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Memories of Austin
Austin came in my life at 8 weeks old on 08/05/2012 he was dropped off at petsmart the owners wife did not want him cause he was born blind. My partner who worked at that location brought this cute tiny little dog home to me, I seen him and fell in love... before David let me hold him he said he was not sure if I would want him, I asked why? He said well hes blind and cant see at all, I said I dont care I want him. From that moment my life was changed by this little blind yorkie I named Austin. Austin got the nickname little man because he was so tiny as a puppy, but became to be a standard size yorkie.. but he was always my little man. Austin was the best dog and smart as a whip, he loved to give kisses and loved everyone who he came in contact with. He loved to play hide and seek with this little toy football he had, he always thought he was sneaky he would go to a corner and push the football in it and use his snout like he was covering it up. If you went to get it then said Austin wheres your football, he would run back to where he "burried" it when he noticed it was not there he would start looking around high and low for it. I would always love watching tv and Austin jump on the couch lay down by me while I did. What was funny...anytime he went to the bathroom after he was done he would kick up the grass/dirt or whatever while growling like he was a cat in a litter box haha. I even had a song I would play and sing to him (sonny and chers Little man) even though my singing is not great, Austin loved it. As I write this I cry cause his life was cut short by chewing on some hard pieces of plastic im not even sure how he swallowed without chocking, the vet Dr Bolt... at Banfield that was in the petsmart where austin was dropped off at as a puppy. .. did an exray and seen this and did immediate surgery. All the staff loved austin and wanted him to make it ..they all remember Austin being dropped off
there and it had been his vet since. He made it through surgery but he became septic do to the plastic he ate cutting into his stomach. I had to do the hardest thing but the right thing and we
put Austin to sleep and from his last breath my life has never been the same. I had him cremated
and he has a little tribute area in my living room with his urn, that I would hope he'd love.
I miss him so very much and feel so alone without him, Austin changed my life.... and I never cared he was born blind... that just made him that much more special to me and I will never forget him

Austin it's been 2 months to the day that you had left me.. I miss you so much, I'm so sorry that I let you down, I love you and not a day goes by without thinking about you. I wish you were still here with me.. you always made me so happy and made my days better. I have to have hope that I will see you again. This has been so hard on me. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS LITTLE MAN

Austin it has been 4 months to the day today since you had to leave me. I still miss you so much, and I hope your loving your new home and that you made some great new friends. Grandma passed away on July 31st, I hope she has found you for me ..you were the best dog I have every had, and I still have a hard time with you being gone, I just feel so guilty and hope you can forgive me ..I love you and not a day goes by I don't think about you Little Man

Little Man Austin it's the first Christmas without you and it's been 10 months to the day today that you been gone :( I do wish i still had you here with me.. it's so hard not having you around. I love and miss you so very much, Merry Christmas Little Man

Little Man it's been a yr today since you been gone. I miss you so much and think about you everyday and how much you changed my life. I'm planting a tree today the first day of spring in memory of you and the joy you brought me. I wish you were still with me .. I love you always and forever Austin

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