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Memories of Autumn Mist
Autumn Mist became a therapy dog at 6 months old. She brought thousands of smiles, to the elderly, children, and everyone who met her. Autumn was always so sweet and loving. When she got excited over something tasty or the promise of a ride, or playing, her tail would go up and down, so we got in the habit of calling her our little "Pump Tail". She loved chasing the flashlight beam, playing with the feathered cat toy, and fetching. She loved fetching blue bunny, stuffed skunks toy, and fuzzy bones (our name for homemade braided fleece rope toy". She would search her toy box and come up with the toy she wanted to enjoy at the moment. She'd bring it to you and place it in your hand or if you said drop it, she would do so and wait for you to toss it again.
About 4 years ago, she was loosing her thick hair and vets could not figure out that her Mommy's suggestion about low thyroid was correct. Finally, after losing hair over and over and chewing so hard, she was given thyroid pills, Still chewing and losing hair, altho did better. We finally gave her, her own little t-shirts to wear to cover the hair loss and to keep her from itching under her arms so badly. She became quite well known for her hot pink t-shirt and did not mind wearing it. We sent her to the Rainbow Bridge wearing it and one of her therapy dog bandana's that her Aunt Brittany had gifted her with this year.
Autumn was always ready to look into your eyes and she would kiss me by taking my bottom lip in her mouth and giving a loving nibble. had almost forgotten that. Many more memories and thoughts will be shared. It helps so much for you to say her name and acknowledge her life. I think the shock is turning into grief.

Autumn, go find your kitty brother, T.K. who left us on Earth Day this year, and get some welcoming bops from him.
She will have friends to play with here and I hope to see her soon. All our love from me and her sister Willow. I miss you my gentle girl!
9/17/19 Nineteen days without you, Autumn. If it wasn't for your sister Willow, I would be so lonely. She misses you too. Going to St Dom's for therapy visit this Saturday, will have to tell them of your passing. There will be so many who will miss your sweet love.
I missed last nights Candle Lighting Ceremony as I went to a seminar where the guest speaker was Don Piper, who wrote "90 Minutes in Heaven". I wanted to ask him if he saw animals, Autumn, but my ride showed up early and wouldn't wait for me. So, that question is still in my mind and I wanted to shake his hand as he has been somewhere special!
I love you, little Pump Tail!
9/19/19 Received some loving notes from folks here at Rainbow Bridge. We all share our love and grief. They are so kind to include us. I found Blue Bunny and put hiim by your ashes. You loved that little toy and fetched it for me hundreds of times when I threw it. Was just the perfect size for your small mouth. If I didn't respond quickly enough, you would pick him up and drop it at my feet or put it in my hand. Miss that, Your sister does not really care for toys, except duck, when I threw one for her to catch. You'd look at her in a disgusted manner and go pick it up where it fell and bring it to me. You Knew I'd play and throw it again for you! I love you, my Sheltie Girl.
9/23/19 This is the first day of Autumn, my sweet girl. You so looked like the season of "autumn". Your beautiful coat the colors of the leaves, golds, browns, copper. And your expressive loving, deep brown eyes looked straight into my soul in the most caring, loving way. You have my heart, my baby. Please send a sign that you are alright. I thought I saw your shadow the other day when Willow ran to the door. It was just a flash, then over. I send you love and tears daily and can't wait to see you again. Please come visit me or send a sign. Love you, Autumn.
9/30/19 Autumn, it has been one month since you left. It seems like days. I got to see a video of you happy and smiling as you jumped off and on the couch trying to get your sister to chase you. So sweet You radiated such love and happiness. Please send a sign. I miss you so much. I love you!
10/01/19 7:20 p.m. Your background song finally started playing "You fill up my senses". Annies Song. Is this a sign from you, Autumn?
I'm trying to find a couple of short videos I have of you and not having any luck. Please take videos of your furbabies while you have them. They will become so precious to you. I love you so much Autumn and miss you! I found your videos of playing in the sprinkler with your sister, Willow. So happy!!!
Your song quit playing after I applied changes and has not come back on. It was a sign, I choose to believe!
October 6, 2019. Autumn, I heard from the Sheltie folks where I got you. They received my request for a companion sheltie should they have one. I am so happy! In your honor, I would like to name her Autumn, also, although I will choose a different middle name. Do you like "Light" as a middle name? Autumn Light which reminds me of the sky changes when autumn is here. Softer, and gentle just like you. We took Willow to a Pet Blessing today in Spring. It was nice and she received a little St Francis medal since it was his patron day. Wish you could have been there. But, now you can bless us from the Rainbow Bridge until we make it there. I Love you!
October 14th Monday Night Candle lighting. Posted your picture, a new one that I found . You are so remarkably sweet faced and beautiful. Did not know how to post until service was over, but several said how adorable and sweet and beautiful you were. How I miss you, my "Pump Tail" Let God put us together soon!
October 18th, my birthday. Miss that you were not there to kiss me and help eat a little piece of cake. The weather has a few cool days which is perfect Sheltie weather. You would love it. Willow goes out and is doing things you used to do that she didn't before. Laying in the cool grass, sleeping in the closet on the soft bed I made for you when you wanted to get down from my bed. And she is sleeping in the bed with me more often. Are you talking together? These are a comfort to me. I love you so much.
November 2nd, 2019 Well, one of our favorite holidays has come and gone. Halloween! We used to put bandannas on you and Willow and put a safety gate up at the front door so when trick or treaters knocked on the door, you could visit with them You always checked out their candy bags, but mostly gave the kids a thrill as they petted you both and you and Willow had so much fun . Never scared of the costumes and you were my official Halloween pups. We didn't do Halloween this year, just not the same. Only one little group of kids came by anyway.
I miss you so much baby girl, you were always such a joy. Will you help me if the Sheltie folks have a litter? They are saying December/January they will have puppies. You are so unique, I will grow to love another baby, but you are so special. Willow and I send all our love.

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