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Memories of Avalon Anderson
Avalon was an abandoned kitten who got separated from her mother at 4 weeks old.
Oddly she wandered into the Director of a Cat Shelter's backyard. She was taken in to the shelter and was quarantined. There she met Jinx, a male kitten. The two kittens stood up in there cages to see each other and when they were released the shelter put them together. This was the start of their love/ hate relationship.
I went to the Cat Shelter to see what kittens were available for adoption. I saw Avalon and Jinx in the kitten room. When I went in Jinx was eating(nothing changes LOL) but little Avalon climbed up on my shoulder and sat there facing out so she could look out the window. From then on I have said that Avalon really picked me as their Cat Mama. I adopted Jinx and Avalon before Thanksgiving in 2003. Avalon was the most gentle, sweet, kindest, quiet cat I have ever had. However she had abandonment issues and suffered from anxiety. It was a struggle to care for her at times. And as Jinx became an alpha male very demanding cat, Avalon retreated into her own quiet little world. Loving me from afar. They fought like an old married couple, and eventually as they came into their senior years learned to live together. It wasn't a perfect life for Avalon, but she had a warm roof over her head and a full tummy. We grew closer and closer through the years. And I began to welcome the distinct differences in my two cats. I tried several things to help her through her anxiety, which oddly enough had almost gone away towards the very end of her life.
She liked her naps and a soft little pillow to lay on. She followed and learned from her big brother Jinx. Avalon and Jinx loved to watch for "Chip" our neighborhood chipmunk. She loved to sit and cross her little paws and watch everything going on. She was extremely smart and knew how to turn a light switch on and off, playing little games with me. Avalon sat on my lap every night after work while I read emails. We moved a lot after 2012, she didn't appreciate change, but adapted okay.
Avalon got extremely sick and her health declined so rapidly she was gone in a month. We believe it was cancer and the Vet said she was a real "fighter". I felt like I let her down, but in order to relieve her suffering I put her down. She passed quietly and instantly. I held her little head, she turned to look at me and was gone. Crossing the rainbow bridge 11.16.2016.

I love you Avalon. And in his own way Jinx loves you, and misses you. i hope you got the love you and attention you needed. I am sorry if you felt like you were 2nd place, you weren't 2nd place in my heart. You are my one and only "baby girl", I can never replace you. Forever in my heart, Avalon "Butterfly" Anderson.

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