't mean I don't love you. Oh how I do. We have Kasee now and what a puppy he is. Keeping mama so busy. He is so much like you. A very good little dog. Are you staying good for me?I know you are. Are you loving and watching over Sammie and Pudgy foe me? I love you my precious baby and always and forever and ever will. I'll write again soon, but you know mama doesn't have to write, as you are always inside my heart. you , Pudgy and Sammie . I love all of you, Love, Mama 3-30-11 Hello,my beautiful sunshine. I know I haven't wrote in awhile, but that's ok. Momma has never ever forgotten you or Sammie or Pudgy. I miss my babies oh so much and think of you each and every day. Kasee is doing good but has some allergies. You did too. He is a cutie and we love him as we do all of you. Here comes the sad sad days coming up.The days we had to say good-bye. How I remember that day. But now my tears do turn to memories of you as Dr.Smith said someday they would.Oh my little dog, I miss you so tenderly and yearn to pet and hold you again. I feel your kisses all over my face and I then know you are with me in spirit. Give Pudgy hugs and warm kisses from momma and take my love to heaven with you. I will always love you, Pudgy, Sammie and Kasee. Until next time, Love your Mama 1-10-13 Hello my sweet baby.Momma and daddy have not forgotten you. We never will. Things have been a little different here. God is so much a huge part of our lives now. He always was but we had to see this for ourselves. We love him with all our hearts. You be a good boy and I know for sure we will be with you again... We love you oh so so much... Sleep with the heavenly angels.. Love, momma and daddy...5-11-13, Hi my sweet liitle guy.Oh , how I love you and miss you so much. I think of all 3 of you all the time, and I know I will be with all of you again. It just so hard to let go of my babies..Mama loves you so much.Until next time be a good little boy for me,and sleep with the angels and Jesus 5-10-14 My sweet sweet Andy, how I still miss you so so much.. I love you now and forever and I pray to Jesus that he will let me see all my sweet babies again I . But I knew you were tired. I think about all of you and will always remember that terrible day I had to say good-bye. I love you my precious little Andy and always and forever remember how much you were loved.

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